Sunset Valley Townies

Sunset Valley Townies and Minor Characters

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**I don’t have great images of these characters, but I’ll try to improve in future stories.  Instead, I’ve included in-story pictures to give some context to their character.  Townies are arranged in alphabetical order by first name. 

pictured right

Abraham “Abe” Finkel is a former pro-baseball player for the Bay City Asters. He is currently working part-time as a barista at Jade’s Java Jolt and coaching minor league baseball, the Sunset Valley Sliders. He is Madison VanWatson’s boyfriend.

pictured right

Alexander “Alex” Goth  is the youngest son of Mortimer and Bella Goth, and the younger brother of Cassandra Goth. He is currently attending Sunset Valley University.

pictured right

Amanda “Mandy” French  is Kass’ neighbor and the daughter of Molly French and older sister of Sandy French.

pictured back

Angel Jackson   is a mixologist at The Looking Glass Bar in the Alto Business Complex.  He is originally from Roaring Heights, Sultona.

pictured left

Anne Song  is a barista at Jade’s Java Jolt.

pictured right

Ansel Erickson rents space at Jade’s Java Jolt to serve pizza and other dishes while attending culinary school.

Ash Turner is a sales associate at Big Box Store.

pictured left

Asher Specter is the owner and director at Laffalot Funeral Home in Sunset Valley. He is known for his eccentricities and his strange punny-named funeral packages. He is the brother-in-law of Olive Nigmos-Specter and uncle-by-marriage to Olive’s niece and his employee, Ophelia Nigmos.

pictured back left side

Beau Andrews  is the husband of Victoria “Tori” Andrews and the father of Jordan. He is a music teacher at Sunset Valley High School, and is in a band, The Twilight Trio, with Davis.

not pictured in story

Bebe Hart  is the daughter of Gus and Dorie Hart, and is a classmate of Carina’s.

pictured front right

Becky Baker  is the assistant to the District Attorney and works out of City Hall.

Bella Bachelor Goth  is the famous missing much younger wife of Mortimer Goth and the mother of Cassandra and Alexander Goth. She’s led a troubled life. She was a well-known television star, getting her start on Specific Hospital. Later, she moved to movies, catching a big break in James Pond spy films.  Recently, there are rumors that she is still alive and hiding from her husband.

pictured back left

Blair Wainwright is a rookie cop with the Sunset Valley Police Department. She is taking classes part-time at Sunset Valley University is a graduating senior. She also works part-time security for Alto Business Complex. She is Madison VanWatson’s part-time roommate.

pictured right

Cassandra Goth  is the oldest daughter of Mortimer and Bella Goth, and older sister of Alexander Goth. She is engaged to Don Lothario. She is a concert pianist and plays in the Big Apple Philharmonic Orchestra.

pictured right (younger version of Celestia)

Celestia Silverton Antonelli  Riviera is the late mother of Raphael and Margarita Riviera (and several other children). She was married to Donato Riviera, the last in a long-line of Lombardi aristocrats. She was movie star during the Silver Screen Era, but faded from the spotlight after motherhood. She owned property in several places including Point Reyes. She is the grandmother to Amy Rivera and great-grandmother of Kass, Carina, and Andi.

not pictured in story

Claire Ursine  is in her twenties and lives alone by the beach. She is self-employed as a deep sea fisherwoman in El Dorado Bay. Her ex-fling is Jared Frio.

pictured back far right

Connor Frio  is the son of Jack and Elsie Frio and the brother of Jared Frio. He and his brother struck “internet gold” when they created FaceMash. They both sold their fortunes. Connor continues to invest in the tech industry and owns property by the ocean.

pictured left

Delores Miller  is a forensic accountant who works high profile white collar crime cases. She is an acquaintance of Jennifer Martinez.

pictured right

Dominick “Nick” Alto  is the son of Enrico and Constanza Alto, the older brother of Bert Alto, the husband of Vita Alto, governor of Valverde, and the father of Holly Alto. He also has step-siblings. Nick made a fortune in casinos in Lucky Palms before the city fell into disrepair to crime. He has ties to the Cat’s Claw Cartel (triple C’s) but swears he’s going legitimate. He sits on the board of trustees for Doo Peas Pharmaceuticals and he was an investor in 28-Hour Wellness Gym.

not pictured in story

Emma Hatch is a librarian at Papyrus Memorial Library in Sunset Valley.

not pictured in story

Ethan Bunch is the oldest son of Jack and Judy Bunch, and the older brother of Lisa, Arlo, and Darlene Bunch. He is a high school junior at Sunset Valley High School.

not pictured in story

Fiona McIrish  is Kass’ Bernish neighbor. She lives next door with her daughter, River, and her good friend, Molly French and her daughters, Mandy and Sandi.

Gobias Koffi  is a hair stylist in Sunset Valley.

not pictured in story

Geoffrey Landgrabb, M.D. works as a gene therapist. Howard has gone to see him for some tests. He is also married to Nancy Landgrabb, the mayor incumbent, and they have a son together, recent high school graduate Malcolm Landgrabb the V.

