Prologue, Pt. 4: Family History (KCLKF)

Friday, Simmay 27, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Califorsimia 

I began struggling in school around the age of nine. After several meetings with my teachers and the principal, my parents learned I was bored. Because I wasn’t challenged in the classroom, I frequently got into trouble or didn’t do my homework. Mamma decided to try home schooling me and my grades immediately improved. My sister, Cari struggled with a series of health issues and she, too, came to study at home as she was unable to keep up with her schoolwork and medical appointments. It was only natural that Andi join her two older sisters at home. This was a good change for Andi because she was struggling with reading due to dyslexia. She greatly improved her reading abilities after one-on-one sessions with her parents. 


Mamma continued to suffer from depression, and took a leave of absence to stay home with her kids. She busied herself with projects, and used her creative energies to make learning fun for us. I recall “themed” weeks for lessons like Total Safari. Our schoolwork would revolve around the theme; we would study animals, vegetation, and weather patterns from the savanna, eat foods from the region, read stories, learn songs, numbers, and phrases in Simwahili , and write letters to pen pals in Af’simica. 

Dad obtained employment as a disc jockey at the local radio station, 74.6 The SIM. He typically worked the night shift. Some nights when my father would leave for work early, my mother would let us eat breakfast for dinner. I always loved cereal nights – Mr. Wonderful’s Cinnamon Chippers, Corny Snaps, and Llama-O’s with honey were always my favorites. Sometimes Mamma would just sit at the table and stare off into space tiredly. I once asked her about it. She said she needed more sleep.

mama sleeping in kass room 2

One tradition I loved as a child was ‘Mamma Nights.’ Dad would be at the studio overnight, and my sisters would go stay at Nonna’s. Mamma and I would put on our PJ’s and stay up late. She would make waffles. Half the time they were burned, but I didn’t really care. We’d top our waffles with cinnamon ice cream and watch Mr. Wonderful’s fairy tale movies. Sometimes Mamma would bring bisnonna’s trunk of treasures down from the attic and we’d wrap ourselves in feather boas, long strings of pearls, and fur coats. The evening would always end with a pillow fight, and Mamma would sleep in my room for the night.

Once I woke up and found Mamma in my spare bed. I rubbed my eyes and wondered what she was doing there because it wasn’t a ‘Mamma Night. ‘ I was so tired that I imagined tiny ‘z’s’ floating above her head as she snored. I tried waking her up, but she wouldn’t budge. Scared, I ran to get Daddy. He came running and woke Mamma up. She was groggy, but reassured me everything was okay. I don’t think it was because Daddy was sleeping on the couch when I came down in the morning. 


When Dad had  night off, he made afternoon snacks and dinners. The smell of  fresh-baked breads, cookies, and pies filtered throughout our entire home. When I was done with my studies, Dad would hand me a glass of milk or a cup of hot cocoa and a snack and we would talk. Well, mostly I would would talk and Dad would listen.  When Dad arrived home from work in the mornings, he would often make breakfast too before going to sleep. I loved his banana pancakes. 

Sometimes he’d let me help him prepare for dinner. Dad knew all the secrets of the trade. He once worked with celebrity chef, Romon Tanner during his college years. Somehow he could make even a hot dog dinner seem gourmet with all sorts of toppings – dill pickles, heirloom tomatoes, freshly shredded sharp cheddar cheese, mushroom slices, chopped onions, bell peppers, summer pea pods, jalapeno peppers, and a variety of fresh herbs from our garden. 


I knew about their money troubles. Income was tight because Mamma wasn’t working. W I remember hearing them argue frequently after they thought we were all asleep. Things became even harder when the radio station laid my dad off work, not due to any fault of his own, but because of budget cuts. He took odd jobs, catering for local businesses and community parties. Mamma was frequently sick and couldn’t work because of her mysterious illnesses. This only made them argue more. 

