August Updates, Reader Poll, What I’m Reading, and More

Author Note: Jump to the bottom if you would like the brief overview. Also this post will also be found on LASL, almost word-for-word so no need to read in both places.

Chapter Updates:

The first arc of La Vita Bella is complete. You can read chapters here. I would love to hear your thoughts about the first part (if you’re caught up) – overall general mood/tone of the story, Bella’s character and personality, the people that flow in and out of her life, and any additional questions you might have or predictions for the future. You can answer/ask me here or over on the forums. ūüôā

I am also coming to a close of the first arc of Darkness May Dream. I’ve been binge writing chapters, amping up for an intense conclusion, if you’re caught up and can tell. You can catch up on chapters here, read updated character bios here, and read my author notes… er…dark musings here.


Reap No More (RNM) is coming soon to my DMD simblr. This will include tales and myths from the DMD universe. I plan to write these stories in a neighborhood-rotation style exclusively on my Simblr. I am curious about what kinds of stories you would like to hear, and who, in particular, you would like me to follow. Please take a few minutes to vote in the poll:

Since I’m consistently retconning and improving my writing (I hope), I have decided DMD is set in an alternate universe… a dark universe… so it stands alone from my other Sim stories (i.e. KFMS, FRWL, CFT, LFL, etc.). This brings me to my next announcement…

Stories from the Dark (Sims) Universe

Introducing my new WP… Stories from the Dark Universe (SFDU) – a collection of fractured fairy tales told in the Sims universe. You can visit the new site here –¬†

…and just when you think I could not possibly start any more stories… in my defense, this is a move/revamp of an existing story…the Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum (SIJR).

On this site, I will revamp my SIJR story. I have already moved the first chapter so you can re-read it or you can read it for the first time… or ignore it if you don’t want to reread it. I’m planning a reverse legacy, starting with the last “heir” so to speak, and working backwards while interweaving Jess’ story. This will follow a Disney-esque legacy challenge style. Jess will also have a connection to a character from the DMD universe… yet to be named in public. ūüėČ

I will also make Generation 2 of my DMD story available in WP form on this particular WP as the stories are set in the same universe. That’s for all you DMD fans who asked for a WP version in addition to the Simblr. That also means the DMD chapter list will be moving from my LASL site to its new home on SFDU. The DMD chapter list will remain on LASL until Gen 1 is complete. In the meantime, DMD has an¬†updated characters post on SFDU.

What I’m Reading:

I wish I was actually reading on a beach in the pale violet twilight, but unfortunately, I’m a bit land-locked here. So my Simself will indulge…

Recently I finished binge reading @friendsfan367’s The Benders. Something I love about friendsfan’s The Benders is how refreshingly aware they are, and how she manages to capture each Sim’s unique personality in short, but powerful lines.

I also finished @swcheppes’ Super Dating recently for my reading circle, and I have to say I love the comic book connections and the writer’s narrative style. Totally worth a binge.

I was thinking about adult summer camps, and decided to check out @CathyTea’s Summer Camp stories at her suggestion. The idea is awesome and I plan… maybe… some day… so shouldn’t start another story... to do some kind of summer camp story myself. Readers, would you prefer a TS3 setting, TS4 setting, or both? Right now, the thought is an adult summer/early fall-ish painting camp in Riverview with Gage Briody. This story would be featured on my LASL blog or LASL Simblr. Preferences? And you would be able to send me your Sims. (Note: I do not have any TS4 expansion packs).

I’ve also been reading Memoir Me, following the lovely TS4 Kim sisters as they process the death of their father. The chapters are short, but sweet, and the writing is evocative.

