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1.80 Old Friends (KCLKF)

Friday, June 20, 2415 | Sunset Valley, Valverde

“You feel better?” Gage inquired.

Kass gulped and nodded as she returned from his car. She handed Gage the keys.

“Thanks for letting me stash my clothes in your vehicle.”

“No problem,” he smiled. “Good thing you stash extra clothes at the office.”

“Good thing,” she repeated with a weak chuckle.

Sometimes she liked to work out and go for a run in the evenings before returning home so she left a change or two of clothes in the lockers at the legal aid office. Today this practice came in handy so she didn’t have to return to her grandparents. The sweater and long sleeved blouse were a little much for the afternoon summer sun.

“Why were you all dressed like that anyhow?” he asked.

“Oh you know,” she shrugged. “Sometimes the office interns can be a little over-zealous with the AC.”

A little white lie? Kass surprised herself. How many of those are you going to tell today? 

“You look cuter in that top anyway,” Gage winked.

She laughed, flexing her fingers as she finished braiding her hair. “Someone owes me a bratwurst,” she said, dodging the subject. “Better make it nice and burnt.”

“Say, you could get a tan and match your dog,” Gage teased.

Kass wrinkled her nose. These pop-up tanning booths were a strange addition to the summer festival circuit, but she figured it was another way for the management company to make a quick buck.

“Ninty simoleons for a spray tan?” she shook her head. “I think not.”

“Yeah, with your luck, you’d turn out like a lobster!” Gage hooted.

She elbowed him. “Says the pasty guy.”


After purchasing a bratwurst with all the fixings, two plain hamburgers, and two cups of the festival’s famous fruit punch, Gage followed Kass across the lawn to a nearby picnic table. Central Park offered sweeping views of the Panthalassan Ocean to the west and most major commerce and official government buildings, including City Hall. Kass noticed a familiar red-haired woman held a press conference on the steps outside the mayor’s office. Jazzilyn Alto. Taking the fight to Nancy’s home turf?

A bold move, Kass secretly approved as she nodded and took a bite of her hot dog.  Gage munched on his hamburger, devoid of condiments, just as he liked it. As long as she could remember, Gage liked everything plain – hot dogs, hamburgers, black coffee,  vanilla ice cream with no toppings, no dressing on salad, nothing but cheese and the occasional pepperoni on pizza. A comfortable silence stretched between them as they ate – one that told of old friendship and deep understanding.

A tourist family in board shorts, sunglasses, and sun hats, desperately trying to fit in, but failing, slathered sunscreen on each others’ arms and backs. Kass smirked. Probably never been to the ocean.  Students from Sun U in bikinis naturally tanned… or burned on their beach towels and pop-up camping chairs on the lawn. A few fraternity guys played kicky sack ball, laughing as they demonstrated their lack of hand, eye, and foot coordination, probably from being juiced. An elderly couple strolled hand in hand through the park’s winding paths, stopping at every festival booth as if it were their first time, the woman ecstatic when the man purchased a single red rose from the flower booth in the farmer’s market section.

Kass took another large bite of her hot dog and turned her attention to Gage. She remembered the days when she pretended he was her brother, and once in the seventh grade, she told another guy that he was her ‘man’ only to get the guy to back off. The other kid was plagued with pimples and his breath smelled like salsa. Gage smelled like aftershave, puberty hit early for him, but he was relatively acne-free, a much preferred alternative.

In another lifetime, maybe, she could see herself with someone like Gage. She wished she liked him more. He deserved a good lady in his life. He had an unmistakable twinkle in his blue eyes, and his hair, though almost entirely shaved, was a chestnut brown if she recalled correctly. Gage had been shaving his head since they were freshmen in high school. If anything, he had the “dark” hair for the tall, dark, and handsome fairy-tale girls wanted. And maybe the borderline handsome in a Jean Luc Picard kind-of way, if girls were into that. He certainly had some of the personality appeal too with his lighthearted humor and his undeniable charm, and his efforts to work-out did not go unnoticed. She wondered when the last time he went on a date, and immediately began thinking through which of their friends would most likely go out with him.  If only wishes came true like they did in the movies or the books… Gage caught her gaze.