I remember the day my father left home. Neither one of my parents had a conversation with us so this major life change was a surprise. Yet it was obvious Dad was gone. When I stepped out of the shower, I noticed that fresh clean towels were conspicuously absent from the bathroom.  Dad always did the laundry. The bathroom towels never felt so rough and worn. The air was not dominated by dad’s minty aftershave. When I went to greet my parents in the morning like I always did, Dad’s clock radio was missing from the night stand. I did not hear Dad whistling jazz tunes as he made us breakfast, and mom’s burnt waffles could not compare. Dad was gone. Mamma had asked him to move out. That was that. 

Author Notes: There are some memories that stick with you for a lifetime. I distinctly remember my dad’s clock radio missing from his nightstand when he moved out and my parents separated. Though Kass’s parents split up over other reasons, I included this in the story because it was significant in my life. My parents didn’t have a conversation with me either and I asked them about it two decades later. My mom said she thought I just knew, and my dad said he wished he knew that we needed “that” conversation. Their responses were significant to me also. 

You can see the original post here – 1.0 Bomb. I added more backstory to Kass’s family life – like the part about Carina’s health issues, Andi’s dyslexia, Mamma homeschooling the girls, and themed school weeks (all of which actually happened in my life to an extent). Just the other day my little sister mentioned how she remembers “Cleaning Week” and how annoyed she was that our mom  made this a yearly “thing.” It was just an excuse the “clean” the house, but somehow schoolwork was woven into this week – life skills, I guess? Haha. And I recall pictures of “cleaning products” on my math homework sheets. I also recall “mama nights” where my mom would take one of my siblings or I “out on a date,” usually for pie at the local diner or  shopping. Sometimes, we would stay at home and my dad or grandparents would take my sisters out, and mom and I would eat takeout and watch a movie. I loved “mama dates.” I remember Dad’s cooking – sights, smells, and tastes that stick with me to this day, particularly fresh bread, banana was my favorite. 

For the record, Simwahili is my Simworld’s version of Swahili, Af’simica is my Simworld version of Africa, and Mr. Wonderful is my Simworld version of Walt Disney and Disney. I added the line about the ‘z’s’ because I was unable to properly edit them out of the picture and it just fit for the Sims ‘verse. Haha.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading. Join me again tomorrow for another KCLKF chapter. You may also join me over on the forums for discussion, questions, or just to hang out and chat with me, the author. 🙂 Also I’ve got a fun side story for Livin’ A Simmin’ Life (LASL) called Side Tracks debuting today (posts Mon-Thurs). 


Prologue, Pt. 3: Family History (KCLKF)

Friday, Simmay 27, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Califorsimia 

The last name Fullbright is inherited from my father, Howard. I share the name with my sisters and my dad, and this is, as far as we know. He’s not sure where the name hails from, mostly because he grew up in foster care in the Midwest and East Coast. When he was nine, he was adopted by a widow by the name of Penny Annon, and spent the remainder of his youth in Barnacle Bay, Virsimia. Since I do not know much of my father’s origins, I will tell you about his life so as to understand what it means to be a Fullbright. 

When she passed away shortly after my father turned nineteen, my grandma Penny left my dad a small, but significant amount of money, much to his surprise. Despite their frugal lifestyle, complete with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner and no cable television, Penny managed to squirrel away enough for my dad to attend college on her split income as a piano teacher and epitaph writer. It was my father’s dream to attend Le Simdon Bleu in Lucky Palms, Simvada, the most prestigious culinary school in the Sim Nation. Penny wanted to ensure that my dad made something of his life as she was never able to achieve her own dream to be an opera singer due to her health problems. 

Grandma Penny instilled  two things in my father – a love of cooking and a love of music.  My dad recalls his mother making the most of what they had, creating crazy delicious concoctions with their tight budget. It wasn’t until shortly before she passed that he realized how bad things got at times, but there was always a roof over his head, clothes on his back, food on the table, and the radio playing country and blues when he arrived home from school. My father attributes his desire to be a chef to his late mother, and he claims no one can quite fix a Thankful Day turkey like Grandma Penny could. 

She also made sure he listened to a wide musical spectrum, not simply what was popular on the radio at the time. When he was sixteen, between his jobs working for a variety of fast food places, my dad saved up enough to buy a lemon car with his cash. He would run the battery down on the car listening to the old favorites station in the driveway at evening, and sometimes risk oversleeping and missing first period of school the next day just so he could stay up and listen to the Dead Men Tell No Tales late night show with old school radio mysteries. My grandma Penny had to practically drag my dad out of the car to get him to sleep. 

