This site is not directly affiliated with EA’s The Sims games. I use The Sims games as a writing tool. All story content is written by me. Any resemblance to a real person or events is purely coincidental.

I don’t take credit for any custom content you may see in screenshots, although I may create some of my own content.  If you have questions, ask and I’ll try to tell you where I found something. Exercise caution when downloading third-party CC (custom content) to your Sims game.

Story Extras will be included at the end of chapters to provide inside information or links to outside sites. I do not claim in any way to be affiliated with any of the linked content, nor do I endorse anything on those sites.

Some content is intended for a mature audience. Chapters may include adult situations, violence, and/or disturbing or sensitive subjects. Use your discretion.

…a lot can change in a summer!

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