The Long Short:

Okay, brief synopsis in case you don’t actually want to read everything or need to review what you read when you’re done:

  • La Vita Bella arc one is complete
  • DMD Gen 1 is coming to an end. More chapters available on¬†¬†
  • Reap No More is a new series coming to my DMD Simblr. Vote in the poll above so you can tell me who you would like to see featured.
  • The Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum (SIJR) is moving to its new home on my new WordPress for my alternate dark universe… Stories from the Dark Universe (SFDU).
  • DMD Gen 1’s table of contents will be moving to SFDU, but will remain on LASL during the transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2.
  • SIJR is getting a makeover, and will be a reverse Disney legacy challenge featuring all kinds of Disney heroines.
  • DMD is set in the dark universe, along with SIJR.
  • DMD Gen 2 chapters will be available on SFDU for my WP readers.
  • Read The Bendersit’s bendy fun… okay… trying to be clever and it sounds terrible ¬†– it’s awesome!
  • Read Super Dating – it’s super!
  • Read Summer Camp – it’s camp-tastic...*face palm* I’m so done with being cheesy
  • Read Memoir Me – it’s memorable.
  • Interested in an adult summer-camp story for TS3 or TS4 on either my LASL WP or LASL Simblr? Let me know.
  • Thanks for reading. ūüôā

July Updates, Liebster Award, and New Stories

Oh my goodness! It has been too long. I have been sucked into the world of school and work and I haven’t had the time to update.

First of all, I finished From Riverview, With Love series following Gage Briody in his romantic mishaps and adventures in the lovely town of Riverview and big city, Devils Port, Simcago. This was quite an accomplishment. I finally just committed and plowed through, and I was continuously amazed by the characters and their stories. I feel privileged to have told Gage’s story.

I have some fun  extras  I will share here:

I found this picture to be so cute of Gage and Anita, but I couldn’t find a place to put it.¬†

Gage and his half-siblings, Zia on the right, and Zeke on the left. 

The household waiting around for me to get my act together and screenshot, but I thought it was funny that Ethan started playing guitar while Carlotta and Constance built a snowman together. 

A ghost lady whom I was going to include in FRWL, but decided against it for time and logistics sake, but she was so happy when Gage came to visit her that she hugged him.

Secondly, I have started La Vita Bella, the story of Bella Bachelor Goth, once more, and this time I have a plan, outline, screenshots, and a focused story with tie-ins to my current stories. I hope you take the time to pop over and read Bella’s story.

Here’s my updated synopsis:

Everyone knows the story of Bella Goth… but do they really? Who is the mysterious lady in red behind the most infamous disappearance in the history of the SimNation, maybe even the entire planet, Simterra? What really happened leading up to those missing years? In a world where there is more to everything than meets the eye and beauty is more of a curse than a blessing, Bella is an extraordinary girl who wants to be ordinary looking to fit in a strange, wondrous world. It is time for Bella to tell her own story. 

Bella’s first two chapters are up:

If you haven’t already, you can read the 2 Prologue chapters for Bella’s series:

Finally, I was nominated for the Liebster Award a terribly long time ago by the lovely Kate of the Loewe Legacy, and my sincerest apologies for taking so long. I am now going to officially accept the award, albeit really late, and thank Kate for her kind words regarding my stories. The Loewe Legacy is a wonderful legacy story following Kate from Appaloosa Plains to a new life and home in Monte Vista, and her adventures with horses and family in Italy. I would highly recommend reading it.


The rules are as follows: 

  • Share the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Nominate other bloggers who you feel deserve the award.
  • Answer 11 questions by your nominator and ask your nominees 11 questions.

The questions I was asked by Kate:

1. What was your most memorable dream or nightmare? Probably the one I am writing a novel series about right now. I was dreaming about time travel and San Francisco and futuristic societies and lost lands and talking dragons and fierce female warriors.

2. When you were a kid what silly thing were you deathly afraid of?  Tickling

3. What is your biggest fear now? Not doing anything with my life.

4. If you could instantly know how to speak another language, what language would you choose to know? Japanese

5.¬†When does time pass the fastest for you and when does it pass the slowest?¬†Fastest – when I’m having fun or when playing the Sims – seriously, I look up and wonder where the evening went ; Slowest – when I’m trying to be productive

6. What was the strangest gift you’ve ever received?  a pouf hat

7. What weird smell do you really enjoy?  sunscreen

8. If you could talk to animals, which animal would you talk to and what would you ask?  my cat; why are you doing that?

9. Would you rather live in the wilderness far from civilization or live on the streets of a city as a homeless person?  I love the mountains, so I would probably pick to live in the secluded wilderness.