It was only fitting in college that my father worked for the local radio station in Lucky Palms, 121.7 The SUN. He had the graveyard shift, of course, playing a mixture of classics and recent hits. One night while he was on the air when a mysterious woman called in and told him he had a “sexy voice.” That was my mamma. Every night she’d call in at the same time, until one night he dared her to go on a date with him. The rest is history, I suppose. Amy convinced Howard to move back to Califorsimia, and within a year, they were married, and within two years, they welcomed me. 

For my first five years, we lived in Starlight Shores in southern Califorsimia, while my mother tried to complete her masters degree. This was interrupted by my sister, Carina, an unplanned yet not unwelcome surprise. After my youngest sister, Andromeda was born, my mother gave up on her plans for higher education.

Carina is named for the Carina Nebula, though there is also a constellation named Carina based on a Helsimic mythological ship. Most people call her Cari. Her name means ‘beloved’ in Simtalian. Andromeda is named for the galaxy, though there is also a constellation Andromeda, named for the Helsimic mythological princess who was chained to a rock to be eaten by a monster, only to be rescued by the hero, Persimius. I suppose my sister does not particularly appreciate this namesake, and chooses the nickname Andi instead, as the name means ‘strong, energetic, leader of men.’ 

Our family returned to Sunset Valley when I was about to start first grade. With the help of my maternal grandparents, they purchased a home at twenty-one-thirty-five Pinochle Point. The house on the hill overlooks the downtown area nestled in the valley, and from our backyard, you can see all the way to the Simistral Ocean. I remember visiting nonno and nonna frequently during those first few years back in Central Califorsimia. There was always a tension between my parents because of mamma’s struggles, and I am not certain my nonno ever truly liked my dad. 

My nonno, Raphael “Rafe” Riviera, grew up during the First Cold War in rural Simtalia. His family lived in poverty. Owning cars was a luxury so the family relied on their horse and cart to move around town. When my nonno was a teenager, he managed to scrounge enough to purchase a bicycle. It was stolen a week later. His family were devout Jacobans, attending services sometimes thrice a week. The parish priest collected donations to purchase and collect the parts to make bicycles for all the neighborhood kids after the incident. My nonno didn’t own a car until five years into his marriage. 


My nonno saved every simoleon he had to afford to move to the Sim Nation to attend university. He obtained a degree in business finance from the University of Pennsimvania with full honors. Five days post-graduation, he married my nonna, a sophomore studying art and archaeology. Nonna never finished her degree, but my nonno made his fortune in real estate and land development. My mamma was born in Oakland, Califorsimia the same year my grandparents bought a car. Nonno is responsible for many commercial buildings in Oakland, Bay City, and Sunset Valley.

Since retirement, Nonno keeps busy by maintaining his antique cars, sitting on the boards of various charities, dancing with nonna at the country club, playing chess in the parks, volunteering at the local senior center, and teaching business and accounting seminars at Sunset University. Idle hands, he says with a smile. and a shrug.The most important lesson I have learned from my nonno is if you work hard and put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. I think this is why he struggled to like my father, claiming my dad took shortcuts in life when he married my mamma. 

Author Notes: Hello dear readers! You can see the original post here – 1.0 Bomb. I made some changes to the story. I moved Howard from Midwest to East Coast so as to avoid too many similarities to Gage’s story as he, too, was in foster care. Howard’s mom changed from Bea Fullbright to Penny Annon, an actual deceased Sim in Barnacle Bay, though Howard keeps the name on his birth certificate in this edition. I added more backstory about Howard and his adopted mom. Thanksgiving is changed to Thankful Day because this is a whole new world, and it makes more sense than the American holiday. The Fullbrights lived in Starlight Shores much longer in this version so as to match the picture of the family when they return to Sunset Valley (where Cari is three and Andi is two). I added more information about the origins of Carina’s and Andromeda’s names. I added more to Nonno’s back story, his early relationship with my Nonna, and alluded to the animosity between Nonno and Howard. 

