Simlit Celebration Sunday#2: Spooky/Creepy/Scary

Since I already posted my I&S chapter on my LASL, I decided to write my SimLit Celebration Sunday party on my KCLKF blog. I realize it’s not Sunday anymore for some of you and I’m squeezing this in around 9:30pm my time so most of Sunday is already gone. I had a busy day and I didn’t prep this ahead of time, and well, some of the idea of this is stream-of-consciousness posting anyhow so it fits.


In honor of Halloween tomorrow (or Simblreen or Spooky Day), I thought I would share a few throwbacks to spooky, scary, or creepy stories or chapters I’ve read in the SimLit world.

One of my favorite spooky/scary stories is MedleyMisty’s In the Valley of the Sun. I literally was on the edge of my seat halfway through and couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know what happened. I also liked how things weren’t entirely resolved. MedleyMisty talks about how Seth is her favorite and I can see why because of the depth of his complexity and his complete creepiness factor, but he’s still so entertaining and intriguing, I can’t help but like him still. I haven’t read much horror SimLit and I think MedleyMisty does a fantastic job with it. Totally worth the read. MedleyMisty’s Surreal Darkness teeters on the creepy at times, though it’s really a wonderfully existential journey of anthropomorphic characters and worth checking out.

Recently, I was reading a chapter of RipuAncestor’s The Chrysanthemum Tango, and I thought the nightmare pictures at the beginning of this chapter were fantastically creepy. I also thought The Necromancer chapter was pretty scary, appropriately so with the undead. And another chapter earlier on in the series when Amelia discovers just who her tenant really is. Don’t want to put any spoilers up, but I think Ripu writes several bone-chilling scenes. If you like anthropomorphic characters, you’ll like Ripu’s unique take on Death among other characters and of course, the delightful, though very human, Amelia.

This mid-gen1 chapter and the following opening scene in the next chapter of JLBDreamer’s Wild Hearts: Wilder Vampiracy had me clicking through to the next chapter because I wanted to know what happened. I mean, with a chapter title like Prey, yes, things felt a bit creepy, especially when the protagonist was cornered.

I can’t forget this thoroughly scary scene with Annette and Max Racket in InfraGreen/Trip’s Eight Cicadas. It’s Max Racket though… pretty much every version of this guy is scary and creepy.

Senna/rednenemon captured a scary scene between mother and son in this chapter of The Racket Rotter Chronicles. It’s a tear-jerker too. And this chapter and this chapter later on is thoroughly creepy when Goodwin Goode realizes the results of his haphazard wish. Another tear-jerker ending though.

I really like the Edith Prescott Mystery Series by SimStoriesbyRachel (and I don’t know if she’s on the forums, which is okay). Either way, there are several nailbiting scenes and some fantastic cliffhangers, and of course, Ed is adorable. Well worth the read.

Another story with creepy moments by Amandralynn is The Hunt Family Legacy with the main character trying to escape her abusive husband. Unfortunately the story wasn’t finished due to game corruption but the main arc is semi-resolved. There are definitely heightened scary moments in this story worth some nail-biting.

This next mention fits the lighthearted supernatural drama genre more than spooky/scary, but it feels appropriate for Halloween – CitizenErased/Amanda’s (Para) Normal Neighborhood. I love the sweet naivete and innocent gullibility of Juniper the main character and her interactions with Mr. Grimm and other neighbors in her hometown.

In my own writing, I have to say one of the hardest scenes to write, scary in its own way, was this scene in 2.0 KFLL with Kass’ mother and birth origins. Although, if we’re talking about creepy, I’ll share it was probably the hardest to write these three chapters in CFT – 1.39 Shark’s Night to Remember, 1.42 Max’s Threat, and 1.43 Max’s Secret all with their own levels of creepy and scary.

So that’s all for now. What stories have you read that include creepy, scary, or spooky (or just fun paranormal/supernatural) scenes, themes, or characters? What, in your own SimLit writing, has been hardest for you to write in terms of scary/spooky/creepy scenes? 

And just for kicks, these pictures from the Colt Family Traitacy – zombies showing up at the winter Grill-a-Thon.




5 thoughts on “Simlit Celebration Sunday#2: Spooky/Creepy/Scary”

  1. Thank you for the nice things you said about my story! 🙂 And I agree with you on the greatness of those other stories! At least most of them, since there were a couple I haven’t read yet, but this post certainly made me intrigued about them!

    I agree that there isn’t much horror simlit out there (I was so glad when I found Medley’s stories because they’re really great horror!). I’ve been occasionally wanting to write some horror myself, but so far I haven’t thought of any good straight-up horror ideas.

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