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June 2017 Updates

Edit: I made a pretty big error with the timeline below, so I fixed it. 

Hi everyone, I’ve been gone from this blog for awhile save a few updates. I am trying to get organized to revamp Kass’s story. I keep saying soon and then “soon” doesn’t happen, so I don’t have a date yet. In the meantime, I’m active in lots of other places on the web.

Darkness May Dream – officially has its own Simblr now, as you probably already know. I will be answering Q&A today and tomorrow, and posting new chapters starting Saturday. Feel free to message me here, leave a comment below, or message me over at the Simblr if you have your own questions about DMD (and you can ask anonymously).

Today’s DMD QuestionWhy was Cora Mae so willing to go with Mal in the beginning? Why does Cora Mae stay?

Yesterday’s DMD QuestionHow did you come up with the premise of DMD? 

If you’re wondering what in the world this story is, poke around on the new Simblr. I have character, planet, people (the Kr’v), and FAQ pages to help you out and if you’ve never read it, you can start from the beginning.

from riverview with love cover

From Riverview, With Love – New chapter up today – 1.20 Pity Party. I have all the upcoming chapters for FRWL screenshotted and outlined for the most part. Expect many more chapters soon. I’m hoping to finish by early July.

FYI, several chapters at the end (and I’ll announce which ones) of FRWL will include Kass and Gage chapters. If you’re wondering about the timeline of events, I’ve added helpful notes below.


SimLit Celebration #9: Sim Smiles – In honor of Smile Power Day (June 15th), I am celebrating Sim Smiles over on my Simblr and the forums. On my Simblr, I share favorite Sim smiles from Kass stories & related spinoffs. On the forums, join in the discussion and share your favorite Sim smiles from your own stories or others’ (with pictures/links preferably). 🙂

Two Year Blogiversary and Beginnings (SimLit Celebration #7)

Beginnings can make or break a story. Writing a beginning is tricky as you want to offer backstory, introduce your characters, set up the central conflict, and all without overloading your readers with too much information.

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of this blog. Hooray! I am taking the time to reflect on beginnings.

I am naturally a wordy writer. The beginning of Kass’s story two years ago was difficult to me. Honestly, I do semi-cringe when I go back and read the opening of KCLKF. I wrote well over the typical word length of SimLit, I had loads of pictures, introduced many characters, and I had a ridiculous amount of author notes following the post. I am my own worst critic. I’ve added and subtracted things in retrospect (which is okay, and I think all of you have forgiven me, but it still makes me cringe a little). I wished I had taken better pictures and written a little less detail or at least broken the prologue up into parts. All in all, I know I’ve improved, and you have to start somewhere.

One of the beginnings I am most proud of is the opening of Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum. True, the post still sported tons of pictures, but I thought my writing was just enough to convey backstory and to do so in an interesting way.

After I wrote the prologue to Letters from Lizzie, I was pretty proud of myself also. I felt like the writing was powerful. However, I went a completely different direction than intended and now I feel like that segment is a stand-alone story. The tone of LFL changes in Lizzie’s first letter, and you can see the age difference in her language and topic choice.


Today as I celebrate the 2 year anniversary of this blog, I wanted to share a few SimLit stories (and there are so many that I cannot possibly share them all right here) with beginnings I really enjoyed. In no particular order…

