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Kassiopeia “Kass” Celestia Fullbright

Age: 18 | Birthday: December 1, 2396 | Star Sign: Sagittarius
Nicknames: Kass, Kassio, gattina (‘little cat’)
Traits: Brave, Bookworm, Light Sleeper, Loner, Night Owl, Perceptive, Perfectionist
Favorites: Sushi. Indie. Irish Green.
Education: Community School for the Gifted (elementary & secondary school); Recently graduated high school senior
Career/Job: Intern at Sunset Valley Legal Aid
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde, SimNation
Father:  Howard Fullbright
Mother: Amalia “Amy” Rivieria
Siblings: Cari and Andi Fullbright
Other Relatives: Adelaide Clayton Riviera (maternal grandmother), Raphael “Rafe” Riviera (maternal grandfather), Penney Annon (paternal grandmother), Celestia Silverton Antonelli (maternal great-grandmother)
Best Friend(s): Ayesha Ansari and Gage Briody
Love Interest: Davis Lamar

A recent high school graduate, Kass has been accepted to Edgewater Global University in Bayou. However, she is constantly polishing her scholarship essay and hasn’t decided what to major in. Recently, she’s discovered she has supernatural genes, but has no idea what this means or how to process her gifts. During the summer, Kass also has to cope with continued fallout from her parent’s painful divorce, her mamma’s mental illness and new boyfriend, her father reappearing in her life with an alien disease, and her grandparents’ unrealistic and impossible expectations. Throw in a couple natural disasters, mystery and intrigue, a few murders, an arsonist, and new loves, and you’ve got the krazy crazy life of Kassiopeia Fullbright.

Ayesha Ansari

Age: 19 | Birthday: March 27, 2395  | Star Sign: Aries
Nicknames: Ayesh
Traits: Athletic, Brave, Daredevil, Flirty, Inappropriate, Rebellious, Schmoozer
Favorites: Ratatouille. Indie. Gold (yellow).
Education: Incoming sophomore at Sunset Valley University (studying business); Community School of the Gifted (elementary & secondary school)
Career/Job: Occasionally picks up shifts at her family’s gym, 28-Hour Wellness
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Akeem Ansari (father), Tahira Ansari (mother), Almera Ansari (sister), Raja Ansari (brother), Kara Ansari née Sadik (sister-in-law)
Best Friend(s): Kass Fullbright and Gage Briody
Romantic Status: Single

Raised in a strict and traditional household, Ayesha likes to rebel every chance she gets. Her father owns the 28-Hour Wellness Gym in Sunset Valley. Her parents moved to SimNation from Al Simhara, Albara on the continent of Ur-Nena. Ayesha is the only one of her siblings born in the SimNation. She has a somewhat close relationship with her sister, but her brother, Raja is estranged from the family. While her parents observe their religion of Al-Sim, Ayesha does not actively practice.

Having just completed her freshman year at Sunset Valley University, Ayesha has yet to tell her parents she wants to be a cop and pursue a degree in criminal justice. Her father expects her to study business and help him run their chain of gyms around the state. Ayesha is a pledged to a sorority, but she lives in the dorms. She’s a bit boy crazy and often pushes Kass outside her comfort zone, but she’s always there to help her friend pick up the pieces in a non-judgmental way.

Gage Briody

Age: 19 Birthday:  December 24, 2394 | Star Sign: Sagittarius
Nicknames: None
Traits: Brooding, Easily Impressed, Family Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Hot-headed, Party Animal, Unlucky
Favorites: Peanut Butter and Jelly. Classical. Spice Brown.
Education: Community School of the Gifted (secondary school); Accepted Northwestern University in Windy City,  Greatlakes
Career/Job: Barista at Jade’s Java Jolt
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Brigit Briody (biological mother),  Dakota ‘Kody’ Burroughs (biological father), Scarlett Haute (half-sister), Pablo and Jennifer Martinez (foster parents), Missouri ‘Ma’ Bagley (paternal aunt), Rhoda and Sam Bagley Jr. (paternal cousins)
Best Friend(s): Kass Fullbright and Ayesha Ansari
Romantic Status: it’s complicated

Growing up in foster care, Gage dreamed of one day having a family of his own. For the last nine years, he lived with his final foster family, Pablo and Jennifer Martinez, but was never able to be adopted due to complications with his birth mom. Gage is impulsive and quick-tempered, but he’s also sweetly naive and lovable at times. He’s been dealt a rough hand in life, and is trying to make the best of things.

