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A Visit to Sunset Valley: Questions from the Fans

Hi everyone, it’s been a hot minute since I posted here. I’m still working on setting up my TS3 game for the next story in Kass’ series. In the meantime, I have  some fun questions given to me by members of my Freezer Bunnies Reading Circle over on the forums.   I was going to answer everything over on the forums, but then it got a bit carried away so I’m sharing here for all my readers.  I sent my TS3 Simself to be the snoopy reporter and ask questions of this delightful cast.

Disclaimer: The answers are given based on where said reading circle is at in KCLKF (up through  Arc 12 or  chapter 1.33).  Really mild spoilers if you haven’t read that far.  Oh and a bit of breaking-the-fourth-wall humor.  Shout-out to all my reading circle peeps (you’re all mentioned below somewhere). Minor edit… apologies to Duvelina for not crediting her correctly. 

It’s a beautiful morning in Sunset Valley, Valverde.   The world appears to be peaceful as it is  just after the morning rush hour.  You can hear the low roar of ocean waves crashing against the soft sandy beaches and sweet sounds of swallows as they gather their families for the juicy gossip on the telephone wires.  No, not our gossip. Theirs. You know – like did you hear that  Chirpy McChatterbox was heard making amorous ticking sounds toward Hooty Howlin’ near the movie theater last weekend?  😉

While there are some clouds in sight, the skies are bright and beautiful.  Nothing can beat that tranquil blue!  I pause for a moment to drink in the sites, trying to ignore the Altos hideous Pepto-Bismol pink house on the hill. Tossing my empty paper cup  into the trash, I pop a mint to avoid coffee breath and head toward Central Park in downtown.

Gave my TS3 Simselfie a makeover… and put her in my favorite red plaid shirt. 🙂 Forgive what’s happening to Kass’ necklace here. I have no clue why it bugged out.

I caught up with the star  of The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright.  We met on a park bench near the pond. I have to say it is a unique experience chatting with a character I’ve created.

Lizzie:  Hey Kass. Thanks for making time for this.

Kass: Sure. It’s an honor to chat with you, Lizzie.

Lizzie: No, the honor is mine. You’ve really brought my vision to life, and you’ve had some excellent input of your own . You’ve really taken charge of your life.

Kass: (smiles shyly) Wow… really? Um… that’s great to… hear. I haven’t been too sure… about a lotta things lately.

Lizzie: Well, let’s dive right in. Hope you don’t mind the cameras.

Kass: Not at all. I’m kinda used to them by now.

Lizzie: Really? They’re kinda weird for me. (clears throat) Okay… so first question is from ajmkv, writer and host of  the popular competitive reality TV show, Kev & Get It.

Kass:  Wow! He is a KCLKF fan?  Love that show. Ayesh and I watch it almost as religiously as Specific Hospital.

Lizzie: (smirks) I know. I can’t get enough of the juicy juicy drama.

Kass: (tilts head) Really? You strike me as more of a thriller and suspense kind-of gal.

Lizzie: (grins sheepishly) Guilty pleasure. Actually… if I’m being honest… a pleasure, pleasure. Not guilty at all. I also like a good fantasy. You should check out Tales from Camelot. Fantasy mixed with some excellent suspense.

Kass:  (pulls out her phone) Bookmarking it now.

Lizzie: Alright… the questions – ajmkv says, “A lot happened to you in these (most recent) Arcs. Lots of emotion, both negative and positive. Trying to stay positive, what is it that you’re most looking forward to in the next few days?”

Her expression brightens. She looks relieved by the question. Her face lights up with a smile and a flush creeps into her cheeks.

Kass: I… I’m really happy with my new boyfriend. His name is Davis, as you know.  I couldn’t have gotten through what I did recently without him.

Lizzie: He did seem to help out a lot, especially during that harrowing night  at your house.

Kass: Yeah… that mess… (laughs awkwardly) I’m just hoping for some down-time… baseball-free… with Davis.

Lizzie: Next question is from MercuryFoam of the exciting supernatural  thriller, Between 2 Worlds.

Kass: (places hand on her stomach and gasps) Cool! I had no idea so many writers were into my story. And Between 2 Worlds is awesome!

Lizzie: (smiles) I know how much you like crime stories.

Kass: Are you kidding? I have a huge collection back at the house. I don’t have enough bookcases.

Lizzie: Tell me about it.  I think I need a whole room devoted to my behemoth library.

We both laugh lightly, completely at ease with one another. I couldn’t imagine a better person to carry out this story near and dear to my heart.

Lizzie: Actually whoops! Didn’t read my notes correctly.  Sorry about that.  Duvelina asks,  “Do you know what you want to study in college already?”

Kass: (cracks her knuckles) Heh… you’d think I would’ve made up my mind by now, right? I’m a down-to-the-wire kinda girl, you know.

Lizzie: Yes, I do. (points to self) Fatal flaw.

Kass: Yeah. I thought about business like Nonno.  Though flipping houses isn’t exactly what I’m thinking. Maybe something like business… law? I don’t know. (bites lower lip) Is that too ambitious?

Lizzie: Not at all. If you put your mind to it.

Kass: Thanks. I also thought about communications like you, or writing. I think I did pretty good at writing for the school paper. And I guess I could always teach.

Lizzie: Duvelina also asks… wow! I really didn’t read that right. Must not have had enough coffee this morning. Not a morning person.

Kass: Go by the Jolt later. Granny Jade will fix you up.

Lizzie: Thanks. Okay.  Duvelina’s question – “Where do you see yourself in  5 to 10 years? How do you feel about moving away from Sunset Valley for college?”

Kass: (smiles and scrunches her nose) Yeah, everyone’s kinda asking me that now days.  Standard adult question I guess.

Lizzie: Something like that.

Kass: I can definitely answer that last one. I am excited, but also nervous. I’ve wanted to go to Edgewater for the last four years of my life. Nonno is an alumnus and so is Davis. (flushes again) A lot of important people have graduated from there, and the town is home to my favorite Sim National football team.

Lizzie: (pumps fist in the air) Go Saints!

Kass:   I’m a little worried I’ll miss my friends… and my sisters… (expression sobers) Especially my sisters. I know how much they… uh… need me. But um… (rubs head) Five to ten years. That’s a long way out. I don’t know what I’m gonna have for dinner tomorrow night or where I might be crashing on the weekend. A lot’s going on around here. I don’t know if I can… answer that.   I mean, did you know what you wanted when you were my age?