I also changed Marino’s name to Raphael. The name Raphael is of Hebrew origin but it is commonly used among Italians. The name means “healing waters.” This was actually strategic for a strange reason. I have a close relationship with my grandfather. His name is a reference to illness, sadly, and he has struggled with illness and infirmity for much of his life. I wanted to honor my grandfather in a way through creating a “healthier” version of him in the Sims. While “Nonno” was a Sim from the Simbin that I edited, he still reminds me a lot of my actual grandpa. 

In reworking the Simterran historical eras, the First Cold War falls immediately after the first Simterran war with the Xenosi from 2346-2379. This era is known as The Age of Scorpio or the Scorpio Age. As a final note, Virsimia is my Simworld version of Virginia, Simvada is my Simworld version of Nevada, the Simistral Ocean is my Simworld version of the Pacific Ocean, and Persimius is my Simworld version of the Greek mythological hero Perseus. 

Join me again next Monday-Wednesday for more KCLKF chapters. You can pop over to my Stories from the Darker Side (SDU) blog for a Forgotten Identity Series: Night Blooming Jasmine (NBJ) chapter tomorrow (Thursday) and pop over to Livin’ A Simmin’ Life for another chapter in my Simself ISBI challenge story. Thanks so much for reading. 🙂 

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Prologue, Pt. 2: Family History (KCLKF)

Friday, Simmay 27, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Califorsimia 

I enjoy reading stories. Most days, I have completed two to three chapters before my morning cereal, and by end of day, I am ready for the next novel. I enjoy telling stories almost as much as I like reading them. My mamma once told me everyone has a story to tell. Like most people, my story has a beginning, middle, and an end. My end? Well, No one knows their own ending.  I’m here for a reason. I know I am here for a reason on this planet at this moment in time. I tried to live a good life…  At the end of my life, I want to be remembered as a strong, confident, independent woman, traits I have no doubt inherited from many strong, confident, independent women in the generations before me.  I want to be remembered as a compassionate individual who was fiercely loyal to her family and friends. 

My beginning? I lived a fairly boring, average life until my thirteenth birthday. As for my beginning, I was  born on a rainy winter day, the twenty-third of Simvember, eighteen-and-a-half years ago to Howard Fullbright and Amalia Riviera. My parents named me Kassiopeia Celestia Fullbright, certainly a mouthful for a little girl. Most people call me Kass,  but like most things, there is a purpose for my full name.

My mother, Amalia, or Amy, is of Simtalian and Simtannican descent,  of the Riviera and Clayton families respectively. The name Amalia is actually a blending of Simtalian and Deutchsim. Amalia means “eager work.” That’s Mamma. She can be a bit of a workaholic, when she has the energy. She likes to keep busy when she is home, and is constantly picking up after my sisters and I. “Always work hard and strive for excellence,” she says repeatedly. 

Unlike the many generations prior, my grandparents only had two children instead of the traditional loud and boisterous Simtalian Jacoban families of five, six, and seven. Mamma had a younger brother, Agostino, whom everyone affectionately called Tino. Unlike his namesake, Tino wasn’t particularly great or magnificent as a child. In fact, according to my mamma, he was rather scrawny and sickly. At the age of nine, he drowned. My mamma, only sixteen at the time, struggled with severe depression as a result. 

Throughout her life, she has found solace in the stars, turning to the night skies for her joy and comfort, hence the naming of my siblings and I after heavenly phenomenon. Kassiopeia was the first Sim noblewoman to be successfully frozen in cryogenic fluid; however, she is more often remembered for her violent feuding with the king and queen of old world Simithiopia, not exactly the greatest namesake.

Mamma named me for the constellation. The name itself means “of the cassia juice ,” which is the Simtalian word for cinnamon, which is fitting given my spice-colored eyes. Cassia juice was used in ancient times as a precious and anointing oil, often a blessing before a spiritual journey. One of the best lessons I have learned from my family is to always be a blessing to others. 


