Simterra (sɪmtɛr.ra) is the fourth planet from its sun, Sul, in the Daleth System. It is home to several intelligent species. The most populous are transplants from the solar system, and are typically called humans. There are multiple sub-species of humans known as supernaturals, a hybrid between humans and an alien species. The

The true natives are the Ṭirākaṉ, a dragon humanoid aliens, once inhabited the planet. The impressive shapeshifting species are all but extinct. Other Sim Natives include the Amazóne, who technically traveled from Old Eorthe, but they are considered natives, having lived on the planet for nearly a thousand years.

Sims is the universal name for human. Each supernatural race has its own name for itself, in addition to the name given to them by the Sims.

Fast Facts

  • Admired/Lowest Classes: Some countries have nobility, while others do not. It is commonly thought around the globe that celebrities hold an admired status. Lower classes would include the poorer working class and some supernatural races. Natural born children of alien and Sim unions (whether forced or willing) are considered extraterrestrial in origin, XTs, and are the least respected/well-treated in society.
  • Economy: Nationwide market economy with sophisticated international and off world trade
  • Education: K-12 is compulsory in most countries; many students pursue higher education due to generous scholarships and financial aid opportunities
  • Government: Each nation has its own autonomy to govern as they choose. However all governments (mostly) answer to the World Council based in the Sim Union with its three major powers as SimNation, Albergia, and Avalon.
  • How are women treated: Society attempts to be egalitarian, but some sexism still exists in some parts of the world; In the Sim Union and the Amazónean Commonwealth, in particular, there are many matriarchal and matrilineal societies; men often take their wife’s name and children take their mother’s name.
  • How do people get their food: Fishing, farming, gathering, hunting, pastoralism, grafting, trade with other countries and worlds
  • How unified is the world: Each country has its own governance and laws, but most nations participate in and answer to the World Council based, which also supplies the World Defense Forces for planetary security
  • How tolerant are the people: Most people stay out of each other’s business (i.e. education, lifestyle choices, religion, etc.). World government restricts supernaturals for the “protection of the whole.” Vampires are the most affected by the laws, and therefore this feeds into societal fear.
  • Literacy: Near universal
  • Magic use: Innate biological ability (with few exceptions of studied or learned magic); restricted public usage or usage for personal gain that disrupts society as a whole
  • Military: Each country has its own standing military; World Defense Forces serve as planetary defense and operate both on the planet and in space
  • Most Pressing Problems: 
    • Defense against hostile alien races
    • Cohabitation with supernaturals
    • Equality for supernaturals
    • Organized crime
  • Romance and Sex: Freely indulged (though some frown upon sexual/romantic relations with other supernaturals and especially vampires and aliens); Some more traditional families from the Old Country (in Sim Union) still practice arranged marriages.
  • Supernaturals: Most supernaturals live among their own kind. If they live out in public society, they are required to register with the World Council.
    • Most supernaturals live among their own kind or with other supernaturals such as hollows (vampires), havens (witches), or collectives (multi-supernatural species).Within their own society, they have their own governance, in which, the World Council stays out of their business so long as it doesn’t disrupt planetary security or violate other citizen’s rights.
    • Several countries are  super lax on enforcing law, ranging from merely providing sanctuary, ignoring the mandatory registration, to serving as a no extradition country, with the exception of extreme threat to national security.
    • Tierra de Nandi is the lawless lands with no restrictions for supernaturals
  • Technology: Contemporary, retro-futuristic (particular obsession in SimNation or in poorer countries/communities), and futuristic in some places

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