**You can read the forums post (and discussion questions) here**

  1. The first few chapters of the Edith Prescott Mystery Series by Rachel were awesome. First of all, mysteries are my favorite genre. I was excited to see someone else out there writing SimLit mysteries. Second, I loved the opening line – the intrigue – “I woke myself up with my screaming, and found that I was drenched in sweat.” Also, I loved how Rachel made use of everyday ordinary items to enhance the story (i.e. the vase in chapter thirteen). I also liked how she wasn’t afraid to write things “off screen” and describe them in writing like in chapter five with the note and chapter seven with the murder. Overall, I was hooked by chapter five. You can read the story here.
  2. I was totally sucked in Trip/Infra Green’s Eight Cicadas story from the beginning. Joanna was an intriguing character from the start, and I loved her porcelain skin. And great opening line They called me the luckiest girl in Twinbrook.” I really wanted to know what was going on with the world and the characters, and I liked the use of description. By Annette’s arrival in Twinbrook, I was hooked. I also liked the worldbuilding that happened early on (and later) [and we all know I’m a huge fan of worldbuilding]. :p  I liked how this story doesn’t fit the stereotypical rags-to-riches kind-of tale we often see in SimLit. Annette is rough around the edges, but insanely likable, especially over time. You can read the story here.
  3. Zahra’s Babies was my introduction to the 100 Baby Challenge. After reading other baby challenges, this one by LauraEliza is by far my favorite. While I knew what was going to happen – many many babies wise – I really liked the unique feel of the opening. The opening line – “I can’t believe I’m here” – made me wonder where is here, where was there, and how did she get there? And is this “can’t believe” in a shocking sense or an exciting sense?  Zahra’s initial naivete is charming, and she is intriguingly introspective. You can read the story here.
  4. I loved the opening of blythelyre’s Torres Legacy. The first chapter title – It All Began With a Tree – intrigued me followed by the opening line “There was a strange man in her yard.”  I also liked this idea of the pending supernatural legacy, and I must say this one is smart, entertaining, heartrending, and well written. You can read the story here.
  5. RipuAncestor’s opening to The Chysanthemum Tango immediately sparked my interest. The opening lines, starting with “There are many ways to begin a story,” broke through the fourth wall and there was something refreshing about that in SimLit. From the beginning, Ripu’s writing is sharp and clever, her use of description is enviable, and her colorful, quirky characters are lovable. You can read the story here.
  6. For a fantastical SimLit story, I’d recommend caterpillarsims Summerdream. The worldbuilding is incredible, the use of CC is phenomenal, and the story line is intriguing. And dragons… I can’t say no to dragons, especially in SimLit. FYI, the story is NSFW with a good bit of adult content, but well worth the read. You can read the story here.
  7. Lovesstorms opens the story The Ramsey Wishacy with an appearance by the kraken (first story I’ve seen to make use of this Sims feature). I really enjoyed how the founder’s traits and interests were cleverly introduced in the flow of the story. Plus this is one well-done wishacy challenge. You can read the story here.
  8. The Blount Legacy is one of my favorite #buildnewcrest challenge stories. I like the nontraditional feel of this challenge story and the opening line had me hooked – “Where is Creators name am I?” I also enjoyed the snarky dialogue between Ms. Blount and the Creator. You can read the story here.
  9. One of the things I loved about the beginning of the Blakesley Legacy by Emily Anne/Dancer-freak  effectively illustrates some of the harsh realities of our founder’s homelessness. The opening line sets the tone brillantly- “She was miserable, lying on a park bench pondering every poor choice that she had ever made.” Plus Charlotte, the founder, is a redhead and of course, I’m biased. I think redhaired Sims are gorgeous! 😀 You can read the story here.
  10. Recently, I read the chapter by scribal_goddess – Instant Messages in a Bottle – and I was thoroughly impressed. The chapter is part of the Pen Pal Project over on the forums and a query for MedleyMisty’s Seth character. I must say this story probably has one of the best opening lines I have read in SimLit – ” I am being kept by a house with yellow walls and a smug porch.” I got simultaneous excited and creepy chills. You can read the story here.

Pipe in if you like. What are some of your favorite SimLit beginnings and opening lines? When you think back to the beginnings of your own SimLit writing experience, what do you like/dislike?

December Updates

Okay, so this past month did not go as planned. Does that ever happen to you? I planned to play the Sims and…

  • write updates for the Colt Family Traitacy
  • finish Interludes & Solitude (Kass’ spinoff story)
  • start writing new Lost Legacy chapters
  • participate in the short story contest on the forums
  • create posts about Bella Bachelor Goth’s family background

…and none of that happened. Instead, I was sick twice and had some chaos erupt at my graduate school that really threw me off. Now that I am officially on winter break, I can hopefully dedicate more time to writing and playing the Sims. Way to overpromise and underdeliver! I hope you, my readers, can grant me grace. 🙂

Here’s what did happen in November and December thus far…

Technically I started this in October, but over on the forums, I’ve been hosting SimLit Celebrations & Discussions. You can read the official thread here. So far, I’ve hosted 6 celebrations, 5 on my blog.