My nonna, grandmother in Simtalian, Adelaide Riviera, has been a housewife for fifty-one years. Half a century of marriage has taught her the virtue and wisdom of patience. She never hurries anywhere, a woman of dignity and grace. Her maiden name is Clayton, and she grew up in Bridgeport, Pennsimvania.

Both of her parents worked long hours in the factories. She does not talk about her family often, but I know my nonna had a hard childhood. As a teen, she held various jobs, working at a movie theater, as a candy stripe, as a florist’s assistant, in a diner, and finally as a model for the SimWardrobe catalog. She met my nonno taking tickets at the county fair, and it was love at first sight… at least for my nonno. He, then, crashed a party, just to see her a week later, and she admired his persistence and gave him a chance. She was only eighteen when they were married. 

Nonna is good at almost everything she does. Meals at her house are always a grand affair even if it is for a simple supper. Nonna always brings out the good china, best silverware, and fancy candlesticks for  every dinner. If there’s one thing I have learned from my nonna, it is to make everyone feel special regardless of their station in life. 

The name ‘Celestia’ carries a special significance, referencing the starry heavens, though my bisnonna, Celestia Silverton, was a “star” in her own right in the ’40s. When she lost her parents in her late teens, Celestia turned to  Roaring Heights, nicknamed Tinsel Town, for all of its celebrities and actors, to make ends meet. With films like ‘The Simaltese Falcon’ and ‘Dial C for Crime’ and ‘Front Window,’ my grandmother was quite successful, bumping elbows with famous actors of that time like Simfried Hitch, the murder mystery king, and Bo Simphrey, the cultural icon.

We are descendants of royalty, both of the Simtalian and the Tinsel Town variety. Celestia traveled the world to exotic locales for movie shoots. While overseas, met my bisnonno, my great-grandfather, Donato Antonelli, a general in the Simtalian military, and a great nephew of the last princess of the royal Lombardi family. They raised a family, my nonno (grandfather) Marino, my great uncles, Leonardo and Lorenzo, and my great aunts, Giordana and Giovanna, in Monte Vista.

After the passing of my bisnonno, Celestia moved back to the Sim Nation and lived in her childhood home for nearly three decades. Recently, she returned to Monte Vista to be closer to most of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren as my family branch comprise the only Sim Nation relatives. 

I have never been to the “home country.” I would love to travel. Part of what appeals to me about Edgewater Global University is the vast study abroad program. I would enjoy the learning experience of living overseas. I have never done much travel. I have only seen my bisnonna a handful of times but every time I see her, she reminds me, “A young girl should travel. It is good for the soul, gattina.” 

Gattina means “little cat” in Simtalian. I received the nickname as a child because I was inquisitive, and sometimes my curiosity claimed the better of me. Now as nearly an adult, I am still a curious individual. One of my favorite quotes is from the writer, William Arthur Simward…

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.

I hope my university experiences will foster my curiosity and quench my thirst for knowledge and adventure. 

Author NotesHello everyone. I kept the bare bones of the opening of 1.0 Bomb with the concept of stories – beginning, middle, and end. I started with the concept of track changes, but decided not to keep things in ‘red’ since I felt it would be harder to read. I also added life goals for Kass – strength, confidence, independence, compassion, loyalty, as I feel this helps set up her person. There are several major changes from the first version.

First, I changed Kass’ birthday from Simcember (December) 1st to Simcember 17th. There is a purpose for this change. I like to use star signs to influence and shape personas. Kass was originally a Sagittarius under the first edition. Since I updated the Sim Standard calendar and the Sim Standard year has 13 months (and 13 star signs), I had the shift Kass’ birthday in order to keep her star sign a Sagittarius. So there… probably more info than you want to know. 

Third, since I was changing dates around, I edited birth years of family members. This means Kass’s grandparents have been married fifty-one years instead of forty-nine. Fourth, I also added more back story for Kass’ grandmother, Adelaide and great-grandmother, Celestia. I thought I had a picture of Celestia on my old computer, but I couldn’t find it so I had to go with the billboard in Roaring Heights. Fifth, Roaring Heights in Florsimda is now nicknamed “Tinsel Town,” a secondary Hollywood-esque town in the Sim Nation. Sixth, I added the “royal” connections as it was always my plan, but I never highlighted this well in my previous editions. 

