1.0 The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright (KCLKF)

Author Note: Hello and welcome to the 2nd edition of KCLKF.  Why the second edition? You can read more about this here (scroll to the end if you want to skip spoilers). 

A lot can change in a summer. Kassiopeia Fullbright finds herself questioning everything and what life and love really means as she navigates through the craziness of post-high school life. When her father returns years after he left the family, Kass isn’t sure what to think, especially when he reveals he is battling an alien disease. That’s not the only change Kass has to cope with as she soon discovers her mamma is dating again, and the man may not be who he says he is. The summer is further compounded by two potential love interests, each offering intriguing possibilities and complicating things with their own baggage. Then there’s the mystery of an arsonist running around town, an acquaintance dealing with an abusive boyfriend, the strange disappearance of a celebrity, a natural disaster, an intense political campaign, and several shocking losses. Will Kass manage to find herself and balance it all or will she crumble under the pressure of her krazy crazy life?


Arc 1: Family History 

Arc 2: Pranks and Plans

Arc 3: Everything’s Changing

Arc 4: Coffee and Smiles

Arc 5: Hard Truths

Arc 6: Playful Shenanigans

Arc 7: Confessions

Arc 8: Doubts and Dreams

Arc 9: Friends and Boyfriends, Mothers and Daughters

Arc 10: The “Meet – Cute”

Arc 11: Cocktails, Charades, and Debates

Arc 12: Evening Interrupted

Arc 13: Disquiet & Unrest

Arc 14: Festival Fun

Arc 15: Discoveries

Arc 16: Lost and Found

Arc 17: The Old and The New

Arc 18: The Name of the Game

Arc 19: Getting to Know You

Arc 20: Falling Out

Arc 21: Falling In

Arc 22: Falling Apart

Arc 23: Falling Down

Arc 24: Falling Under

Arc 25: Life and Love and Why

Arc 26: Falling Over

Arc 27: Catching Up

Arc 28: Evidence and Favors

Arc 29: Promises and Problems

Arc 30: On the Beach

Arc 31: Headaches and Hiccups

Arc 32: Falling Flat

uncovering truths scaled

Arc 33: Uncovering Truths


Arc 34: Remembering

Arc 35: Stages of Grieving

Arc 36: Tracking the Clues

Arc 37: Falling Through

Arc 38: Falling to Pieces

Arc 39: Falling Short

Arc 40: Hard Choices

Thank you so much for reading  The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright. Kass will return in future stories.

…a lot can change in a summer!

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