If you’d like, read the celebrations on the forums:


I finished the latter half of Interludes & Solitude: Lucky Palms Episodes and then moved Kass and her dad, Howard south of the border to Desierto Rojo, Mexsimco. You can find the latest I&S posts here.

Plans for December? Last time I couldn’t hold myself to my self-imposed deadlines so I won’t promise anything, but I have new I&S chapters in the works, and plans for more Bella Bachelor Goth stories.


The Colt Family Traitacy is the selected featured reading this week in the Freezer Bunny Book Club. I’m so excited and honored to be chosen. I am looking forward to the discussion starting this Friday, December 16th. 🙂

Happy December!

Post Birthday Reflections & SimLit Celebration

Huzzah! Another year older. I celebrated my birthday on Friday, and I must say, this is one of the best birthdays I have experienced in a long time. Celebrations and birthdays have always been a big thing in my family, but as I have gotten older, it’s become harder to celebrate in style. I’ve also recently undergone some stress and changes in my graduate school process, and needed to adjust my future plans so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to celebrating. Then multiple people helped contribute to a wonderful day of nonstop fun, color, excitement, relaxation, flair, and fancy. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and also wonderful family and friends.


In honor of my birthday, I want to celebrate births this week. Share your favorite birth moments in Sims stories and games, and welcome these wee ones into the world once again. 🙂

Births in Livin’a’Simmin’Life’s stories

As I thought about my own stories, I realized I haven’t actually written many birth scenes. However, there is one from a spin-off I planned that never took off.  The birth of Karma Genessa – a.k.a. Brigit Briody’s twins.

The story takes place in flashback. Brigit is an older woman, reflecting on the first love of her life and her late teen years when she discovered she was adopted. Brigit ultimately becomes pregnant, and is shipped off to Champs les Sims, but she escapes her adopted mother and aunt to go find her birth mom. Upon giving birth alone in a hospital on Twikkii Island, Brigit sings “So This is Love” to her babies, Zero and Zia. 


You can read the tale in So This is Love. Also I listened to this version of the Cinderella song sung by beautiful soprano Jeannette Grout while writing this chapter.

Another birth that occurred happened in the Colt Family Traitacy. Rachel Colt becomes mixed up with the infamous Racket family of Twinbrook after starting an affair with Bill Racket. When she becomes pregnant, Rachel and Bill have a hasty wedding to cover up their ill-conceived child. Even so, Rachel spends much of her pregnancy alone, save for some concern from her brother-in-law, Dennis, a little attention from her kooky mother-in-law, Marigold, and occasional kind gestures from her nephew, Shark. Yet it is her spiteful sister-in-law, Silver who ultimately takes Rachel to the hospital to deliver beautiful baby Hope Anastasia Colt-Racket.


You can read the story in 1.28 Hope. You can also read one of my favorite follow-up text-only chapters of toddler Hope in 1.45 Hope’s Night Away.

Some of my favorite baby moments in SimLit…

Click on the pictures for the exact chapter. I recognize many of these stories have multiple births and I cannot possibly share them all, so I’m sharing some of my favorite moments instead.

In Taina/Blythelyre’s Torres Legacy

…when Aaliyah Shelby-Torres names her new baby girl after her husband, Antonio’s mother. Welcome Rae Rose Torres!

In the Gallagher Legacy


…Sam helps Lucy deliver their son. Welcome Aaron Gallagher!

In CathyTea’s Whisper


…though, not technically a birth, Marigold is a wonderful addition to the unusual Cathy Tea and vampire-ghost Dante’s family. Welcome Marigold Tea! 


Also, again, not a typical birth, but the arrival of “evil” and crazy but totally lovable PlantSim Bobobo, another welcome addition to CathyTea’s family. Welcome Bobobo!


In friendsfan’s the Benders

…unfortunately no pictures, but this story is a worthy mention. There are many, many births and I admire these parents! I think one of the sweetest births in Generation 2 was when Lauren delivered her grandson, Ayden and Elsa’s first child. Welcome Benjamin Bender! 

In JLBDreamer’s Wild Hearts Vampiracy

…when Erica gives birth to her first child with vampire, Vlad. Welcome Constantine!