Lizzie: (stops and thinks for a minute) I had ideas… I  planned on studying communications. I bounced around for a bit in college and came back to communications. No. I guess I didn’t know where I saw myself in five to ten years after college. Sure didn’t expect to be where I am now, but I’m blessed.

Lizzie: I can give you some advice. Don’t be afraid to experiment. To try new things and different things. Find a mentor. Someone who can help you talk through what you want, your interests, the future. Don’t worry too much about the people you leave behind. This is your time. Enjoy your uni years. They go by quick. Sometimes it takes awhile to know what you want.  You’ll figure it out, Kass. I believe in you.

Kass: Thank you.

Lizzie: I couldn’t ask for a better leading lady.

Kass: (puts hand to heart) I think that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.

Next I headed to Papyrus Memorial Library. Andi was there, studying. She pulled out her earbuds when I arrived.

Lizzie: What are you listening to?

Andi:  Tchaikovsky’s  Waltz of Flowers from The Nutcracker.  (smiles) It helps me concentrate. It’s early, but I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures.

Lizzie: Hey, no judging here. Today’s pretty nice though.

Andi: Really? (looks out the window) I’ve been cooped up in here for awhile. I saved up simos to get a laptop, but our internet at home is snail’s pace so I came here.

Lizzie: You can’t be studying, can you? School’s out.

Andi: Summer school. I’m taking Calc I and II just to get them over with.

Lizzie: (clicks her tongue) Ah. Math!

Andi: It’s not so bad. It’s actually kinda fun.

Lizzie: (laughs) Says you… that’s cool you saved up for a laptop.

Andi: Yeah, the next thing I want to do is save up to visit Liz Ridley’s restaurant in Brindleton Bay. That’ll be a good chunk of moula.

Lizzie:  Oh, she and I share the same name. And yes, I’ve heard her food is to die for!  Okay, hey, the reason I’m here is  your fans have asked some questions.

Andi: You mean someone likes my music?

Lizzie: Sort of. It’s from ajmkv: “What’s it like to be so wise? Tell me your secrets, queen!”

Andi: (throws hands in the air) Uh…. what? I’m not… wise… (blushes deeply) not like… wait… really? Someone said that about me?

Lizzie: (smiles and nods)

Andi: (gasps and gulps) Uh my secrets? I dunno… I’m just me…

Andi: (stands up abruptly and looks at her naked wrist) Uh… (forces a laugh) Would you look at the time? I just remembered I have brunch plans.

Lizzie: What about the question?

Andi: I don’t even know how to answer that.  (quickly gathers her personal items and makes an exit)

Next I managed to catch Ayesha walking out of Sharma Day Spa.

Lizzie: Hey girl!

Ayesha: (turns and grins) Hey Liz, what’s up?

Lizzie: Oh not too much. Staying busy. Working a lot. Trying to keep up with the fans.

Ayesha: Sounds rough. What can I do you for?

Lizzie: Ajmkv would like to know: “WHERE ARE YOU, GIRL? I miss you!” (arches her brows) Ooo… I hope I did that right. I think I was practically screaming.

Ayesha:  (smiles and scrunches her face) Aww I miss you too… wait… who are you?

Lizzie: Ajmkv. He’s one of your fans.

I gave Ayesha a lip piercing in the second story. Honestly, I forgot all about it until I had to transfer over my saved Sims from my old game and I noticed it.

Ayesha: Right…  (strikes a pose)  oh I’ve got so many fans. It’s hard to keep track. And where have I been? (runs hand through her hair)  I just got a lip piercing. What do ya think?

Lizzie: Uh…

Ayesha: So did I like forget to give him my digits or something?

Lizzie: I think he means since Kass is busy with Davis and family drama, and then the  break-in that happened the other night.

Ayesha: Oh my gawd! What break-in? I gotta go call Kass.  Seriously, you holding out on me, Liz?

Lizzie: (winces) Not intentionally.

Ayesha: Oh and if you see my Mama… you never saw (points at her mouth) This! Or my… uh… (looks down) crop top… or ripped jeans… actually… (lifts finger) better say you didn’t see me.

Lizzie: (pretends to zip lips) Your secret is safe with me.  And it looks fab!

Ayesha: (runs away and waves) Thanks, girl! Oh and feel free to give ajmkv my digits. He can call anytime.

I have no idea what my Simself was doing here. And here’s the unedited Molly, River, and Sandi.

Since it was lunchtime, I headed across the street to load up on the greasy goodness of Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner. Two words. Mozzarella balls. Take it from me. Try the Ranch. Not the marinara.

As I approach Gage, I recognize the two ladies he’s talking to as Molly French and River McIrish. The teen is carrying sweet baby Sandi.

Gage: Yes, and I just got accepted to Northwestern in Windy City.

This version of Gage is wearing glasses. Okay… I learned something new. He usually wears contacts, I guess. 😉

Lizzie: (pumps fist in the air and jumps up and down) Whoo! Whoo! Go  Wiley Wildcats!

Gage: (arches a brow) Uh yeah! Wildcats!

Lizzie: Sorry I’m in a school spirit mood today.

Molly: And you are?

Gage: This is Lizzie. We go way back. She gave me a chance in The Krazy Crazy Life

Lizzie: Yeah, Gage was the first character to crash my story. And  I let him.

Molly and River laugh awkwardly. They say goodbye. Now’s my chance to ask Gage some questions.

I have no idea why my Simself always looks gigantic. I’m not that tall. Haha.

Gage sneezes.

Lizzie: Ah, bless you. Someone is thinking of you.  Which is perfect… I have questions for you from fans.

Gage:  Sure.

Lizzie: First up from MercuryFoam – “You were determined to get to know your roots better, but when you confessed to Kass, you told her you were alright with staying put and not pursuing your studies in… was it Riverview?”

Gage: (interrupts) No, Windy City! How could you forget?  I’ve only wanted to go to Northwestern my whole life!

Lizzie: Uh… I’m not finished. (continues reading)  “Anyway, what made you suddenly realise your feelings for Kass and I must say it’s surprisingly strong if you could make that comment. So I’d like if you could explain that part too.”

Gage: (blushes) Oh yeah, well, I’ve known Kass for a really long time. She was my first friend in Sunset Valley, and the only kid who was kind to me at church and school. Kid… haha. We’re adults now.