“A simoleon for your thoughts, Kass Fullbright.”

She smiled. “Only if I can toss it in the fountain and make a wish.”

Gage stood up, plucking a simoleon from his pocket.

“Here, I’m going to get a refill on our drinks,” he said, right as a young man clipped the edge of their picnic table.

“Sorry,” the guy mumbled, adjusting his baseball cap.

“Isn’t that the Bachelor kid?” Gage asked.

“Yeah,” Kass swung her legs over the edge of the seat, rubbing her coin for good luck before she tossed.

A playful ‘plop’ told her the simoleon had found its destination.

“What did you wish for?” Gage asked.

“Uh, if I tell you, it won’t come true,” she giggled.

“I’d tell you what I’d wish for,” Gage said, as he closed his eyes and tossed another coin over his shoulder.

“What did you wish for?” she teased. “True love’s kiss? World peace?”

“Mock me if you will, but those are respectable things,” Gage said, sarcastically. “And now…” he grinned wickedly. “I could tell you… but…” he narrowed his eyes playfully. “I’d have to kill you.”

“Riiight,” Kass laughed, but stopped as their attention was drawn to a sullen teenager clunking into another picnic table in their area. “So earlier you asked me what I was thinking… maybe I should treat that  request as the same.”

“I think he has a paper route in my neighborhood,” Gage rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“You’re wearing that tropical woody aftershave again, aren’t you?” Kass asked.

“That’s what you were thinking about?” Gage’s eyes widened. “Isn’t he like a freshman?”

“He’ll be a sophomore when school starts again,” Kass laid her hands to rest on the edge of the picnic bench, her fingernails digging gently into the wood. “Why a sudden interest in Mitchell Bachelor?”

Gage grimaced. “His aim could use a little help. The paper always seems to land in Jennifer’s lilac bushes. Do you know how aggravating it is to root around in the bushes in the morning?”

“Let it go,” Kass laughed. “He’s probably in a hurry.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Gage waved his hand dismissively. “Refill?”

“How about rematch?” Kass declared, standing. “Last time we played soccer, I said I’d beat your high score.”

“Oh you think you can beat my high score?” Gage said, amused. “Okay, Fullbright, let’s see what you’ve got.”

While Gage ran home to get a change of clothes, Kass rented a soccer ball from the athletic equipment booth. Casually, she glanced around the other booths while waiting, purposely staying to the eastern side of the park so as to try and catch a glimpse of City Hall. Jazzilyn was still chatting with constituents and reporters on the steps when a furious looking Nancy arrived in a jet black limousine. The mayor incumbent shoved a thick pair of black sunglasses on her face and tossed her decorative scarf over her shoulder as she flounced up the stairs, flanked by men in security uniforms. The mayor’s security practically swatted the media away and one shoved Nancy into the building rather harshly by the elbow.

Kass shook her head as she rifled through a box of loose lower-end gemstones and polished rocks. She didn’t envy Clark’s job, even if he worked for Nancy’s opponent. She gasped, realizing she hadn’t made a wish earlier when she tossed her coin. Wasn’t that bad luck?  Would a redo count? she grimaced. Maybe she had some spare coins in her purse. But it was in Gage’s car and he wasn’t at the park.

A strange glittering caught her attention, pulling her gaze away from City Hall’s steps and back to the jeweler’s booth. Her fingers encircled a familiar piece. Her eyes widened. Without a doubt, this was her bisnonna’s brooch. The one that had been stolen.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. Dun! Dun! Dun! No I haven’t forgotten the break-in or the stolen brooch. Also some more cute friendship moments between Kass and Gage. The Sims and their outfit changes… explained… sort of.  I’m loving these random appearances by townies. It’s actually really nice. Makes the town of Sunset Valley and Kass’ story subsequently feel more well-rounded. Hope you enjoyed. 