Recently, Gage just graduated high school with his best friend, whom he’s half in love with, and is working as a part-time barista at Jade’s Java Jolt. He also reconnected with his biological half-sister and hopes to find his mom. Recently, Gage has been accepted to Northwestern University in Windy City, Greatlakes, where he plans to study art and live with his paternal aunt and cousins of the Bagley family with shady criminal ties.

David “Davis” Bayless Lamar

Age: 25 | Birthday: February 14, 2390  | Star Sign: Aquarius
Other Names: David “Dave” Bayless (birth name)
Traits: Ambitious, Good, Friendly, Handy, Neat, Proper, Workaholic
Favorites: Mac and cheese. Latin. Orange.
Education: B.S. in Biology from Edgewater Global University; Current Student at St. Anne’s Teaching Hospital through the Medical Technical College program
Career/Job: Barista at Jade’s Java Jolt, In-Home Health Aide at Sunnyside Senior Care, Handy Man for the Riviera Family
Hometown: Twinbrook, Bayou
Family:  Gwayne Bayless (mother), Skielan “Skeet” Bayless (stepfather),  Chase, Skye, Avery, River, and Brody Bayless (siblings),  Stefan Bayless (uncle), Charlotte Lamar Bayless (aunt), Dani, Darren, and Derek Bayless (cousins), Jade Wellington (maternal grandmother)
Best Friend(s): Jamie Jolina
Love Interest: Kass Fullbright

Davis grew up in Twinbrook, Bayou. His mother was a wealthy socialite who ran away from home, and his father was a handy man at the lunar colony. He was adopted by his stepfather and has multiple siblings from different parents. When he was a teenager, he went to live with his paternal step-uncle and learned to love music. For the first time in his life, he felt loved and accepted by his uncle/aunt and considered them his “parents” and their children (his cousins) as his “siblings.”

When Davis was eighteen, he met a woman who changed his life. Upon traveling to another country for a medical internship, Davis reconnected with her and they started an unconventional romance while he was pulled into a shady underworld.

Davis is a bit of a workaholic – working as a barista and running errands for his maternal grandmother in Sunset Valley, interning at Sunnyside Senior Care, where he works as an in-home health aide and handy man for Kass’ grandparents, and taking night classes at a medical technical school in Bay City. He’s also a bassist in a band called the Twilight Trio.


Amalia “Amy” Riviera

Age: 45 | Birthday: October 27, 2370  | Star Sign: Scorpio
Nicknames: Amy
Traits: Absent minded, Dramatic, Excitable, Heavy Sleeper, Neurotic, Snob, Unstable
Favorites: Burnt waffles. Bluegrass. Turquoise.
Career/Job: Home economics teacher at Community School for the Gifted
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Adelaide Riviera (mother), Raphael Riviera (father),  Celestia Silverton Antonelli (paternal grandmother), Kassiopeia, Carina, and Andromeda Fullbright (children)
Best Friend(s): not mentioned
Love Interest: Clark Sauer (boyfriend)

Amy is the oldest and only living child of Rafe and Adelaide Riviera. Raised in a wealthy family, Amy was estranged from her parents when she married Howard Fullbright, of the working class. However, she reconciled with her parents upon her painful divorce from her husband. Amy received full custody of their daughters, Kass, Cari, and Andi.

As a teen, she lost her brother to a tragic accident. Since then, Amy has suffered from severe anxiety and debilitating depression. This often affects her ability to do her job and to be a parent. Kass has picked up a lot of the slack in her absence. Amy is a school teacher at Community School for the Gifted and recently began dating the night custodian, Clark Sauer.