…and then the birth of twins later in the story after Erica’s transformation. Welcome Lucretia and Romonov! 

In Kate’s Loewe Legacy


…Kate and David’s first biological child, Elisabeth, born in the beautiful Monte Vista. Welcome Elisabeth Loewe! 

In LauraEliza’s Maldini Legacy


…in this unique crime family legacy, generation founder, Estelle and a favorite premade of mine, Sinbad Rotter, conceive a daughter. Welcome Esmeralda Maldini!  


…because I’m such a huge fan of Dennis Racket, I have to mention he’s the father of Estelle’s second child. Welcome Tristan Maldini! 


…and later, Esmeralda has twins of her own with Shark Racket. Welcome Aurora and Alec Maldini! 


…and then from Esmeralda’s second, much-happier relationship with Israel Jones-Brown,  a second set of twins. Welcome Caleb and Celeste Maldini!


…and I can’t forget to mention the beautiful Paris Diamond, Tristan’s partner, and their beautiful daughter, who becomes a favorite character of mine later on. Welcome Isla Maldini! 


And another favorite of mine is born to Derek Khan and Aurora Maldini. Welcome Jet Maldini!

What SimLit celebration about babies would be complete without baby challenge stories! I love this story series by LauraEliza – Zahra’s Babies. Too many babies to count so I’ll list significant ones.


…the first baby, Alexis, conceived through an ill-fated one-night stand, but the baby that sent Zahra on a journey to find herself and embrace motherhood in Vargfjell. Welcome Alexis Alto! 


…the birth of the vampire triplets, who cause such delicious drama later in life. Welcome Davina, Delilah, and Diella Alto!


…more triplets… Hazel, Heath, and Hope. Welcome Hazel and Heath, whose names and appearances I adore, and a special welcome to torchbearer, the youngest daughter, Hope!


…and I had to make a special mention for Zahra’s final baby before aging to elder, and I particularly am happy she finally had a baby with the beautiful and sweet paparazzo man, Andy. Welcome Isaac Alto!

Continuing the tradition is the lovely redhaired Hope Alto, youngest daughter of Zahra.


…Hope moves to Evansdale County and hooks up with the awesome blue-haired Tilden Neptune, friend of her brother’s. Tilden, I’m pulling for you! 🙂  Welcome Jaina and Jasmine! 


…and then later, Hope hooks up with the not-so-nice Casey, but gives birth to beautiful triplets as a result. Welcome Kiara, Kent, and Kaitlyn! 

Oh the babies! So many! I probably should stop here, but I know there are plenty more Sim babies entering the world exponentially. Please share your favorites and/or include your favorite birth moments as a Sim-parent. 🙂

[You can join the party over on the forums here]

Purple Day & SimLit Celebration

Today is Purple Day. In the world of The Sims, this day is set aside to remember those Sims that have passed on before us. I took this quote from the Purple Day site because it is beautiful…

Purple Day gives us a chance to celebrate the digital lives of all those Sims we’ve known and loved who have made the great transition after being reaped by the Grim Reaper.

You can read more about Purple Day on the forums and on the official blog.

Today I want to recognize a lovely Sim who has passed on in my Sims game – Jennifer Martinez. For those of you who have read KCLKF, you know Jennifer is the foster mother of Gage Briody, featured as a supporting character in KCLKF, and featured prominently in FRWL. Jennifer is also the loving wife of Pablo Martinez.

I wrote up a bio for Jennifer before I featured her in my story, but never shared it since she made a limited appearance in KCLKF. Today, in honor of Purple Day, I am posting it.

Jennifer Alyssa Martinez née Govender was born on May 20, 2371 in Big Apple City to Clarence and Calypso Govender. Her mother, Calypso was born into a wealthy family in Ziwa Bonde, Af’simca. Calypso came to SimNation to be raised by her cousins and attend boarding school at Smuggworth Prep School in Sim City. Clarence was born in the SimNation and served for most of Jennifer’s childhood as science attaché to the Simvarian ambassador.