1.41 Hero (KCLKF)

Monday, June 9, 2415 | Sunset Valley, Valverde

Her stomach rumbled. Kass crossed her arms and interlaced her fingers as she stood in line for food at the festival booths. She perused the menu while she waited, biting her lower lip. Do I want a hamburger? But I don’t want mayo. I could ask for a substitution. Eh… maybe I should have a hot dog. Am I hungry enough for two? Ice cream sounds good, but I should eat a meal first. Chili fries? I wonder if they are heavy on the beans or meat. Who decided the booth should have a giant hot dog on its top? 

Kass reached into her pocket and pulled out a few Simoleons, paying the carnival attendant dressed in peppermint stripes and fun top hat with a red ribbon. She recalled an opportunity flier at the high school about summer jobs at the food carts in the park. Maybe I should’ve tried to find a summer job. She glanced off in the direction of the stately brick library. They had advertised the need for summer reading program guides for the elementary students in Sunset Valley and assistance with the new stock.

Named for an Al-Sim saint, Papyrus Memorial Library housed a decent-sized book collection. Kass loved to think about all the history between the thousands of covers, and all the stories of faraway places, and all the people who passed through the millions of pages. Maybe someday I’ll actually complete a story and publish a novel... she wrinkled her nose as she sat down at a picnic table. Yeah I have to finish my essay first. She sneezed.

“I was just thinking of you.”

Davis grabbed a seat across from Kass right as she started to eat.

“Excuse me?”

“You sneezed. Someone is thinking of you,” he smiled, warmly.


He raised his hand.


She turned and noticed an older man with red-brown hair, dressed in khakis and a brown pullover sweater waving in their direction. The man’s smile froze, and he paled as his eyes landed on Kass. Instinctively, she dropped her chin into her shoulder and yanked her gaze back to Davis.

“Do you know him?” she asked.

“Oh, Mr. Bachelor?” Davis replied. “He likes to hang out at the Jolt and write.”

“That’s Mr. Bachelor?” Kass tried to glance furtively over her shoulder, curious about her doctor’s husband.

She had never met him, and Dr. Bachelor didn’t really mention him. Jocasta struck her as a woman utterly devoted to her career, despite the fact that she had four children, including one very famous, very missing actress. However, Kass knew very little about the rest of the family, and she once read that Simis was very private and protective of his other kids.

“He’s a writer?” she quirked a brow.

“Yes,” Davis smiled. “He has a blog.”

“Really?” Kass shrugged as she took a bite of her chili cheese fries.

Davis laughed. “Really? Kass?”


“You’re the only person I know who eats their fries with a fork.”

“Oh,” she said. “I just…”

“It’s less messy,” he remarked, an odd look crossing his face.

“What?” she said, the blush creeping into her cheeks. “Is it really that odd?”

“No,” he shook his head, and swallowed. “It’s cute. Um… Mr. Bachelor is just… well… he’s…” he lowered his voice. “…staring at us.”

“Why?” she dropped her fork, self-consciously.

“Beats me,” he shrugged. “The guy always comes into the Jolt and orders the same drink and sits at the same table and writes for three hours and fourteen minutes every Tuesday and Thursday and then leaves.”

“Three hours and fourteen minutes?” she said, turning to see the man out of the corner of her eye. “That’s a very specific amount of time.”


“No,” she shook her head. “I’m still finishing my fries. But thanks for the offer.”

He smirked. “No pi… the mathematical constant.”

“Oh,” she nodded. “Right. What’s his blog about?”

“I think mental illness,” Davis replied. “And ministry stuff. He was once a Peteran shepherd. I read an article or two once since I’m studying to be a general practitioner.”

“Is he a therapist?” she wondered, narrowing her eyes.

“Naw… at least I don’t think so. But I’m sure as a shepherd, he’s counseled many people.”

Kass took a few more bites of her fries, wiping her mouth delicately on a napkin.

“Bella didn’t talk much about her dad.”

Bella?” Davis arched a brow.

“Oh… um…” she giggled nervously, leaning forward and twisting a strand of hair around her finger. “Well, I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with his…”

She looked over to see if Simis Bachelor was still standing behind them. He had moved over to the field closer to his wife and son, looking every once in awhile in their direction. She shifted in her seat, smoothing her skirt.