Carina “Cari” Fullbright

Age: 15-16 | Birthday: July 4,  2399  | Star Sign: Leo
Nicknames: Cari
Traits:  Avant Garde, Brave, Disciplined, Dramatic, Hydrophobic,
Favorites: Pancakes. Punk Rock. Pink.
Education: 10th grade at Community School for the Gifted
Career/Job: Attendant at Sharma Day Spa
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Amy Riviera (mother), Howard Fullbright (father), Adelaide Riviera (maternal grandmother ), Raphael Riviera (maternal grandfather),  Celestia Silverton Antonelli (maternal great-grandmother), Kassiopeia and Andromeda Fullbright (siblings)
Best Friend(s): Lisa Bunch
Romantic Status: single

As the middle of the three Fullbright sisters, Carina is often overlooked. She likes to play pranks on her siblings, and she tries to blaze her own trail in order to stand out. She is interested in fashion design. A smart A-B student, Cari is disciplined in her studies and a hard worker. She really dislikes water due to nearly drowning when she was a toddler. Sometimes she seems close-minded but this is only because she has different ideas than her sisters, but she really does care about her family.  She’s the fashionista of the family, always dressed to the nines, and she does like a bit of gossip.

Andromeda “Andi” Fullbright

Age: 14 | Birthday: May 3, 2401  | Star Sign: Gemini
Nicknames: Andi
Traits: Artistic, Genius, Virtuoso
Favorites: Fruit Parfait. Purple. Classical.
Education: 10th grade at Community School for the Gifted
Career/Job: unemployed
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Amy Riviera (mother), Howard Fullbright (father), Adelaide Riviera (maternal grandmother ), Raphael Riviera (maternal grandfather),  Celestia Silverton Antonelli (maternal great-grandmother), Kassiopeia and Carina Fullbright (siblings)
Best Friend(s):
Love Interest: VJ Alvi (boyfriend)

Andi is the youngest child of Amy Riveria and Howard Fullbright. She enjoys baking, playing the piano, and guitar. She is closest with her oldest sister, Kass, and they share a special relationship. Surprisingly, she started dating and didn’t tell the family. She is a genius, but completely modest about it, even if she’s already in the 10th grade as a 14-year-old. Andi is a kind and sensitive  child, and a  faithful follower of the Peteran faith.

Howard Fullbright

Age:  42 | Birthday:  August 21, 2373 | Star Sign: Virgo
Nicknames: None
Traits:  Couch potato, Flirty, Friendly, Frugal, Lucky, Natural cook, Nurturing
Favorites: Waffles. Rock. Blue.
Education:  Graduated from Blue Ribbon Culinary Academy
Career/Job: caterer
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Penney Annon (adopted mother), Kassiopeia, Carina, and Andromeda Fullbright (children), Amy Rivieria (ex-wife)
Romantic Status: in a relationship with Kate Pistachio

Howard is the father of Kassiopeia, Carina, and Andromeda Fullbright, the ex-husband of Amy Riveria, and the boyfriend of Kate Pistachio. Before he was adopted by a widow, Penney Annon, Howard lived all over the country including Appaloosa Plains, Windy City, and Great Basin. He never attended university, choosing to attend culinary school instead where he studied with famous chefs. Howard also worked for various radio stations.

When he and Amy began having financial difficulties, Howard sought out assistance from Sun Valley Financial Firm and began attending Money Farm Seminars where he met Kate Pistachio. They had an affair, and eventually he left Amy for Kate. They lived together for six years before Kate eventually left him.  Howard is working in catering. He shares about his alien disease and asks if Kass will be willing to have a relationship with him again.

Adelaide Clayton-Riviera (Nonna)

Age: 67   | Birthday:  September 18, 2347 | Star Sign:  Libra
Nicknames: None
Traits:  Family Oriented, Loves to Swim, Natural Cook, Neat, Perceptive, Perfectionist, Proper, Schmoozer
Favorites: Goopy Carbonara. Classical Music. Aqua.
Education:  some college
Career/Job: housewife
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Raphael Rivieria (husband), Amy Rivieria (daughter), Kassiopeia, Carina, and Andromeda Fullbright (grandchildren), Arthur Maxwell Clayton (father), Victoria Dale Clayton (mother), Roger Clayton (brother), Robert Clayton (brother), Chelsea Mikaelhov Clayton (sister-in-law), Mikael Clayton (nephew)
Romantic Status: married to Raphael Riviera

The daughter of factory workers, Adelaide lived through the Second Xeno War with the Xekzoi. She doesn’t talk much about her family or her childhood. She has a younger brother, Robert, whom she speaks of infrequently. He and his wife live in Bridgeport, where Adelaide grew up.