As an additional note, Simtalian refers to the people of Simtalia, my Simworld version of Italy, Jacoban is my Simworld version of Catholicism,  and Pennsimvania is my Simworld version of Pennsylvania.

Kassiopeia is the German spelling of the Cassiopeia constellation (hence Deutchsim spelling in my Simworld), but I did a bit of research on her Greek name roots. I tweaked things around for my own mythology. You can read more about the original Kassiopeia and her feuding with the Atlântidans here.

Thanks for reading! Join me again tomorrow for another chapter of KCLKF right here. You can also join me in the resurrected forums thread for discussion during anytime of the week. 

Prologue, Pt. 1: Family History (KCLKF)

Friday, Simmay 27, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Califorsimia 

Green. She liked green. Kassiopeia “Kass” Fullbright fiddled with the edge of her bright mint tee shirt as the fabric fell over her stomach and brushed the edges of her jeans. She rolled out of bed like she did every morning. She got dressed like she did every day. Yet today something was different. Today she was finished with senior year. Yesterday she had completed her last final as a high school student. Somehow that made even her favorite shirt feel even more special.

As she stood before the mirror, Kass removed her hair tie from her wrist and pulled her hair back into a high ponytail.  There. That was better.  She loved her hair. It reminded her of falling autumn leaves, a golden red,  curling above her waist line, bouncing buoyantly as she walked. No one else in her immediate family or preceding generations possessed red hair, as far as she was aware. It gave a whole new meaning to ‘crowning glory.’

Does it make me conceited?  She twisted her lower lip, looking away from her reflection. To think my hair is beautiful?  I’m not all that thrilled with my Deutchsim complexion… too pale… and my Simirish freckles… too many… and my  Simtannican nose… too narrow. Her elbows were too bony. Her derriere was too big. Her collarbone was too pronounced. It was normal to be self-conscious, right?  Kass glanced at the painting above her bed depicting the scene of a fiery-haloed hero taming a golden dragon. If only she possessed that kind of confidence…  How will I ever survive college? 

She exhaled, smoothing her shirt over her abdomen. Breathe, Kass, breathe. Be cool. Minty cool green. She clicked her tongue and gave herself a thumbs-up. Is that silly?  She whirled from the mirror, trekking across the wooden floorboards of her bedroom, her right teal flip flop finding a familiar squeak. She smiled wistfully. She would miss the creaks and groans of this old house.

In a few months, she would be leaving for university on the other side of the country, forced to step outside the comfort zone of her home and the bubble of Sunset Valley. She would trade her burgeoning seaside Califorsimian city for the green rolling hills and misty swamps of Edgewater Township, home to Edgewater Global University.  But she wouldn’t be attending her dream school if she couldn’t finish her scholarship essay. It was due in nine weeks. Nine weeks? Kass sighed. For a perfectionist, it didn’t feel long enough.

Since it was Friday mid-morning, no one else was home. Her mother was at work, teaching fifth grade at the Community School for the Gifted, and her sisters were in class, ninth and tenth grade to be precise. They still had another week of classes left before summer vacation. Kass wandered downstairs to the kitchen, setting up her Bodkin laptop from PeachySoft. The computer had been an early graduation present from her mamma. Kass tapped the dark hickory dining table in a consistent rhythm as she stared down the directions for her scholarship essay.

Write a personal statement highlighting your family values. Discuss your cultural and ethnic background and your personal principles for living. Explain what makes your family unique. 