Jennifer graduated from Smuggsworth Prep School and attended Colsimbia University, where she received her bachelors and masters in political science. During her first year of law school, Jennifer suffered from severe anxiety attacks. During this time, Jennifer visited Mexsimco volunteered for two years with the Jacoban Sisters of Mercy and worked for the SimNation embassy. Jennifer met Pablo Martinez, a Mexsimi firefighter with a love of children. Pablo played soccer with the local kids on his off time.

Jennifer and Pablo were married in Sim City where Jennifer received an offer to work for the Vice President as a speechwriter. Jennifer worked for four years in Sim City before learning she wouldn’t be able to have children.

Devastated by the news, Jennifer and Pablo decided to reevaluate their lives. They moved to Sunset Valley, Califorsimia where Pablo continued work as a firefighter, and Jennifer decided to finish her law school degree at Simford University. Post law-school, Jennifer decided to pursue immigration law and worked as a legal assistant for various offices in Bay City, Sunset Valley, and China Beach.

After seeing countless immigrant children in the foster care system and seeing how they were treated poorly,Jennifer and Pablo decided to become foster parents. They fostered nine different children, the last being Gage Briody. Jennifer continued to work part-time as a legal representative in Bay City and Sunset Valley. She also continued her lifelong love of volunteering, working at the community pool, food bank, homeless shelter, and local library over the course of seven years.

In late June 2215, Jennifer Martinez returned home after a volunteer shift at the Le Petit Shark Pool Center in Sunset Valley. Upon taking a shower, she mysteriously slipped, fell, hit her head, and died either from blunt force trauma or drowning. Police opened an investigation. Gage Briody, the foster son, was the one to find her. Jennifer leaves behind a husband, Pablo, a local firefighter in Sunset Valley, and a foster son, Gage Briody, whom she always considered her own.

Jennifer Martinez’ life was based on a number of people in my own life, volunteer leaders and those passionate about social justice. I will forever regret passing by an opportunity to write about this inspiring woman prior to her death in KCLKF. She was a wonderful foster mother in Gage, and had a strong healthy marriage to Pablo, and she was somewhat a mentor to Kass. I plan to revisit Jennifer’s story in KFLL and possibly stories beyond.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Jennifer, featured right. The following lines are taken from Chapter 20, Making Sense of Love, in KCLKF.

“But you gave it all up… your career in politics… Why?” I puzzled. “Didn’t Pablo want you to succeed? And Gage was supportive too… I’m sorry, am I being too nosy?”

“For love,” Jennifer explained quietly. “You see love makes us do funny things… things the heart cannot explain to the head… I knew I loved my husband and Gage more than anything… more than I loved the idea of advancing in my career. I’d much rather be a junior associate in corporate law here in the Valley where I could be with my family. I could’ve been the Leader of the Free World someday, but I’d much rather be present in my home… be a presence in my child’s life and share a home with the man I love.”

“For love,” I repeated. “How do you know?”

“Know what?”

“About love? That it’s worth it? That it’s real?”

“You just do,” Jennifer clasped her hands together excitedly. “It means everything. You’d give up anything to be with that person, not that he’d ask you to. He would never force you to give up on a dream because it’s part of who you are. But when you love someone that deeply, you build new dreams together and your old dreams… well, they don’t die, but they don’t sparkle like they used to.”

Rest in peace, Jennifer Martinez. 🙂

I am really behind on SimLit celebrations, mostly because I had a vacation and some chaos at work and school. This week and next, I would like to celebrate the Sims who have passed on in honor of Purple Day – so like a Purple Week.


I wanted to name a few deceased Sims who have touched the lives of those around them, and inspired me.