“…daughter…” she continued. “I’ve seen every Bella Goth movie ever and I’ve read all the stuff out there on her. She’s a hero of mine.”

“Really?” Davis leaned back and folded his arms over his chest. “Why?”

“Bella rose to fame on Specific Hospital because she practically stole every scene she was in,” Kass explained. “She’s so glamorous and talented… and interesting too. She was named the most beautiful woman in the world by CLOCKS magazine. And she advocated for women to be paid the same as their male counterparts on the series. She even produced about a third of the middle to late seasons before it was cancelled. ”

“I didn’t realize she was a producer,” Davis said, impressed.

“She also wrote romance novels under a pen name,” Kass bobbed her head. “You know Felicity Joyeuse?”

“What? No! The Enchantais writer recluse is Bella Goth?” Davis said, his eyes widening.

“No Enchantais recluse,” Kass smiled broadly and shook her head. “It’s a pen name. So you’ve read romance novels?” she arced a brow.

“Hospital waiting rooms,” he said, stiffly. “It was either that or gossipy magazines. I… uh…spent a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms as a kid… with my aunt and my…” he trailed off. “Maybe she gets it from her dad,” Davis said, looking off in the direction of Simis and Jocasta, who were holding hands as their youngest son and daughter kicked a ball around on the soccer field. “Though I think he only writes non-fiction.”

“Maybe,” Kass replied. “Did you know Bella only wrote about bi-racial couples? Not a single couple in her stories share the same ancestry.”

“That’s… uh… interesting,” Davis said, placing both hands on the table and grinning. “So do you secretly want to be an actress, Kassiopeia, or a romance novelist?”

“What? Um… no!” Kass exclaimed and winced. “I…I… want…”

What do I want? What do I want to be? Who do I want to be? She caught Simis staring in her direction. His dark eyes were wide and sad. Kass wondered what kind of pain the man experienced. He lost a daughter twice… and then she was declared dead in absentia. Jocasta was very vocal in the news. Kass remembered. But Simis stayed home, dedicated to a quiet existence for his three other children. Kass shivered, despite the fact that the air was hot and humid. Something in Simis’ penetrating gaze was unnerving.

Why does he look like he’s seen an apparition? 

Author Notes: As I return to my old screenshots, I’m finding loads of characters from Sunset Valley showing up in my images. I decided to write more about Bella Goth, and why Kass admires her, and also needed to explain what Simis Bachelor was doing in a scene. I had fun writing this chapter, even though it’s not at all what I originally intended. I hope you all don’t mind all these little side trips in the story. I hope it’s not dragging because of it. Er…thanks for your patience and for reading. CLOCKS is a parody of TIME magazine.

Edit 1/16/2022 : Enchantais is a descriptor word, referring to the people who live in Enchanté (my Simworld version of French). 

1.40, Contest (KCLKF)

Monday, June 9, 2415, C.E. | Sunset Valley, Valverde

The afternoon slipped away. Kass spent most of the day trying to write her essay. A blank screen can be intimidating. Half of her time was spent starting and stopping half-good sentences. First, she tried to write in the dining room, but the maid came in to vacuum. Then, she tried to type on her laptop by the pool, but the sunshine was too hot and distracting. Finally, she tried to write in her Nonno’s library, but she found herself distracted by his many books. She even found an old book copy of Sherlock Holmes and the Scandal in Saaqartoq.  

A striking image of Bella Goth dominated the cover. As the actress who starred in the movie version, Bella seemed particularly perfect for the role. In the story, Adler manages to outsmart Holmes, even appearing as someone else before him, and he does not recognize her. She pulled a whole disappearing act, which of course, paralleled Bella’s real life on several occasions. Kass grazed the cover, her fingers lingering on Bella-as-Irene’s face. She still bore the signature red lips, though she sported bangs as the character, with wispy hairs dangling tauntingly from her otherwise perfect bun. Absently, Kass tucked her own hair over her ear, wondering if she could ever be as beautiful, or half as clever as the famous actress, her idol.