Gage: (lifts hand) I think it was when we went to homecoming together last October. I don’t know. I’d never looked at her that way before, but she was beautiful. And well… (scratches back of head) I think I’ve always cared about her. I just didn’t really realize it until I knew we were both gonna be apart. I do want to meet my family and stuff, but I’d like to have some nice memories with Kass before she leaves and I leave. You know… and I think, we could be really good together. And sometimes people can make long distance work, right?

Lizzie: Next question from ajmkv – “What do you think of Madison? Or you at all interested in her? Or could you be if Kass said no to your advances?”

Gage: (waves arms) Wait… Kass said no?

Lizzie: I didn’t say that. Uh… she hasn’t answered you yet.

Gage: Why would she say no?

Lizzie: Gage, did you miss the question?

Gage: She isn’t going to say no is she?

Lizzie: (sighs and puts hands toward her chest) Gage, focus. The question. Madison???

Ah vanilla Sunset Valley! What wild patterns on that wall at the gym! And the room is so bare and empty.

Unfortunately, Gage wandered off muttering under his breath about calling Kass. Uh oh! I may have lit a fuse too early. It didn’t matter. After that deep-fried lunch, I was in the mood to work off some calories. I headed to 28-Hour Wellness Gym and ran into none other than Davis. He shyly told me he didn’t feel comfortable swimming in the Riviera’s pool so he worked out here at the public gym.

Davis: Hi Lizzie. It’s good to see you.

Kass: Yeah, good to see you too. I have a question for you from ajmkv.

Davis: Is that one of the guys who hangs out in the coffee shop?

Kass: A virtual reading circle actually.

Davis: Okay. Shoot.

Kass: Ajmkv asks – “What about Kass do you like the most so far? We’ve all noticed you staring at her in her swimsuit, at her luscious red hair, and her pretty face, but what would you pick as her best attribute?”

I was so mad! Hearts appeared around Lizzie and Davis. GAH! NO! Not cool. I even have a retuned attraction mod so I know when Sims hearts appear, they “really” like each other. Oh… well… I guess I have a type.  😳 This is even pre-Davis makeover. Haha.

Davis: Oh a gentleman never kisses and tells.

Lizzie: This isn’t about kissing. (suddenly a little flustered***) Who said anything about kissing?

Davis: I think it’s a bit personal,  but I’ll say this… Kass is more than her beauty. She’s a kind and intelligent woman who goes above and beyond for the people she cares about. I really like and admire her for that. And she’s close with her family. It’s really beautiful to watch. I’m not sure about her mom though. She’s… it’s not my place to judge actually.

Lizzie: So her best… attribute? (wondering if it’s hot in here all the sudden – all that pool humidity)

Davis: Definitely the way she takes care of others.

Note the danger! 🤭

I made a quick exit, suddenly feeling weird about shapes randomly appearing above my head. What next? Thought bubbles!

Before heading to the Fullbright-Riviera home, I had one more spot in downtown – Community School for the Gifted. Maybe I could take take a cool dip in the school pool. But before that, I poked my head into the janitor’s closet. Just to take a quick look around.

Lizzie: Ah ha!  Found you!

Clark: (startled, drops hands in lap) Don’t sneak up on a person like that, Liz.

Lizzie: Sorry. Uh hey… ajmkv would like to know – “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU SNEAKY SAUSAGE?” (rubs throat) Oh, that’s hard on the voicebox.  Do you have any water?

Clark: (looks confused) Sneaky? Sau-sage? (crosses arms and spins around on his stool)  No, I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer.

I head over to the Fullbright-Riviera residence. Carina is just getting home from her afternoon shift at the movies. She picked up a second summer job at Wilsonoff Community Theater, saving money for some concert tickets that she and her bestie want to attend.  She motions to the adjacent lounge chair. As I sit down, I notice Cari was kind enough to bring us snacks.

Cari: Andi said you were in town.

Lizzie: Thanks for the soda.

Cari: What? No popcorn!

Lizzie: No… yuck!  No offense. But I hate butter popcorn.

Cari: (sighs) You and Kass both.

Carina took a phone call. How rude, right? A Sim wouldn’t stay where she was supposed to. *face palm*

Lizzie:  Carina, will you get off the phone so I can ask you a question?

Cari: And you’re not gonna believe it, Lisa! We had an INTRUDER! Twice. I thought I would lose my mind, but Kass like tore off after the guy like a mamma bear protecting cubs. I thought she’d break her ankle running down that hill. Oh and Kass’ new guy is really cool. He stayed and made sure we were all okay.

Lizzie: Cari!

Cari: Wait, omg! I didn’t tell you. Yeah, Kass is dating this dish. He’s super hot and…

Lizzie: (clears throat) CARINA!

Cari: (turns around and glares) Oh, gotta go Lisa. Somebody’s in need of something… I know… again.

Lizzie: (shakes head)

Cari: What is it? Make it snappy. I’m in demand.

Lizzie: Do you mind answering a question from a reader?

Cari: Make it quick. I got things to do. Namely like have you heard the dish on the Villareals lately?  It may be a work of fiction, but I don’t care. This is juicy stuff.  I, for one, want to know if Hugo is ever going to find out what’s going on with Nelson.

Lizzie: (giggles) I wonder that too, but Cari, focus, girl. Okay… ajmkv would like to know… “Are you upset that you’ve had to take a caretaking role in your household? Buying the groceries and things like that, I mean. Do you wish Kass and/or Andi should help out a little bit more or do you not mind doing these things?”

Cari: (rolls eyes)  Like for reals? I am invaluable around here and I put in soooooo much effort and do I ever get thanked for it? Like no… like never!

Lizzie: Cari that wasn’t the question.

So I asked my real-life sister, whom Carina is based on, which of the Too Good at Goodbye characters she found attractive. I just showed her pictures and she picked Hugo.

Cari: I know, right? So I wish my sisters wouldn’t be so obsessed with their boy toys, but whachagonnado? They’re at that age. (looks at her nails)

Lizzie: (beneath her breath) You’re at that age!

Cari: I guess I have to live vicariously through my magazines. Hugo. He’s got a lot of loving, but man, is he nice to look at!

Lizzie: (looks away thinking about her “weird” connection earlier) Uh….

Cari: Okay, I’ll say this. (straightens in seat) Kass isn’t half bad and she does do stuff… sometimes. (glares) But don’t tell her I said that!

The day and my questions are drawing to a close. Cari told me that her mamma was most likely sleeping all day again, even though it was nearly four in the afternoon.  I hesitated when I heard sniffling.

Lizzie: Amy?

Amy: (muffled) What? Who is it? Go away?