Marrying young, Adelaide never finished university. She took her place as a society wife as Raphael earned his fortune in real estate, contending with even the Landgrabbs. Known as Nonna to her granddaughters, she is the perfect hostess, an excellent cook, and manages her household well.

Raphael “Rafe” Riviera (Nonno)

Age:  77  | Birthday: April 7, 2338 | Star Sign: Taurus
Nicknames: Rafe
Traits: Absent Minded, Ambitious, Frugal, Good, Green Thumb, Handy, Perfectionist
Favorites: Cookies. Latin. Blue.
Education: B.S. in business management from San Augustin University in Reyes, Valverde; M.S. of Applied Economics from Edgewater Global University in Edgewater, Bayou
Career/Job: retired. former real estate magnate.
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Adelaide Clayton Rivieria (wife), Amy Rivieria (daughter), Kassiopeia, Carina, and Andromeda Fullbright (grandchildren), Celestia Silverton Antonelli (mother),  Donato Riviera (father), Margarita ‘Rita’ Riviera (sister)
Romantic Status: married to Adelaide Riviera

One of the last living descendants of the aristocratic Lombardi family of New Romana, Rafe has lived an interesting life. He is the son of Donato Riviera of a society family who made their fortune in infrastructure. He had many siblings, but the only living sibling is Margarita, whom he affectionately calls Rita, who lives in San Myshuno, Cascadia. His mother was a film actress during the Silver Screen Era, but faded from fame around middle age. Rafe grew up in both New Romana and Sim Nation and attended business school before breaking into the real estate game. He’s retired now, but keeps busy through various activities such as gardening, car collecting, dancing, donating to charities, teaching a course or two at the community college, and tinkering.

Friends, Acquaintances, and Colleagues

Clark Sauer

Age: 46   | Birthday: September 10, 2369 | Star Sign:  Libra
Nicknames: none
Traits:  Green Thumb, Handy, Loves Outdoors, Perceptive,
Favorites: Cobbler. Country. Blue.
Education: B.S. in Criminal Justice from Lonestar State University
Career/Job: night custodian at Community School for the Gifted and security for Jazzilyn Alto’s political campaign
Currently Living: Bay City, Valverde and Oakland, Valverde
Family:  Lana Louie (ex-wife), Kaden Sauer (son), Kasey Sauer (son)
Romantic Interest: Amy Riviera

Clark is the night custodian at Community School for the Gifted. He also has numerous side jobs, is studying opera, and speaks multiple languages. He’s divorced and has two teenage boys, Kaden and Kasey. His ex-wife, Lana Louie resides in Oakland up the coast and is an archeology professor at Peninsula College. While his sons attend high school in Sunset Valley, Clark keeps an apartment in Bay City. Recently, he started dating Amy Riviera at the start of KCLKF.

Cyrus McArthur

Age:  18  | Birthday: July 28, 2396  | Star Sign:  Leo
Nicknames: Cy, Cyclone
Traits:  Artistic, Charismatic, Computer Whiz, Couch Potato, Eccentric, Flirty, Genius
Favorites: Tri-tip Steak. Electronica. Black.
Education:  G.E.D. from Sunset Valley High School; taking courses at Sunset Valley University
Career/Job: video game designer and gaming investor
Currently Living: Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  unknown
Romantic Status: single

Cyrus McArthur attended high school with Kass, but dropped out their freshman year. While he has a colorful past, he has managed to get his life back on track. He is the chief inventor, creator, and designer for the popular video game series, Cyclone Sword. He also has wicked hacking skills and loves pizza. He once had a thing for Kass, but it’s been mostly unrequited.

Madison VanWatson

Age:  21 | Birthday: Suluary 10, 2394 | Star Sign: Pisces
Nicknames: Maddy
Traits:  Ambitious, Childish, Clumsy, Excitable, Snob
Favorites: Fruit parfait. Pop. Peach.
Education:  Sunset Valley High School graduate. Studying communications at Sunset Valley University
Career/Job:  waitress/hostess at Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner, catering with Jade’s Java Jolt
Currently Living:  Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Marleen VanWatson (mother)
Romantic Status: it’s complicated

Born in Appaloosa Plains, Madison’s mother moved them to the countryside outside Sunset Valley for a better life. Her mother was a horse trainer and entertained guests at the Quarter Rest Inn and Ranch. Madison had a troubled youth and early adulthood, and was unsuccessful as a model. She is dating Abe Finkel, but also has a secret lover on the side.

