Celebrate SimLit With Me

Celebration is vital to my life. When I feel low or bad for no real good reason, I recognize I need to celebrate. Celebration can create deep meaning and purpose. Celebration brings joy. I need to get back to my roots. I need to get back in touch with me. I need to experience nature in all its beauty and glory. And then I need to share in celebration with others. Hence this long, rambly post about the Sims, sort of, but mostly about other stuff.😉

All this is a long, roundabout way to say, on Sundays, I want to celebrate the world of SimLit with you. I am not going to commit to doing this every Sunday, mostly because things happen and any time I restrict myself to a schedule, it never works. I get more done when I don’t have deadlines than when I do.

I want to share with you “celebrations.” I want to invite you to a “SimLit party” on Sundays and share snippets of things I read during the week, SimLit or otherwise related to the Sims. Will you come to my party?🙂

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