  • I have just recently finished Generation 1 of CathyTea’s Whisper, and I am in love. I feel like I have lived an entire life with Cathy Tea. I have experienced her pain and her joy. Her love story with Dante is epic because it transcends the corporeal world, but not in a cheesy way. It feels real and beautiful and meaningful. Also I am about halfway through Generation 2 of Whisper, and I love how realistic the grieving process is for Marigold and the family after the loss of Cathy Tea. The ending of Generation 1 is heartwrenching, but not heartbreaking, because I know Cathy Tea lived a full life and she was surrounded by love and gave love to her friends and family so generously. R.I.P. Cathy Tea.
  • I really appreciated Mary Graham and Lia Rasi in Kate’s Loewe Legacy. Mary was the woman who took Kate in and helped raise her, and also instilled in Kate a love and compassion for orphaned children. I appreciated Mary’s appearance to Lizzie, Kate’s daughter. The chapters were sweet. I also was saddened when Lia Rasi passed in the beginning of the legacy. Lia was the woman who gave Kate a her first home in Monte Vista, and she was her first friend. These two lovely ladies helped Kate when no one else would. R.I.P. Mary Graham and Lia Rasi.
  • I wasn’t sure at first how I felt about Jason in MedleyMisty’s In the Valley of the Sun, but in his last moments, he did everything he could to protect Lilith from danger and corruption, and I believe he truly loved Lilith. I was saddened by his loss. R.I.P. Jason Milton.
  • I was devastated when Harwood took his life in Trip’s Eight Cicadas. It was distressing that he was never able to find lasting peace and happiness.  He had lived a long life, and had people who loved him, but it wasn’t enough. I think Trip did a wonderful job though writing a character who was broken by his experiences, and struggled to find a way out. R.I.P. Harwood Clay.

Suicide is a sad part of our world. If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, contact the National Suicide Prevention Center 1-800-273-8255. Someone is always willing to listen.

Okay, now I’m seriously feeling depressed after writing about all these deaths… and they are digital lives… *sigh* with meaning and purpose which is why I am sad… okay, last one… this one is a bit happier in a way…

  • Evelyn is the ghostly love interest of Lucas in CitizenErased14’s Dust to Dust. Their love story is powerful and moving despite the fact that she is a ghost and he is a living Sim. The story is fun and makes me laugh at times, and other times it makes me bawl. I won’t spoil anything, but the ending isn’t what I expected, and is beautiful tale of love beyond the grave.

That’s all from me. Feel free to share your favorites below.


SimLit Celebration #3: November Holidays

So November’s got some interesting and weird holidays… like did you know it’s Child Safety Protection Month? Or how about National Adoption Awareness Month? Or National Caregivers Appreciation Month?  Or National Sleep Comfort Month? Or Peanut Butter Lovers Month?


Some of these are silly and some are to bring awareness and some celebrate a unique group of people! This week I’d love to highlight and talk about SimLit stories that feature any of the above “monthly” themes if you will.

Child Safety and Protection Month

For Child Safety and Protection Month, I thought of @friendsfan367’s Benders story and these two chapters Ayden Made Daddy Mad  and Noel Talks with Ayden.

First of all, I have to say that I really enjoy stories that add back story and emotional depth. I am endlessly curious and I always like to know the why behind things. I liked these chapters because they gave Noel, the father, some back story and explained why he was so upset by his son’s action.

Second, I love how friendsfan created a whole new depth to the Benders. These were the chapters, I’ll admit, that made me perk up and realize there’s a lot more to this family than I originally thought.

Third, TS3 has hydrophobic as a trait. As the older sister of a sibling who dislikes water and is afraid of it, I understand and have witnessed hydrophobia personally. My sister nearly drowned twice and then had to watch someone else almost drown too. I wrote a off-set scene in Kass’s story about how her mom’s younger brother drowned.

Water safety is so important. I’m half-tempted to write a chapter in one of my stories using these swim lesson poses I found and talk about safety.

What other SimLit moments involving an adult helping a child learn safety and protection would you like to appreciate? 

National Adoption Awareness Month

I have several friends who have adopted children and have given them stable homes. I really admire them for doing this and I think it takes special people to adopt abandoned, orphaned, and abused children.

One story I really enjoy is Kate’s Loewe Legacy. I really like how Kate and her husband, David adopt twin boys from the former home she worked in. The story line doesn’t take place until Part 2, but it’s well-worth the read. I also like how they didn’t just automatically adjust. They struggled. This is one of my favorite chapters also featuring the arrival of the twin boys, Finn and Zachary. Kate writes her characters realistically.