10.  If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?  Why did everything happen the way it did?

11. Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?¬†Ooo… good question… hopefully pursuing my dreams and making a difference in the world using my gifts, talents, and abilities and still writing because writing brings me such pleasure and joy. I would hope my husband and I are still going strong, and I have more cats because I love kitties.

My Nominees (in no particular order): 

My 11 Questions for My Nominees: 

  1. What is your favorite sound and why?
  2. If you could travel and live anywhere else in the world, where would you go?
  3. Who is your role model?
  4. When was your last celebration in the Sims and what was it?
  5. What about the Sims compels you to write stories?
  6. If you could create a world in the Sims, what type of world would it be or what city would you model it after?
  7. Who’s your favorite townie or premade and why?
  8. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  9. What is your hidden talent?
  10. If you were a Sim, what would be some of the things you would do?
  11. What question would you really like someone to ask you and what would your answer be?

Thank you again, Kate, for the award, and thanks to all my readers! Happy Simming!

Updates: FRWL & DMD Posts

Hi Simming friends,

Two new chapters of From Riverview, With Love (FRWL):

After discovering his “love” was only for a night, Gage wanders the streets of Simcago (Devil’s Port) until he calls a former love interest.

1.23 Read Like a Book 

After taking the advice of a friend, Gage seeks counsel from the Love Doctor… but she’s not what he expected.

1.24 All Wishes Final 

And more DMD posts – Visit the new DMD Simblr Table of Contents to catch up.

Updates: New FRWL Chapters & More DMD

Continue following Q& A over at DMD. New chapters to come out tomorrow.


Today’s Question: ¬†How does the whole bond thing work? What’s it mean after they are bonded? Are they killed if they break the bond? What does this mean for the kids?¬†

Two new FRWL chapters:

1.20 Pity Party 

Gage wanders the City of Simcago reminiscing about his life after his public break-up with Heather.

1.21 Love Bites 

Gage Briody visits a vampire house, and finds himself a steamy partner for the night.

June 2017 Updates

Edit: I made a pretty big error with the timeline below, so I fixed it. 

Hi everyone, I’ve been gone from this blog for awhile save a few updates. I am trying to get organized to revamp Kass’s story. I keep saying soon and then “soon” doesn’t happen, so I don’t have a date yet. In the meantime, I’m active in lots of other places on the web.

Darkness May Dream – officially has its own Simblr now, as you probably already know. I will be answering Q&A today and tomorrow, and posting new chapters starting Saturday. Feel free to message me here, leave a comment below, or message me over at the Simblr if you have your own questions about DMD (and you can ask anonymously).

Today’s DMD Question:¬†Why was Cora Mae so willing to go with Mal in the beginning? Why does Cora Mae stay?

Yesterday’s DMD Question:¬†How did you come up with the premise of DMD?¬†

If you’re wondering what in the world this story is, poke around on the new Simblr. I have character, planet, people (the Kr’v), and FAQ pages to help you out and if you’ve never read it, you can start from the beginning.

from riverview with love cover

From Riverview, With Love – New chapter up today – 1.20 Pity Party. I have all the upcoming chapters for FRWL screenshotted and outlined for the most part. Expect many more chapters soon. I’m hoping to finish by early July.

FYI, several chapters at the end (and I’ll announce which ones) of FRWL will include Kass and Gage chapters. If you’re wondering about the timeline of events, I’ve added helpful notes below.


SimLit Celebration #9: Sim Smiles –¬†In honor of Smile Power Day (June 15th), I am celebrating Sim Smiles over on my Simblr and the forums. On my Simblr, I share favorite Sim smiles from Kass stories & related spinoffs. On the forums, join in the discussion and share your favorite Sim smiles from your own stories or others’ (with pictures/links preferably). ūüôā

Darkness May Dream Official Relaunch Day

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been following the story, Darkness May Dream, it has a new home. Or if you haven’t checked it out yet, you can start now from the beginning on a brand new (better organized) Simblr. Visit the official relaunch party now by clicking here!¬†

This is my secondary Simblr so I’d ask that you please follow me: – if you’d like to stay up-to-date with this story. I won’t be able to follow you from this site, but I can from my main Simblr, livinasimminlife.

Thanks everyone. See you at the new Simblr!

~ Livinasimminlife / Lizzie

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