Lizzie: Amy, it’s me. Lizzie. I have some questions from readers for you.

Amy: (gasps) Readers? Is that like some cult thing? Palm readers? Mind readers? Not interested.

Lizzie: No… not a cult. A club. Or a circle. That is…  uh readers… like people who read stories, you know?

Amy: Not now, Lizzie. I’m not decent. Um… and why are they reading about me?

Lizzie: Are you willing to answer their questions?

Amy: Like what?

Lizzie: Let’s start with something light and fun. Mercuryfoam asks: “Sorry for super personal and intrusive question, but am I right to assume Clark the first man you’ve been with since Howard?”

Amy: (straightens immediately)  That is very personal. Yes. He’s the first man I’ve dated since my ex.

Lizzie: Okay, continuing… “Why do you find him attractive? (Besides his accent and guitar playing ofc).”

Amy: What accent? (sighs and rubs her face) I’m getting a headache. Can you hurry this up?

Lizzie: But you didn’t answer the question.

Amy: I don’t know why this is important. I’m tired. I need to get some things done today. Okay uh…  (shakes head) Clark takes good care of me. And my girls. They don’t see that yet, but he does and he will. He’s a good man. They just need to give him a chance.

Lizzie: Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but that’s better than nothing. Okay, next question. ajmkv asks: “What was running through your mind after THAT confrontation with Andi? Was it like your body took over?”

Amy: (softly starts crying)

Lizzie: (sighs and silently leans into the wall) Amy, are you okay?

Amy: (snaps)  I don’t have to justify myself to you! Or to anyone! Oh! (covers her face)

Lizzie: Amy, will you let me in?

Forgive my laziness. I didn’t reset up the Amy’s room like it was before. Nor did I add curtains everywhere. Eek!

After what feels like eternity, Amy opens the door and lets me walk into the bedroom. She explains that it’s very plain right now because she’s redecorating. A minimalist. I guess I hit the set later on in the story. I don’t really pay any attention to the surroundings. I’m more concerned about the woman who is obviously in pain.

Amy: I’m so ashamed. I hit my own daughter. Now they all hate me and they’ll probably never come back. Oh what have I done?

Lizzie: Hey now… it’s okay. Cari is actually out on the porch.

Amy: She is? Oh… don’t let her see me. I’m a terrible mother.

Lizzie: (sighs) I’m not a mother unless you count four cats.

Amy: (peeks out from behind her hand) You have four cats?

No clue what happened to her nightgown there. 😅

Lizzie: (half-smiles and sits on the bed) Yeah, but the point is, I’m not a mother so I don’t fully understand the pressure you’re under, but I know it’s a lot. And I think you’re trying and maybe someone like Clark is…try-ing… to help ease the burden, hmm?

Amy: Yeah, he is pretty helpful. The girls don’t know it yet, but he’s really good with kids. Kind. Patient. A good provider. I… miss… that around here. I feel like I’ve slowly lost myself over the years and he’s helping me come back. And now I just lost it last night when someone violated our home, and I was scared. I wasn’t thinking.

Lizzie: You were concerned and scared last night. I get it.

Amy: (buries her face in her hands) That’s no excuse for violence. My mamma never hit me.

Lizzie: I’m sure the girls will forgive you.

Amy: (whispers) I hope so.

Again… towering Lizzie for the win! Don’t worry. I fixed it after this scene.

Lizzie: It’s gonna be okay, Amy. You’ll work things out with them in time.

Amy: Isn’t that a spoiler?

Lizzie: (smirks and looks at her shoes) Yeah, maybe it is. I don’t care. I think it’s okay to give the readers some hope.

Amy: (hugs herself) Yeah, alright. Hey, you wanna stay for dinner?

Lizzie: What’s for dinner?

Amy: Waffles.

Lizzie: (laughs) Sure, I’ve heard all about Amy’s famous burnt waffles.

Author Notes: That’s all for now, folks! Thanks for reading. Feel free to send more questions if you like.   What other things would you like to see? Would you like to see more interviews? More of my TS3 Simselfie running around? A sneak peek at my character and townie makeovers? Shorts in the KCLKF world? I’m enjoying messing around in my game.  

Interlude: Confession (Gage)

Tuesday, June 3, 2415, C.E. | Sunset Valley, Valverde 

Gage flopped over on his bed, dropping an arm lazily behind his head on the pillow. He couldn’t sleep. He hadn’t even changed from out of his clothes. Maybe if he put on pajamas and actually got under the covers he could sleep. Somehow he doubted that simple act would actually help.

He had an argument with Kass again. It was a bad one. Was he an idiot? He didn’t really think she didn’t care about him and his plans, his family and his future, right? Gage rubbed his eyes and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He glanced at the clock. One minute after midnight. Reaching for his phone, he checked to see if he had any missed calls. Or text messages? He grimaced. Not a single one.

Slipping his feet into his boots, he re-laced his shoes and stepped out of his bedroom into the hallway. Maybe he should go over there. This conversation would be best face to face. He needed her. He needed Kass in his life. One way or another. He was half-in-love with her, he thought. Every time he was around her, she made him smile and feel good and feel important.

Gage stopped his progress down the hallway when he heard voices. His foster parents. Arguing. He frowned, and leaned over the railing, the light of the entryway drifting upward and illuminating his face.

“Pablo? Do you really have to go?” Jennifer was asking.

“Jen, they call. I go. It’s that simple,” Pablo replied.

From the shuffling sounds, Gage guessed his foster dad was collecting his gear to leave for the firehouse.

“But it’s your night off,” Jennifer protested.

“And the chief called me in so I go,” Pablo said, simply. “It’s a fire at the school, Jen. It could be bad.”

“But it’s the middle of the night and the start of summer. Who could possibly be there?”

“You’re right. But just in case, I go.”

“This is the fifth time you’ve been called in on your time off. You don’t think it’s him again?” Jennifer sounded almost panicked.

Him? Gage frowned. What was his foster mom referring to?

“If it was, I can’t talk about it,” Pablo said, kissing Jennifer’s cheek and walking out the door.

What was she so worried about? Pablo was doing his job. True, it was strange that he was called in so frequently when he was supposed to be at home. Seventy-two hours on. Forty-eight hours off. That was the schedule for as long as Gage could remember. His parents didn’t see each other much as is. He hoped this wasn’t a sign they were headed for trouble, but as they argued more and more frequently, he figured they were already there.