Writing an essay shouldn’t be difficult. Language arts was her best subject and her easiest class. Yet somehow Kass felt like her writing for university should stand apart from her writing for secondary school. Her essay needed to ascend to new heights as her expectations would now be higher, and university classes would subsequently be harder than high school. Ever since she had received the email, she had fretted over it for the past week. Her homeroom teacher encouraged her to “write what you know.” Her mother told her to write down her story. “Mamma, I don’t have a story,” Kass protested earlier this morning. Her mother merely smiled, kissing her eldest daughter on the forehead and replied, “Everyone has a story, gattina, write yours.”  Kass moved her finger over the mouse , clicked on her file titled “Notes,” enabled “Track Changes,” and began adding the line…

Author NoteHi everyone, I’m excited to present my 2nd edition of The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright. As I previously mentioned, I am rewriting parts of KCLKF, adding content from my original outline, updating my writing, adding dates, and changing to third person tense. Hopefully, this will enable a more enjoyable and entertaining story as I feel my writing has improved and I have a better grasp of what I am trying to accomplish. I have shortened chapters (for the most part) to make things more readable and to highlight the changes more efficiently. For example, the prologue will now move in several parts, this post serving as part one. Additionally, I would like to note I did not retake screenshots from the game for this version of the story, but I am using previously unused screenshots to add to the story. 

What has changed from that first version – 1.0 Bomb? First of all, the months of the year and the way the year is set up is different. Check out my calendar and education page for more information. Essentially, the month of Simmay is May and the month of Simune is June and there are 28 days in each month, save the last day of the year. 

Second, Kass begins this story by attempting to write an essay to receive a scholarship to her dream school. I’ve also added more detail about her person initially (i.e. favorite color, her insecurities, her nerves, her perfectionism, etc.).  When I created Kass, I modeled her after a younger version of myself, though with great liberties and many, many changes. I shared this in my Purple Day post in December 2017 and it explains who and what Kass is to me… a quote from author Taylor Houston… 

Autobiographical fiction is primarily comprised of made up events and characters that may be based on the author’s own experience and self. The protagonist might be modeled after the author and do at least some of the things the author has actually done in his or her life. However, the ratio of truth to fiction will be somewhat small.

Third, Kass is set to attend Edgewater Global University in the fall of 2415 (instead of Edgewater Global Business College). The city where the university is located has been renamed to Edgewater Township, and it functions as a unincorporated town adjacent to the city of Edgewater.

Fourth, in my first draft, Kass had more insecurities about her body image. This is actually a topic I am passionate about, as the summer before I left for college, I was super skinny. And then the stress of my first two years of college compiled my insecurities and I became too skinny. Now a decade later, I am anything but a tiny woman, and I love myself. It took a long time to reach this place, and I felt it realistic for Kass to be concerned with some of the same things at her young age. The only thing I can say on the topic is love who you are… all of who you are – when you look in the mirror, remember you are beautiful. 

As a quick note or recap, I’ll add that Deutchsim refers to the people of Deutchsimland (my Simworld version of Germany, Simirish refers to the people of southern Simbernia, my Simworld version of Ireland, and Simtannican refers to the people of Simtannica, my Simworld version of England, Scotland, and Wales, and Califorsimia is located in the Sim Nation, my Simworld versions of California and the United States. Thanks for reading! Join me again tomorrow for another KCLKF chapter. 

Reintroducing The ‘Krazy’ Crazy Life of Kass

The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright, Part 1  (KCLKF) 

A lot can change in six weeks. Kassiopeia Fullbright knows this full well as she tries to navigate through life and love post high school graduation. When her father returns years after he left the family, Kass isn’t sure what to think, especially when he reveals a “crazy bomb” of a secret. That isn’t the only change Kass has to cope with as she soon learns her mother is dating again, and the man may not be who he says he is. The summer is further compounded with two potential love interests, each offering intriguing possibilities. In the craziness and confusion, Kass finds herself questioning everything and what it all really means – life, love, family, friendship, romance, religion, health, and happiness – as she attempts to prepare for the future. This is a story of a young woman on a journey to discovering who she is and what she can become. This is a story about coming-of-age, of coming into oneself, of owning one’s decisions, of making mistakes, and learning from them, and making mistakes again. This is a story about figuring out what life is all about and finding one’s place among the stars. This is the story of the krazy crazy life of Kassiopeia Fullbright… an adventure awaits. Are you ready? 

Chapters to be released starting on Monday. 🙂

Story Updates: What’s Coming Soon!!!

Hey all, time for author updates – February edition! I have many exciting things for you on the horizon.