CathyTea has a few chapters in her Thirty Sims at Three Rivers series that features adoption. I love CathyTea’s beautiful Sims and delightful way of telling stories, and I appreciate how she celebrates all walks of life, multi-generations, and all different kinds of families. I want to highlight these — chapters because they feature adopted children or children without their biological parents: The gap inside is filled with presence, and Healing past wounds.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Gage Briody. Although he is never actually adopted by the Martinez family, he comes to view them as family and has a special relationship especially with Jennifer, his foster mother. Because he was never officially adopted, Gage goes out on a quest to find family and love, and sometimes force it because he is hurting and processing his painful childhood. One of my favorite chapters I wrote featuring “adoption” and “foster children” was this one in From Riverview, With Love.

What other SimLit “adoption moments” would you like to appreciate? 

National Caregivers Appreciation Month

I had a conversation with CathyTea once about elders in game. They feel so stereotypical. I wish more stories would feature the elderly and older adult population. I also think it’s important to celebrate those who are caregivers. Any good stories out there that you know of that does either/or or both? 

Personally I like Kass’s grandparents – Nonno and Nonna, but of course, I’m biased. I also rewrote Marigold Racket as a grandparent in my Colt Family Traitacy because I envisioned her character differently than the base-game does.

Caregivers can also apply to more than simply elder care. Caregivers can also be adults who take care of children or adults with special needs or parents who take care of children or even someone who is caring and nurturing in a household or family. Personally, I think Fawn of Joon in The Journey of a Thousand Steps fits into the caregiver category as he has some mysterious role in Ginny’s life as she tries to fulfill the goddesses’ wishes to have one hundred babies. He is featured prominently in the story, but I enjoyed his appearance in this chapter and this one.

I also think LauraEliza’s Zahra and Hope in Zahra’s Babies are mothers who kick butt! The whole story series is worth a read.

I have to add that I think Dennis Racket in the Racket-Rotter Chronicles is a dad who is really trying to do what’s best for his kids and he’s struggling. I loved and cried over this chapter.

I love Dennis so much that I feature him in my own story – Colt Family Traitacy. One of my favorite chapters with him is the chapter where he gives Shark, his oldest son, advice on loving a woman.

Dennis, you are a great caregiver.

Caregivers can even be reversed at times. Kass takes care of her ailing father in Interludes & Solitude. I like how Alice, even though she is a child, kind of takes care of her dad, Kev, and acts more like a parent than he does in Alice & Kev.

I also think Mommy in Simcraft81’s O’Raj’s Journal is a sweet single mother.

What other SimLit “caregivers” would you like to appreciate? 

National Sleep Comfort Month

Sleeping plays a role in my own KCLKF, I&S, and KFLL. Kass cares about her sleep. Here are a few of my favorite sleeping/sleep interruption/wake-up moments:


Okay, Kass isn’t really sleeping here, but she gets annoyed in this chapter when a certain suitor for her mother serenades his love outside the house in the middle of the night. One of my favorite early in-game moments. 😉


Kass used sleep in this chapter to cope with her pain.

Screenshot-123 sepia

Kass fell asleep with a visitor in her great-grandmother’s estate in this chapter and this chapter. I particularly liked how he stayed and didn’t leave. 🙂


Ayesha, Kass’s best friend, fell asleep on this beautiful park bench in this chapter.

What other SimLit sleep moments would you like to appreciate? 

Peanut Butter Lovers Month

So I can’t think of a single story that has a scene with peanut butter… so let me know if you know of any or have written any. 🙂

However, the following Sims have been featured in my stories or stories I enjoy and their favorite food is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:



What other Sims do you know who love peanut butter? 

Simlit Celebration Sunday#2: Spooky/Creepy/Scary

Since I already posted my I&S chapter on my LASL, I decided to write my SimLit Celebration Sunday party on my KCLKF blog. I realize it’s not Sunday anymore for some of you and I’m squeezing this in around 9:30pm my time so most of Sunday is already gone. I had a busy day and I didn’t prep this ahead of time, and well, some of the idea of this is stream-of-consciousness posting anyhow so it fits.


In honor of Halloween tomorrow (or Simblreen or Spooky Day), I thought I would share a few throwbacks to spooky, scary, or creepy stories or chapters I’ve read in the SimLit world.

