Family Tree (Non-Spoilers)

Kassiopeia ‘Kass’ Fullbright is the protagonist of the Kassiopeia Fullbright Story Series (KFSS).

  • daughter of divorced parents, Amy Riviera and Howard Fullbright
  • older sister of Carina and Andromeda Fullbright
  • close with her maternal grandparents, Adelaide Clayton Riviera and Raphael Riviera
  • remembers her paternal great-grandmother, Celestia Silverton Antonelli Riviera (a former star of the Silver Screen)

A few other worthy notes:

  • Raphael is one of the last living descendants of the Lombardis, a wealthy Romalian   family, mostly known for being one of the founding families of Simterra.
  • Adelaide’s parents, Victoria Dale Clayton and Arthur Maxwell Clayton  worked in factories in Bridgeport before and during the Second Xeno War.
  • Kass’ paternal grandmother, Penny died before she was born. Penny was married to Bill Fullbright before she was widowed in middle age and adopted Howard.
  • Amy’s younger brother, Agostino ‘Tino’ died when he was very young, and this seriously affects Amy’s mental health state even in adulthood.
  • Rafe has a younger sister, Marguerita ‘Rita’ Riviera (not pictured).
  • Adelaide has a younger brother, Robert Clayton (not pictured), married to Chelsea, and they live on a farm.
  • William ‘Bill’ Fullbright is Penny’s late husband (who died a few months after Howard’s adoption). He is actually Barnacle Bill from Barnacle Bay (as is Penny Annon).
  • Katelyn ‘Kate’ Pistachio (not pictured) is Howard’s girlfriend and the woman he left his wife for before the start of the story.
  • Celestia’s hair in KCLKF is pictured as red (her natural color), but later in life (as featured in the family tree) she dyed it white blonde.

…a lot can change in a summer!

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