Gretle Goth is the deceased mother of Gunther and Frida Goth and the wife of Victor Goth. She is the paternal grandmother of Mortimer and Gunther Goth Jr., and Morgana Goth-Wolff, and the great-grandmother of Cassandra and Alexander Goth.

not pictured in story

Holly Alto  is the only daughter of Governor Vita Alto and businessman Nick Alto. She graduated from Community School for the Gifted  when Kass was a freshman. An athlete and self-proclaimed fashionista, Holly often lands on the covers of magazines, and is followed by the tabloids due to her partying lifestyle. She knows Hank Goddard because he helped her out of a financial jam once.

Horace Horner  is a pawn shop broker at Landgrabb Sell’N’Swap.

Ian Bowler   is a licensed snoop in the investigator career. He contracts for hire.

not pictured in story

Iqbal Alvi  is a Peteran shepherd of the local St. John’s Angelican church. He is a widower. His sons are Vincent James ‘VJ’ and Miraj.

Jack Bunch  works for the Sim National Guard. He is the husband of Judy Bunch and the father of Ethan, Lisa, Arlo, and Darlene Bunch.

Jack Levitt   is an employee of 28-Hour Wellness Center, employed by Ayesha’s family.

Jackson Moss is the second (deceased) husband of Jade Wellington and the silent partner/half-owner of Jade’s Java Jolt. Everyone called him Pops. He enjoyed baking and making the college students happy.

“Granny” (Madonna) Jade (Wellington) Moss is affectionately known as the town’s grandmother. She is Davis Lamar’s biological grandmother and owns the coffee house, Jade’s Java Jolt. A former business professor at Sunset U, she started the Jolt with her second husband, Jackson.

pictured right

Jamie Jolina   is the best friend of Davis Lamar and a talented, but very particular and superstitious pianist. She is a certified yoga instructor and is also taking night classes with Davis at a medical technical college in Bay City. They both graduated from Edgewater Global University. She is a member of The Twilight Trio.  Her favorite drink is a caramel latte.

not pictured in story

Jared Frio  is the son of Jack and Elsie Frio and the younger brother of Connor. He and his brother made a ton of money when they sold their creation, Facemash. Unfortunately, Jared made some bad investments and lost most of his money. Now he works as a fry cook/delivery man for Hogan’s Deep-Friend Diner and a pizza delivery driver for Pendragon’s Pizza. He has an on-again, off-again relationship with Zelda Mae, and had a fling with Claire Ursine.

pictured left

Jasmine Bordeaux is a mixologist who works for Let’s Get this Party Started Entertainment Company.  She is also an avid James Pond fan.

not pictured in story

Joel Astroman is a low-level member of the Cat’s Claw Cartel, primarily working as a fence, but is also a police informant.

Justine Keaton is a police officer with the Sunset Valley Police Deparment. She likes to stay active and works out regularly at 28-Hour Wellness Center. Her son, Cameron attends high school with Cari and Andi.

not pictured in story

Kaden Sauer is the oldest son of Clark Sauer and Lana McKinnon. He attends high school in Oakland, Valverde. Kaden likes crafting things, particularly woodworking. He also plays drums and guitar. He also enjoys video games.

not pictured in story

Kasey Sauer is the youngest son of Clark Sauer and Lana McKinnon. He attends high school at Sun Valley High. He struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after his mom left. Kasey enjoys baseball and is a secondary pitcher for the Sun Valley Werecats. He also enjoys video games.

Katelyn “Kate” Pistachio is the long-term girlfriend of Howard Fullbright. She is an independently wealthy investment banker, working at Sun Valley Bank, and teaches financial seminars through her nonprofit, Money Tree Farm. She enjoys football and doesn’t like hot dogs.

Katherine “Katie” is a little girl that Davis encounters on the rooftop of his apartment. Her grandfather is receiving treatment at St. Anne’s Hospital next door. She enjoys singing and reading the Good Book to calm herself.

Kay Shaikh is a bartender at Rodeo-Go-Go, a country-themed dive bar in Sunset Valley.

Kristina Mata is the long-time maid for the Riviera household.

Lana McKinnon is the mother of Kaden and Kasey Sauer. Her ex-husband is Clark Sauer. She is a professor of archaeology at Peninsula College. She has a sister, Louisa.

not pictured in story

Lisa Bunch is the second oldest child of Jack and Judy Bunch, the younger sister of Ethan, and older sister of Arlo and Darlene. She is Cari’s best friend, and is a bit of a snob, but she has a good heart. She enjoys volunteering in the community. Her family lives across the street from the Martinez family. She is also good friends with VJ Alvi.

Macchiato, ‘Mac,’ is the Riviera family dog, an Oceanic cattle dog.

Malcolm Landgrabb the V  is Mayor Nancy Landgrabb’s son, as well as Dr. Geoffrey Landgrabb. He is the valedictorian in Kass’ class.

pictured right

Mark Sydnor is the Editor in Chief of the Sun Valley Times.