Jennifer Martinez

Age: 40  | Birthday:  July 20, 2375 | Star Sign:  Leo
Nicknames: none
Traits:  Ambitious, Brave, Charismatic, Good, Family Oriented, Perceptive
Favorites: Cookies. Latin. Tan.
Education:  B.S. in Political Science from Sim City University in Sim City. Masters of Law degree from Temple School of Law in San Myshuno.
Career/Job:  attorney with Valley Legal Services
Currently Living:  Sunset Valley, Valverde
Family:  Pablo Martinez (husband), Gage Briody (foster son)
Romantic Status: married to Pablo Martinez

It was love at first sight when Jennifer met her husband in Azteca. She was on a missions trip and decided to extend her stay to continue her work and get to know him. Her parents didn’t particularly approve of the marriage, but eventually came around. Moving in Sim City, Jennifer interned for a summer for the Vice President of the Sim Nation. She completed her studies in political science and law while Pablo worked as a firefighter before they moved to Cascadia.

During their time in San Myshuno, they became foster parents, but it wasn’t until moving to Sunset Valley that they brought Gage home. Jennifer is a passionate and talented attorney. She gave up a career as an Assistant District Attorney to spend more time with her foster children. Jennifer currently is the lead legal advisor and attorney with Valley Legal Aid Services.

Side Characters 


Eugene Hunter

Eugene Hunter, better known as Hunter,  is a police detective with the Sunset Valley Police Department. His partner is Hank Goddard. Often skeptical and suspicious by nature, Hunter is tasked with investigating several crimes during the course of KCLKF.

Hank Goddard

Hank Goddard is an ambitious police detective with the Sunset Valley Police Department. He hopes to move up from theft to homicide. His partner is Eugene Hunter. Unlike his partner, Hank is more easygoing and friendly. He is tasked with investigating several crimes during the course of KCLKF.

Albert “Bert” C. Alto

Bert is the youngest son of Enrico and Constanza Alto. His mother died when he was ten. He worked with his older brother, Nick in the casino industry before attending graduate school. He has a B.S. in Accounting and Finance and an MBA in business. He is the Chief Financial Officer of Doo Peas Pharmaceuticals and the husband of politically ambitious Jazzilyn Alto. He is a known womanizer. Fun fact: the ‘C’ in his middle name stands for Constantine, named for his mother, Constanza.

Jazzilyn Alto

Jazzilyn is currently running for mayor of Sunset Valley in the Blue Party and is known for her progressive platform. She is making waves because Nancy Landgrabb has held the seat of mayor without contention for three terms. Jazzilyn is from Cascadia, and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Sim City University where she met her husband.

Jocasta Bachelor

Jocasta is the second oldest daughter of a street poet and former rap artist and a Dharmist seamstress from Setra. She has three siblings, Megara, Demetra, and Cherida. She married Simis Bachelor at a young age and is the mother of Bella Bachelor Goth and Michael Bachelor. Jocasta currently resides in Sunset Valley with her husband and two youngest children, Mitchell and Nella. She is a family practitioner at Sun Valley Clinic and a rotating surgeon at Bay City General Hospital. Jo has been the family doctor for Amy and her family for years, and is Kass’s personal physician. She is an avid supporter of supernatural rights and an underground proponent of EXCES research.

Morgana Goth-Wolff

Morgana is the daughter of Gunther Sr. and Cornelia Goth. She is much younger than her siblings, with two living older brothers, Mortimer and Gunther Jr. and her deceased older sister, Minerva. She is married to Thornton Wolff. Morgana is a pediatric surgeon at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital in Sunset Valley.

Nancy Landgrabb*

Nancy Landgrabb is the daughter of Charles and Queenie Landgrabb, the niece of Malcolm Landgrabb the III, and the cousin of Malcolm Landgrabb the IV. Her husband, Gregory took her name when he married into the prominent family. She has one son, Malcolm Landgrabb the Fifth (V) who just graduated high school. Nancy is the mayor incumbent of Sunset Valley and represents the Red Party, with a more conservative platform.

*in game, the Landgrabb family name is spelled Landgraab. I made a stylistic choice to add two b’s instead of two a’s. 

…a lot can change in a summer!

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