Most of you already know I’m rewriting The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright. This is a huge undertaking,  but I’m loving every moment of it. I feel like this time around I really know my characters and I hear their unique voices coming through so I can do each of them justice.

I’m debating about doing some short reveals of new KCLKF chapters, or character spots, a.k.a. story shorts with one of the characters from the KCLKF universe. Is this something my readers are interested in? And if so… who would you like to see featured? And in what point of their lives (i.e. child, teen, young adult, adult, elder)?

I might also do random universe worldbuilding tidbits… like what about the Simterran universe do you want to know more about? And I’ll feature it in a post.

On my Stories From the Darker Side site: Wait… didn’t it have a different name? Yes, the site has been renamed from Stories from the Dark Universe to Stories From the Darker Side (SFDS). This is because… well, I scrapped my alternate universe idea because it’s super tricky, and I love interconnected storytelling (I just couldn’t get away from this! 😛 ). The site has a whole new look. I’d appreciate if you’d check it out and follow, if you aren’t already.

Now I’m rebooting The Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum with a mash-up of a TS4 story involving a vampire concert pianist in Windenburg and my fairy tale reverse legacy. Yes, I know. It’s ambitious, but I like challenging myself. New story series title: Forgotten Identity. You can follow here.

These ain’t your grandmother’s fairy tales so don’t expected straightforward retelling or light and fluffy unicorns or fairy godmothers . Since this story is featured on my “darker side” blog, I’ll be delving into dark subjects and themes (so like Darkness May Dream this story series has a mature rating).

Here’s the reworked description of Generation 1:

Jessica ‘Jess’ Rossum knew from childhood that she wasn’t like the others. She was different. From childhood to adulthood, she walked a lonely path, ignored at best, ridiculed at worst. She is tormented by never-ending questions about where she came from and who she really is. When a mysterious stranger offers a bizarre proposition, Jess decides to take the opportunity to relocate and achieve her dream.

As strangers share space, inspired by their love of music, impaired by their tumultuous histories, strong wills cross swords and long-lasting lies implode. Jess becomes aware of how little she really knows about life, love, and the world around her. Compelled to know the truths of the universe and uncover the secrets of her lineage, Jess sets off on the journey of a dozen lifetimes, accompanied by an undying soul. When you find out you aren’t who you think you are, even Darkness looks like an angel.  

On LASL site: ^^ and the working cover for Livin’ A Simmin’ Life City Living. 🙂

Meet Elizabeth “Lizzie” Green. After a series of ups and downs with family life and mishaps and adventures with boyfriends, Lizzie seems to finally have things straightened out. Now she’s moving to the city of San Myshuno to follow her new boyfriend and pursue her dream career as a writer. She hopes to make many new friends and take part in all the city has to offer. But will the city be everything she hopes for? What new challenges will she face? Will she finally settle into the life she always wanted? Follow this her blog to find out.

On Friday, I completed part one of Livin’ a Simmin’ Life, my Simself story. If you haven’t read it already, you can read part one here. I’d much appreciate it. I’m doing a casting call for Part Two so if you want to submit a Sim for City Living: San Myshuno (Simself edition), check it out here.

Poll: Finally, a poll, because I’m useless all over the place when it comes to figuring out schedules. :/ I’d appreciate your input. Thoughts on reading preference/publishing order?

Thanks for reading, following, and sharing my stories! I appreciate all my readers! Happy Monday! ❤

The Original Chapters for KCLKF

Here are the original chapters for KCLKF, before the edits. thekrazycrazylifeofkass part 1The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright, Part 1  (KCLKF) Kassiopeia is a fairly happy young adult with a loving Mamma, two adorable sisters, and doting grandparents. A recent high school grad in Sunset Valley, she is looking forward to spend her summer relaxing before she goes off to University. Certain things threaten to disrupt her peaceful life like her cheating father returning with a deadly secret and a proposal or two of sorts, and her best friend changing his university plans to get to know his distant “shady” relatives. And then her little sister is suddenly dating, and her Mamma finds a man too, plus a cute guy at the coffee shop starts showing an interest in her. How will Kass navigate through the thorough mess of love and life? What adventures awaits her on the horizon?

a Sims 3 Story