Gage slipped back into his bedroom and waited until he heard his foster mom climb the stairs and shuffle into her own room. When he passed by her door, he could hear her praying in hushed Atalaz. He recognized a few words. Protection. Safety. Arsonist. 

Arsonist? He grimaced.  Could they be referencing that guy who was lighting fires for fun in public buildings all over town back when he first moved to Sunset Valley? It was the same year Jennifer had transferred to legal aid and out of the district attorney’s office. At the time, Gage didn’t understand, but the arson case cost Jennifer her fancy job because of lack of evidence, he thought. He rubbed the back of his head, hopping into his car.

Out of curiosity, he drove past all the schools in town, starting with the public, to check on his foster dad. He wanted to make sure Pablo was safe. Like what could I do? Gage thought, snapping off the radio as he pulled up along the curbside where his foster father’s company engine sat. Pablo was loading equipment back on the truck.

“What are you doing here, mi hijo?” Pablo inquired.

Gage shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep,” he shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket. A partial truth. “I saw your truck. What’s going on?”

“False alarm,” Pablo replied. “Some wires sent a bad signal.”

“That why you got called in?” Gage followed up.

Pablo arched a brow. “You’ve been talking to your mama.”

“Naw…” Gage shook his head. “Just wondering. Thought it was your night off.”

“It was, but…” Pablo dropped his voice as other firefighters approached. “I…they thought it was something else… it’s nothing…” he forced a strained smile. “Go home, Gage. I’ll see you in the morning. I’ll make crepes.”

Gage returned to his vehicle, but instead of going home, drove up the hill to Kass’ home. It was well after midnight now, but knowing Kass, she was probably still awake. He pulled up to the curb outside her house and texted. After no response, he noticed the lights were still on downstairs. He walked over to the door, up the steps, and knocked. What am I thinking? It’s late. I should just go… I should go home like dad suggested… 


The front door cracked open, and he saw the sleepy face of Carina.

“Hey Cari,” he began. “Sorry if I woke you up.”

“It’s nothing,” she shrugged. “I was awake. Mamma and Kass are still out and I can never sleep until I know everyone’s home.”

Really? Kass is still out? Out where? 

“She’s with Ayesha,” Cari added. “Did you call?”

“Yeah,” he looked down at his shoes, feeling stupid.

“You want to come in? I could make tea,” Cari offered.

“No, that’s okay,” he said, feeling like it was a wasted trip. “You have a good night, Carina.” He started down the steps.

“Hey Gage?” she called after him.


“I forgot to tell you congrats the other night at graduation… so… um… congratulations!”

Gage broke into a smile. “Thanks.”

She shut the door. He sighed, looking up at the stars. Kass was still out with Ayesha. That made him feel a little better. Still… he realized how much he missed her when she wasn’t around. Like his heart ached a little. I love you, Kass.  Gage walked around to the back of the house and plopped into the patio chairs. Maybe they would think he was a stalker, but he wanted to wait. To make sure Kass got home safely. She still wasn’t answering his text messages. Where are you?

He didn’t have to wait long. Within fifteen minutes, the family car pulled into the carport. He figured that was Kass, and if he knew her like he thought he did, she’d come around to the back door rather than going in the front. Sure enough she did. He frightened her more than he intended when he walked up on the porch. After a moment, she asked what he was doing there, and he said he was awake because of her. Maybe it was a dumb segue, but it was true. He had been thinking about her since the argument. It was high past time he told her the truth. She looked so shocked so he rushed through his next words quickly.

“I need you in my life, Kass, and if that means, not going to Windy City, then I won’t go. I realized you’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to real family. I don’t need to go to Windy City to know that, to experience family. I have family right here. Pablo and Jennifer would’ve adopted me had we not had so many issues with the papers before I turned eighteen and well, they’ve treated me alright and brought me up okay. After all my foster care homes, they were amazing. And you, you’ve been my friend from the beginning for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how to say this, Kass, but I care too much about you to lose you and to go off to some different university. I was thinking. I could come with you… with your dad.”

She looked startled.

“You need moral support and I want to go with you and you will regret it if you don’t go. And I was thinking we could go together to see my family. Then you’d get to meet them too and see for yourself. I want to be with you, and I want you to…” he stopped. “Say something.”

Did I ruin it? Did I say too much? I just said I loved her and rushed into everything else. She’s going to think I’m crazy. Kass replied by telling him she couldn’t give him an answer tonight. He had been so hopeful, but he wasn’t truly sure what he was hoping for. That she’d say she loved him too? That she’d want to go out with him? That she’d want to be his girlfriend? Ask him to stay? Kiss him with those soft peachy lips of hers? A guy can dream. He tucked his head, feeling almost embarrassed to have thought about her lips.

“Well yeah, I mean, I didn’t know you felt this way,” she replied.

“I didn’t either… I mean… I did… but well… oh boy!” Gage rushed his words so she wouldn’t say something he didn’t want to hear. “I didn’t know how to tell you. I didn’t want to pressure you or make you feel weird. I also was mad at you. I mean, you haven’t been supportive of me leaving, but then I thought… maybe you felt like I was abandoning you. Maybe you felt betrayed. Maybe you thought I was giving up on you. Then I thought, maybe you felt that way because you cared about me too… you loved me.”

“I do love you, Gage,” Kass said, but he could hear the hesitation in her tone. “As a friend. You’ve always been my friend. Honestly, I haven’t thought about you as more than that.”


“I just have always accepted you as Gage… my Gage… my good friend… my best friend…”

“I get the picture,” Gage cut her off as he realized this was fast going where he didn’t want it to go.

“Gage, I didn’t mean I don’t… I can’t… I won’t have feelings for you. I just have a lot going on in my life right now to sort through. I’m sorry for hurting you and for confusing you and for getting so angry. You’re right. I was feeling a little betrayed when you made plans without me, when you changed plans on me. You’ve always been there for me as long as I can remember. Even before Ayesha was my friend, you were there. I always was scared social services would come and take you far away from Sunset Valley, that you’d meet your real family and well… leave me. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Gage. You are my best friend. I need you too, just maybe not the same way you’re thinking right now…I don’t know what to think or what to feel right now. I’m confused. I’m a little lost. I need time. I don’t want to hurt you, Gage,” her voice cracked. “Can you give me some time to sort through some stuff?”

“Yeah,” he said, stiffening as he suppressed his hurt feelings, promising to always be there.

“I know,” she offered weakly like a pathetic consolation prize.