Mitchell Bachelor is the third son of Jocasta and Simis Bachelor. He is the much younger brother of Bella and Michael and the older brother of Nella. He works as a paper delivery boy. He’s an incoming sophomore at Sun Valley High.

not pictured in story

Molly French is one of Kass’ neighbors. She is the mother of Sandy and Mandy French. She works as a police secretary with Sunset Valley Police Department.

Monika Morris is a roommate of Madison VanWatson. She works as the office manager for Sunset Valley Legal Aid.

Mortimer Goth  is the Board President of MorcuCorp and owns a financial investment firm called Goth Wealth Management. He is the personal investment manager for Bert and Jazzilyn Alto and Nancy and Geoffrey Landgrabb. His wife, Bella, famously disappeared twice over the course of their marriage. He has two children, Cassandra and Alexander. He is the son of Gunther and Cornelia Goth, the younger brother of the now-deceased Minerva Goth, and the older brother of Gunther Goth, Jr. and Morgana Goth-Wolff. He’s known for his eccentric, but ruthless business tactics and his playboy nature.

Nella Bachelor is the youngest daughter of Jocasta and Simis Bachelor. She is the much younger sister of Bella Goth and Michael Bachelor, and a bit closer in age to her brother, Mitchell. Nella was a surprise for Jocasta and Simis, but it didn’t make her any less wanted. She is in third grade at Sun Valley Elementary.

pictured left

Ophelia Nigmos is a funeral director’s assistant with her uncle Asher at Laffalot Funeral Home. She is the daughter of Creon and Willow Nigmos, who drowned tragically in a flood when she was a little girl. She was mostly raised by her aunt Olive Specter.

Pablo Martinez works as a firefighter for Sunset Valley Fire Department. He is the husband to Jennifer Martinez and the foster dad to Gage Briody. Pablo was born and raised in Azteca and speaks Hesperian fluently.

not pictured in story

Parker Langerak  is the oldest son of Dustin Langerak and Iliana Mae Langerak. He recently graduated from Community School for the Gifted.  His paternal aunt is Kaylynn Langerak and his maternal aunt is Zelda Mae. He has a little sister Kaitlyn.

Pauline Wan  is a pianist with the Bay City Symphony. She moved across country to be with her boyfriend.  She has a sister in Riverblossom Hills.

not pictured in story

Penny Annon is the paternal grandmother of Kassiopeia Fullbright and her sisters, Cari and Andi. She is the adopted mother of Howard Fullbright and the wife of the late William ‘Bill’ Fullbright a.ka. Barnacle Bill. She lived in Barnacle Bay, Old Dominion during her lifetime, but also spent time in Windy City,  Greatlakes and Appaloosa Plains, Lonestar. She is deceased before the story begins.

not pictured in story

Peter Horne is the manager of Ocean Vista Visitor Center at the Sun Valley Mall. He has low tolerance for the community service volunteers.

Rebecca Goth is a medical examiner at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital. She is of no immediate relation to the Sunset Valley or Pleasantview Goths.  Her great-grandfather was the cousin of Victor and Samuel Goth.

pictured left

Reed Wright is an acquaintance of the Goth family. His wife is Soo Wright. He is a fitness expert and has published a book, Diet the Wright Way.

pictured in the back

River McIrish  is the only daughter of Fiona McIrish and Kass’ neighbor.

pictured right

Scarlett Haute  is the biological daughter of Brigit Briody and Randall ‘Randy’ Haute.  She is 11 months younger than her biological half-brother, Gage. Her paternal  uncles, Aiden, Noah, and Charles are billionaires in the Roaring Heights film industry and are well-known for their reality television show, Haute Knights.

pictured back center

Simis Bachelor  is the husband of Jocasta Bachelor and father of Bella Bachelor Goth, Michael, Mitchell, and Nella.  He is a retired Peteran shepherd and currently writes a blog.

Soo Wright is the wife and publicist of celebrity fitness instructor, Reed Wright.

Stacy Cho is a sales associate and customer service representative at Big Box Store. She is interested in art.

Thornton Wolff  is the husband of Morgana Goth-Wolfe.  He is a sports agent, and is well known for his expensive art collection and interest in politics.

not pictured in story

Torgo Pendragon is the son of Gunter Pendragon, the owner and chief chef at Pendragon’s Pizza in Sunset Valley.

Victoria “Tori” Andrews is a  former journalist with Sim City Picture News and then became a private investigator. She often contracts with Sun Valley Legal Aid, and works with Jennifer Martinez. Tori is married to Beau Andrews and has a son, Jordan.

Vincent James “VJ” Alvi  is the oldest son of Iqbal, a widower, and he has a younger brother, Miraj. He is dating Andi and is a devout follower of the Peteran faith. He is friends with Lisa Bunch.

Vita Alto is the governor of Valverde. She is married to Nick Alto and is the mother of Holly Alto.

Yumi Sekemoto is a baker for Jade’s Java Jolt. She is the mother of Leighton and grandmother of Sam.

Zelda Mae is a mid-twenties-something model and socialite. She lives with her sister, Iliana, and brother-in-law, Dustin. She likes to hang around her nephew, Parker’s friends and loves to party.

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