Twinbrook Townies

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If you’ve read up through Arc 34 in KCLKF, it’s safe to read this page.

Twinbrook Townies and Minor Characters

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(picture from 5 years earlier)

Avery Bayless  is the third child of Gwayne and Skeet Bayless.  She has four older siblings, Davis Lamar and Chase, Taye, and Skye Bayless,  and two younger siblings, River and Brody. Avery is a little self-conscious, but she enjoys writing, playing piano, and tossing a ball around with her siblings.

Brody Bayless  is the youngest child of Gwayne and Skeet Bayless.

picture from 5 years earlier (sorry you can’t see her face)

Chase Bayless  is the second oldest daughter of Gwayne Bayless. She was the product of an affair. She has an older half-brother, Davis Lamar, and  five younger siblings, Taye, Skye, Avery, River, and Brody.  She enjoys painting  and studied abroad in the Sim  Union.

(Graciela) Gwayne Bayless is the only daughter of Enrico Alto and Madonna Jade Wellington. She has a brother, Alfonso and two step-brothers, Nick and Bert. When she was sixteen, she ran away from home, and abandoned her first name for her middle name (as she is named for Sir Gawain). Both of her oldest children, David and Chase were products of affairs. She married Skielan “Skeet” Bayless, a Peteran preacher, and moved to the backwater swamps of Twinbrook. Together they have five more children, Taye, Skye, Avery, River, and Brody. Gwayne holds a degree in business finance from Edgewater Global University. When Skeet has money troubles, the two temporarily separate (around the time Davis leaves home). She works at the movie theater and hospital gift shop as a cashier before working for Rachel Colt as a campaign manager and financial advisor. She is a secret (unregistered), but powerful enchantress.

(picture from five years earlier)

River Bayless  is the youngest daughter of Gwayne Bayless and Skielan ‘Skeet’ Bayless. She enjoys sleeping in her treehouse and playing pirate princess.

not pictured in story

Skielan “Skeet” Bayless  is the husband of Gwayne, and the father of  Taye, Avery, Skye, River, and Brody Bayless. He is the stepfather of Davis Lamar and Chase Bayless. He is a Peteran shepherd, residing on a sweetgrass farm he inherited from his family in Twinbrook.  He is also a chaplain for Crescent City Hospital.

(picture from 5 years earlier)

Skye Bayless is the second child of Gwayne and Skeet Bayless. They enjoy writing poetry and playing bass cello.

(picture from 5 years earlier)

Taye Bayless  is the oldest son of Gwayne and Skeet Bayless. He has two older half-siblings, Davis Lamar and Chase Bayless, and four younger half-siblings, Skye, Avery, River, and Brody.  Taye has a difficult time with schooling, particularly language arts, but he loves baseball and working out.


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