He didn’t need one. He bid her goodnight and walked down the steps, deciding that he shouldn’t hug her. If he embraced her, he would lean into her hair and cry… or kiss her… he wasn’t sure which one he wanted to do more. He let his heart out on his sleeve, and she didn’t exactly crush him, but she didn’t affirm him… not really. Gage slipped into his vehicle, turned the key, and drove down the street as the engine roared to life. Once at the bottom of the hill, he pulled over to the side of the road, out of view of her house, and dropped his head against the wheel.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. I wanted to fill in the gaps a bit, and explain what’s going on in Gage’s mind. I also wanted to show some crossover and the effects of Kass and Ayesha’s little escapade in the high school. And add more Pablo and Jennifer. Hope you enjoyed, even if this chapter was bittersweet. More bitter for Gage than sweet. :/ 

1.11 Spy (KCLKF)

Tuesday, June 3, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Valverde 

“What are we doing here?”

Ayesha nudged her friend’s arm. Kass made a silence motion over her lips as she edged around the side of the Community School for the Gifted main building. Upon driving home, she spotted Clark Sauer’s truck and decided to stop and investigate. Kass really had no good reason to spy on her mother’s beau, but she wanted answers for the strange conversation she overheard in the park.

There was a ladder in the alley that gave roof access, and from there, it was a quick walk across the flat roof to the windows above the gym. The girls had slipped into the school through the singular window with a broken latch, the one that had yet to be replaced after it snapped off due to a one-in-a-million volleyball spike. Ayesha sneaked into the school a few times, but this was the first time Kass actually attempted anything remotely bad.

“You’re going to wear off your goodie-two-shoes shine,” her friend teased as they descended on the climbing wall.

“So what?” Kass leaped the final four feet to the ground, and brushed the chalk dust from her fingers, remnants of earlier climbers. “Maybe I want to.”

Ayesha stepped down onto the mat below. “You know this is trespassing, right?”

“I’m well aware of what it is,” Kass said, an edge to her tone.

“And you still want to go through with this?”


“Okay, then, I’ll show you where they keep the good snacks,” Ayesha smirked, and seeing Kass’s odd look, she added, “In the teacher’s lounge, of course.”

Kass slipped across the gymnasium floor, and peeked out the little door windows before stepping out into the hallway. It had been less than a week since she was here, even longer for Ayesha, but nonetheless, everything looked smaller to her now. Grey metal lockers lined the walls, occasionally broken up by classroom doors, or a bulletin board. The “Congratulations Graduating Class of ’15” banner still hung across the hallway, the gold edging along the red lettering sparkling in the dimly lit room. A few green emergency bulbs and a long fluorescent ceiling strip at the end of the hall were the only light for their path. That was okay. Kass knew the school pretty well.

“This way,” she said.

“Teacher’s lounge is the other way,” Ayesha pointed over her shoulder.

“I told you. I’m here about a janitor,” Kass replied, narrowing her eyes as she started down the hallway.

“Who cares about the night janitor?” Ayesha scoffed. “The only things I ever found in the janitor’s closet were those frozen burrito things and a yogurt.”

“We’re not here for snacks,” Kass said, feeling along the sides of the lockers as she counted.

One-thirty-eight. One-thirty-nine. One-forty. One-forty-one. One-forty… 

“‘Sides, we just ate, Ayesha,” she remarked. “One-forty-four.”

“What?” Ayesha shrugged.

“My old locker,” Kass said, her eyes shining as she reached for the combination lock. “I bet they haven’t changed it yet.”

Sure enough… they hadn’t, because she was able to unlatch the locker after flicking the dial around a few times. She opened, and reached for the top shelf.

“What are you messing around for?” Ayesha frowned. “You cleaned it out before you left right? Ooo…” she fiddled with the dial of the locker next to Kass and the door popped open. “…but this person didn’t,” she grinned. “Jackpot!”

Ayesha pulled out a stack of magazines, a small handheld bejeweled mirror, and a row of smiley face stickers.

“Hey,” she leafed through one of the magazines. “I bet I can even find out why Graham and Kelly broke up in here.”

“Be serious!” Kass replied, shutting her locker door. “I found what I was looking for.”

“Okay, but I’m keeping the mirror,” Ayesha shoved the thing in her back pocket as she tossed the magazine into the locker. “What were you looking for anyhow?”

“Bobby pins. I knew I probably left a stray one or two here.”

“What do you need bobby pins for?”

Kass didn’t answer. Ayesha grabbed her arm with a semi-worried look on her face.

“Are you breaking and entering?”

Kass shrugged. “We’re already trespassing.”

Ayesha grinned slyly. “Oh, Kass, you sneaky dirty dog!”

“Seriously?” Kass wrinkled her nose. “I prefer clean, resourceful kitty.”

Ayesha covered her mouth to smother a laugh. The girls walked around the corner and followed the hallway to another intersection, turned right, and then walked down a flight of stairs before reaching the janitor’s closet. Kass explained at this time of night Clark was most likely cleaning the cafeteria on the other side of school.

“And why do we care?” Ayesha rolled her eyes.

“This guy is dating my mamma,” Kass replied, reaching for the closet door, locked as expected. She knelt down on the floor, pulling a bobby pin or two from her pocket and began fiddling with the lock. “You keep watch.”

“How do you know how to do this?” Ayesha asked, craning her neck to see if anyone was coming.

Crime Catchers,” Kass replied, a bobby pin perched between her teeth. “And it’s harder than it looks.”

“Let me try,” Ayesha nudged Kass. “If anyone knows how to unlock a door, I should. I mean, how many times have I raided my parents’ liquor cabinet or broken into the garage so I could borrow the beamer?”

Kass traded places with her friend. She rubbed her arms even though she wasn’t cold.

“This is kinda exciting, isn’t it?”

Ayesha nodded. “Almost there…”

They heard the latch click. Both exchanged glances of happiness and surprise before slipping into the closet. Kass pulled the overhead chain and a small amount of light flooded the space. As expected, the room had mostly cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, trash cans, a mini refrigerator, microwave, and a schedule log hanging from the wall on a clipboard. Ayesha helped herself to a soda, a Dr. Ahhh! and asked if Kass wanted one. She shook her head. She didn’t want to leave a lot of evidence or make it appear like something was missing.

“Suit yourself,” Ayesha popped open the snap top and leaned against the shelving.

Kass leaned in to examine the schedule with its hours listed for each of the district’s janitors, including Clark Sauer.

“What’s this name?” she frowned, moving her fingers down the sheet. “Hunter?”