One of my favorite spooky/scary stories is MedleyMisty’s In the Valley of the Sun. I literally was on the edge of my seat halfway through and couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know what happened. I also liked how things weren’t entirely resolved. MedleyMisty talks about how Seth is her favorite and I can see why because of the depth of his complexity and his complete creepiness factor, but he’s still so entertaining and intriguing, I can’t help but like him still. I haven’t read much horror SimLit and I think MedleyMisty does a fantastic job with it. Totally worth the read. MedleyMisty’s Surreal Darkness teeters on the creepy at times, though it’s really a wonderfully existential journey of anthropomorphic characters and worth checking out.

Recently, I was reading a chapter of RipuAncestor’s The Chrysanthemum Tango, and I thought the nightmare pictures at the beginning of this chapter were fantastically creepy. I also thought The Necromancer chapter was pretty scary, appropriately so with the undead. And another chapter earlier on in the series when Amelia discovers just who her tenant really is. Don’t want to put any spoilers up, but I think Ripu writes several bone-chilling scenes. If you like anthropomorphic characters, you’ll like Ripu’s unique take on Death among other characters and of course, the delightful, though very human, Amelia.

This mid-gen1 chapter and the following opening scene in the next chapter of JLBDreamer’s Wild Hearts: Wilder Vampiracy had me clicking through to the next chapter because I wanted to know what happened. I mean, with a chapter title like Prey, yes, things felt a bit creepy, especially when the protagonist was cornered.

I can’t forget this thoroughly scary scene with Annette and Max Racket in InfraGreen/Trip’s Eight Cicadas. It’s Max Racket though… pretty much every version of this guy is scary and creepy.

Senna/rednenemon captured a scary scene between mother and son in this chapter of The Racket Rotter Chronicles. It’s a tear-jerker too. And this chapter and this chapter later on is thoroughly creepy when Goodwin Goode realizes the results of his haphazard wish. Another tear-jerker ending though.

I really like the Edith Prescott Mystery Series by SimStoriesbyRachel (and I don’t know if she’s on the forums, which is okay). Either way, there are several nailbiting scenes and some fantastic cliffhangers, and of course, Ed is adorable. Well worth the read.

Another story with creepy moments by Amandralynn is The Hunt Family Legacy with the main character trying to escape her abusive husband. Unfortunately the story wasn’t finished due to game corruption but the main arc is semi-resolved. There are definitely heightened scary moments in this story worth some nail-biting.

This next mention fits the lighthearted supernatural drama genre more than spooky/scary, but it feels appropriate for Halloween – CitizenErased/Amanda’s (Para) Normal Neighborhood. I love the sweet naivete and innocent gullibility of Juniper the main character and her interactions with Mr. Grimm and other neighbors in her hometown.

In my own writing, I have to say one of the hardest scenes to write, scary in its own way, was this scene in 2.0 KFLL with Kass’ mother and birth origins. Although, if we’re talking about creepy, I’ll share it was probably the hardest to write these three chapters in CFT – 1.39 Shark’s Night to Remember, 1.42 Max’s Threat, and 1.43 Max’s Secret all with their own levels of creepy and scary.

So that’s all for now. What stories have you read that include creepy, scary, or spooky (or just fun paranormal/supernatural) scenes, themes, or characters? What, in your own SimLit writing, has been hardest for you to write in terms of scary/spooky/creepy scenes? 

And just for kicks, these pictures from the Colt Family Traitacy – zombies showing up at the winter Grill-a-Thon.




Celebrate SimLit With Me

Celebration is vital to my life. When I feel low or bad for no real good reason, I recognize I need to celebrate. Celebration can create deep meaning and purpose. Celebration brings joy. I need to get back to my roots. I need to get back in touch with me. I need to experience nature in all its beauty and glory. And then I need to share in celebration with others. Hence this long, rambly post about the Sims, sort of, but mostly about other stuff.😉

All this is a long, roundabout way to say, on Sundays, I want to celebrate the world of SimLit with you. I am not going to commit to doing this every Sunday, mostly because things happen and any time I restrict myself to a schedule, it never works. I get more done when I don’t have deadlines than when I do.

I want to share with you “celebrations.” I want to invite you to a “SimLit party” on Sundays and share snippets of things I read during the week, SimLit or otherwise related to the Sims. Will you come to my party?🙂

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