December Updates

Okay, so this past month did not go as planned. Does that ever happen to you? I planned to play the Sims and…

  • write updates for the Colt Family Traitacy
  • finish Interludes & Solitude (Kass’ spinoff story)
  • start writing new Lost Legacy chapters
  • participate in the short story contest on the forums
  • create posts about Bella Bachelor Goth’s family background

…and none of that happened. Instead, I was sick twice and had some chaos erupt at my graduate school that really threw me off. Now that I am officially on winter break, I can hopefully dedicate more time to writing and playing the Sims. Way to overpromise and underdeliver! I hope you, my readers, can grant me grace. 🙂

Here’s what did happen in November and December thus far…

Technically I started this in October, but over on the forums, I’ve been hosting SimLit Celebrations & Discussions. You can read the official thread here. So far, I’ve hosted 6 celebrations, 5 on my blog.

If you’d like, read the celebrations on the forums:


I finished the latter half of Interludes & Solitude: Lucky Palms Episodes and then moved Kass and her dad, Howard south of the border to Desierto Rojo, Mexsimco. You can find the latest I&S posts here.

Plans for December? Last time I couldn’t hold myself to my self-imposed deadlines so I won’t promise anything, but I have new I&S chapters in the works, and plans for more Bella Bachelor Goth stories.


The Colt Family Traitacy is the selected featured reading this week in the Freezer Bunny Book Club. I’m so excited and honored to be chosen. I am looking forward to the discussion starting this Friday, December 16th. 🙂

Happy December!

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