Ayesha leaned in and squinted. “I think it says Hunter, but it’s crossed out.”

“I know it’s crossed out,” Kass answered. “But look at the hours… same time as Sauer, except Sauer is penciled in.”

“Beats me,” Ayesha shrugged, taking a sip of her drink. “What? You think you’ve uncovered something devious?”

Kass frowned. “No… not really… I just… it’s odd, right?”

“People take each others’ shifts all the time,” Ayesha said. “It’s not that unus…”

Kass reached over and flicked off the light and covered her friend’s mouth. “Do you hear that?”

“Hear wha?” Ayesha said, muffled by Kass’ hand.

In the distance, they could hear whistling, followed by shuffling, like footfalls on the steps. Kass’ heart began racing. If they were discovered in the closet, they’d have a lot of explaining to do.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. So this chapter I envisioned in my mind in the first draft but scrapped the whole side mystery thing, figuring I had enough stuff going on in the story already. But I liked the original idea so much I decided this time to keep it. We see a bit of the brave side of Kass, and maybe a bit of the daring, bold side of her too. Ayesha, of course, was along for the ride, and this was a fun chapter to write. Since I didn’t have screenshots from the first edition, I kept it pictureless at the beginning here. I did have fun trying to imagine Ayesha and Kass covered in blue dye. Hope you enjoyed. 

Prologue, Part 5: Family History (KCLKF)

Friday,  May 27, 2415 C.E.| Sunset Valley, Valverde

My life would not be complete without its share of adversity. I could gloss over how difficult life became for my family, and yet it is part of my childhood and history. Most people want to hide their dirt and secrets, but I think our struggles have made me a stronger person, and shaped the woman I am today. 

While my parents were separated, they were still married.  Mamma returned to work, obtaining a position at Community School for the Gifted, and she enrolled my sisters and I in our respective grades. Of course, private school educations cost money… as do feeding, clothing, and caring for three growing girls. I needed braces. Carina broke her arm playing soccer. Andi begged for piano lessons. Dad went to Sun Valley Bank to ask for a loan to help cover the costs. 


That was the day he met Kate. She was beautiful, wealthy, and successful, and most importantly, she knew how to invest. It was a day that changed our lives forever. Dad began attending the free financial help workshops offered by the bank.

When Kate left the bank to start her own investment firm, she invited my father to attend her company’s, Money Farm financial seminars. Dad dreamed of starting his own catering company. Kate claimed that traveling to the various seminars all over the country was a good way to network and generate business. 

This was not the only reason Dad began traveling for work. On the nights when my siblings and I stayed over at his tiny apartment, we could hear him whistling in the shower and he would sing in the kitchen when he made meals. He smiled more than I ever remember him smiling, but this wasn’t because of my mamma. It was because of Kate. She made my dad’s life so much better… and our life, much worse. 


The Christmas Eve after my twelfth birthday, Dad attended the holiday party at Money Farm with Kate. They found themselves eating alone , or so my dad told us, after all the guests had gone. They’d both been so busy that they hadn’t had a moment to eat during the actual event. They were eating and talking and laughing… and one thing led to another, as it always does. My dad and Kate ended up in a hotel room. I don’t need to tell you what happened. I’m pretty sure you know.

I’ll never forget how we found out the truth. Dad was supposed to come and take my sisters and I out for ice cream after supper. Mamma was in a good mood. She turned on the radio while she made waffles, and for once, they were not burnt. The song, Cheeky Monkey was playing, and we all started dancing in the hallway. The tune was catchy. We were laughing and singing when he walked in the front door… with her. 


The bomb we had been waiting for came and detonated. Life, as we knew it, fragmented. My stomach dropped out like it does when you turn a corner too tightly on a roller coaster and you feel like throwing up all that cotton candy you just ate. Mamma told him whatever he had to say he could say it in front of all of us. “There’s no use hiding it,” she had said. 

Dad asked my mamma for an official divorce. Andi cried. Cari demanded to know if he loved the woman. I stood stoically while my father explained how he didn’t love my mom anymore, but he still loved us. He looked at me for some reason as if expecting me to say something. I said the only thing I could think of – “No going back?” 

Dad didn’t answer, just picked up his suitcase, but there were tears in his eyes. He kissed Carina and Andromeda on their heads and moved to hug me. I turned my back on him. I remember the door clicking into place as my dad sadly left the house. That was the last time I saw him.

Since he left, things haven’t been easy, but they haven’t been terrible either. It could have been a lot worse. I knew kids in school who were constantly shuffled back and forth between parents on opposite sides of the country. While my dad stayed in town, he did not contest when my mother asked for full custody. I know kids in school who cried while cleaning out their lockers because their parents could no longer afford to send them to private school because of the divorce. They were forced to leave their homes and friends, and we never saw them again. While mamma struggled from time to time, things never got so bad for us that it felt hopeless. My grandparents helped out my mamma wherever they could and ensured my sisters and I receive a good education. I could stay at my school, with my friends, and in our home. I am grateful because I would not be where I am today without their support. Adversity taught me to be resilient, something I hope to carry over into college and all of life… 

Author Notes: Thanks for reading! This is around the original end of the Prologue from the first edition. Much was updated, and I broke up the prologue into five parts mostly for length purposes. One major thing I changed was Howard and Amy separated before divorcing, and Howard was living on his own when he had an affair with Kate. It still doesn’t change things, but it makes more sense for my original direction for KCLKF. My own parents split up for different reasons, but they were actually separated for years before they finalized their divorce. I didn’t want to take years in the case of Howard and Amy, but I decided to have Kass’ dad live on his own for a time. I also changed what year they separated – after Kass turned 12 instead of 13. 

In the original game, I played around with settings and tested out options. I hired a maid for the family temporarily until I realized I couldn’t afford it. Kate was the family maid. I tweaked her appearance as she’s a townie and moved her into her own place (and she took a whopping 15K with her when she left the Fullbright family. I realized there was more to her character.

I saw her in town another day and she had started work in business. Howard followed her and autonomously asked her to “hang out.” She called him on another day and autonomously asked her on a date. It was the first time I had a player-controlled Sim end up with a “naughty reputation.” Obviously, I went with a much different story line than what happened in game, but the Sims laid the groundwork for Howard’s affair as his relationship with Amy was low at the time also.

Hope you enjoyed! I look forward to editing and re-releasing  more KCLKF chapters. Join me tomorrow for another KCLKF chapter. 

Prologue, Pt. 1: Family History (KCLKF)

Friday,  May 27, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Valverde

Green. She liked green. Kassiopeia “Kass” Fullbright fiddled with the edge of her bright mint tee shirt as the fabric fell over her stomach and brushed the edges of her jeans. She rolled out of bed like she did every morning. She got dressed like she did every day. Yet today something was different. Today she was finished with senior year. Yesterday she had completed her last final as a high school student. Somehow that made even her favorite shirt feel even more special.

As she stood before the mirror, Kass removed her hair tie from her wrist and pulled her hair back into a high ponytail.  There. That was better.  She loved her hair. It reminded her of falling autumn leaves, a golden red,  curling above her waist line, bouncing buoyantly as she walked. No one else in her immediate family or preceding generations possessed red hair, as far as she was aware. It gave a whole new meaning to ‘crowning glory.’

Does it make me conceited?  She twisted her lower lip, looking away from her reflection. To think my hair is beautiful?  I’m not all that thrilled with my Albergian complexion… too pale… and my Éirelan freckles… too many… and my Avalon nose… too narrow. Her elbows were too bony. Her derriere was too big. Her collarbone was too pronounced. It was normal to be self-conscious, right?  Kass glanced at the painting above her bed depicting the scene of a fiery-haloed hero taming a golden dragon. If only she possessed that kind of confidence…  How will I ever survive college? 

She exhaled, smoothing her shirt over her abdomen. Breathe, Kass, breathe. Be cool. Minty cool green. She clicked her tongue and gave herself a thumbs-up. Is that silly?  She whirled from the mirror, trekking across the wooden floorboards of her bedroom, her right teal flip flop finding a familiar squeak. She smiled wistfully. She would miss the creaks and groans of this old house.

In a few months, she would be leaving for university on the other side of the country, forced to step outside the comfort zone of her home and the bubble of Sunset Valley. She would trade her burgeoning seaside Valverden city for the green rolling hills and misty swamps of Edgewater Township, home to Edgewater Global University.  But she wouldn’t be attending her dream school if she couldn’t finish her scholarship essay. It was due in nine weeks. Nine weeks? Kass sighed. For a perfectionist, it didn’t feel long enough.

Since it was Friday mid-morning, no one else was home. Her mother was at work, teaching fifth grade at the Community School for the Gifted, and her sisters were in class, ninth and tenth grade to be precise. They still had another week of classes left before summer vacation. Kass wandered downstairs to the kitchen, setting up her Bodkin laptop from PeachySoft. The computer had been an early graduation present from her mamma. Kass tapped the dark hickory dining table in a consistent rhythm as she stared down the directions for her scholarship essay.

Write a personal statement highlighting your family values. Discuss your cultural and ethnic background and your personal principles for living. Explain what makes your family unique. 

Writing an essay shouldn’t be difficult. Language arts was her best subject and her easiest class. Yet somehow Kass felt like her writing for university should stand apart from her writing for secondary school. Her essay needed to ascend to new heights as her expectations would now be higher, and university classes would subsequently be harder than high school.

Ever since she had received the email, she had fretted over it for the past week. Her homeroom teacher encouraged her to “write what you know.” Her mother told her to write down her story. “Mamma, I don’t have a story,” Kass protested earlier this morning. Her mother merely smiled, kissing her eldest daughter on the forehead and replied, “Everyone has a story, gattina, write yours.”  Kass moved her finger over the mouse , clicked on her file titled “Notes,” enabled “Track Changes,” and began adding the line…

Author NoteHi everyone, I’m excited to present my 2nd edition of The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright. As I previously mentioned, I am rewriting parts of KCLKF, adding content from my original outline, updating my writing, adding dates, and changing to third person tense. Hopefully, this will enable a more enjoyable and entertaining story as I feel my writing has improved and I have a better grasp of what I am trying to accomplish. I have shortened chapters (for the most part) to make things more readable and to highlight the changes more efficiently. For example, the prologue will now move in several parts, this post serving as part one. Additionally, I would like to note I did not retake screenshots from the game for this version of the story, but I am using previously unused screenshots to add to the story. 

What has changed from that first version? Kass begins this story by attempting to write an essay to receive a scholarship to her dream school. I’ve also added more detail about her person initially (i.e. favorite color, her insecurities, her nerves, her perfectionism, etc.).  When I created Kass, I modeled her after a younger version of myself, though with great liberties and many, many changes. I shared this in my Purple Day post in December 2017 and it explains who and what Kass is to me… a quote from author Taylor Houston… 

Autobiographical fiction is primarily comprised of made up events and characters that may be based on the author’s own experience and self. The protagonist might be modeled after the author and do at least some of the things the author has actually done in his or her life. However, the ratio of truth to fiction will be somewhat small.

Kass is set to attend Edgewater Global University in the fall of 2415 (instead of Edgewater Global Business College). The city where the university is located has been renamed to Edgewater Township, and it functions as a unincorporated town adjacent to the city of Edgewater.

In my first draft, Kass had more insecurities about her body image. This is actually a topic I am passionate about, as the summer before I left for college, I was super skinny. And then the stress of my first two years of college compiled my insecurities and I became too skinny. Now a decade later, I am anything but a tiny woman, and I love myself. It took a long time to reach this place, and I felt it realistic for Kass to be concerned with some of the same things at her young age. The only thing I can say on the topic is love who you are… all of who you are – when you look in the mirror, remember you are beautiful

Additional Recent Edits:  Each month’s name corresponds to an astrological sign.  The Simterran year is composed of 13 28-day months and 1 “extra day” at the end of every year). 

Before Sims lived on Simterra, they originated on Eorthe (Earth). An Eorther is a child of Earth. An Eorthin is a descendant of Earth, meaning the individual was not born on Earth, but has Eorther parents. Eorthe is often referenced as the Old World. Sims lived in the fictional Simse, a city-state located in the Alps region of Europe, near the German border. Think Lichtenstein or Luxembourg, but city-states like Monaco or Vatican City.  

In an effort to de-Simifying everything for added realism, I am renaming countries, people groups, etc. 

Simakin specifically refers to people who are descendants of both Simlanders and Avellens (like Anglo-Saxons). Bernish refers to the Northern Peoples in Hibernia and Éirelan refers to the Southern Peoples. Simlandish is the parents language of Simlish. 

Valverde replaces Califorsimia. The reason for this change is Valverde means “green valley.”  Like California, Valverde is a state in the SimNation on the Western coast. 

Thanks for reading!