Her phone jingled, pulling her from idle thoughts. Nonna wondered if she wanted to meet them at the festival grounds for dinner. Kass glanced at her wristwatch, hardly believing the entire afternoon had passed, and it was well into the evening. Kass quickly pulled her hair back into a neater ponytail, freshened her makeup, and ditched her bathrobe for a cute khaki skirt and pear green spaghetti tank. Upon arriving at the park, she noticed Dr. Bachelor was out on the green kicking the soccer ball around with her youngest daughter, Nella. Kass smiled and waved at her family physician.

Glancing around for her grandparents, she noticed her kid sister. Andi made a beeline for Kass. She wore tall stiletto heels and an off-the-shoulder purple blouse and low-cut jean shorts. Kass frowned. It was different from her usual look. She even wore eyeliner. Is she wearing a padded bra? Kass gasped.

“Don’t tell…” Andi began, and trailed off sheepishly, a blush forming on her cheeks. “Mamma.”

“Uh, okay,” Kass replied, awkwardly scratching the side of her head. “You’re…um… tall.”

“Yeah, well, I wanted to look older,” Andi said, hiking her chin in the air. “You gotta promise me that you won’t tell Mamma.”

“Tell her what?” Kass shrugged.

“I’m here with… VJ,” Andi glanced around, and giggled, nodding in the direction of her boyfriend.

“You still haven’t told her?” Kass wrinkled her mouth.

“No,” Andi shook her head vigorously. “Have you?”

“Told her what?” Kass placed a hand on her hip.

“About… him?” Andi threw her head in the direction of a familiar male face.

Kass’ eyes widened, recognizing Davis. She angled her body away from him as she wasn’t sure she was ready to see him again after their awkward almost-kiss the other night.

“And I look like this,” she wailed, wishing she had worn something more conservative.

“Yeah,” Andi smirked. “And I look like this,” she snapped her visible bra strap on her shoulder and quirked her head.

“I thought you were trying to avoid… sex… appeal,” Kass said, stiltedly, her face turning nearly as red as her hair as she realized the words that just left her mouth, directed at her fifteen-year-old sister.

“The Good Book is…uh… liberal with the choices we make as Peterans,” Andi said, backing away slowly to avoid tripping. “It says we have freedom from the old laws.”

“Uh huh,” Kass bobbed her head. “You know Nonno and Nonna are around here?”

“Lllama crap!” Andi turned and ran in the direction of the public restrooms. “You could’ve started with that,” she yelled over her shoulder as she frantically tried to cover up her exposed skin.

Kass chuckled lightly. She located her grandparents. Both Nonno and Nonna wore roller skates and looked like they were having a ball. They waved energetically in her direction. Nonna grinned like a school girl as Nonno wrapped his arms around her, complimenting her skating skills. Kass smiled. Her grandparents were the cutest. Nonno tried to give his granddaughter some Simoleons, but Kass shook her head and said she had some of her own money. Despite the fact that she no longer worked shifts at the bookstore and her first paycheck from working in the legal aid office hadn’t arrived, Kass had managed to budget for her summer vacation.

“You’re like Carina,” Nonno shrugged as Nonna tugged on his arm to skate off onto the wooden rink.

“Carina’s here?” Kass asked.

,” Nonno remarked.  “She said…” he waved his hand. ” …lei non ha fame.” 

Kass protested, “I am hungry…” but her remark fell on deaf ears as Nonna squealed with delight as Nonno spun her around.

Her face relaxed into a smile. It didn’t really matter. She didn’t want to offend her Nonno. Kass walked through the crowds, passing by a  table draped with a red-and-white checkered cloth, where her sister, Andi appeared to be engaged in the throes of a hot dog eating contest. She appeared to have ditched the high heels in favor of flip flops, pulled her shorts higher, and even put on her glasses instead of her usual contacts. As she jammed a hot dog into her mouth, her shirt still slipped off her shoulder. Kass shook her head. She wondered how well Andi would do when her competitors included the plump Beau Andrews, Mitchell Bachelor in a green track suit, and shockingly, his mother, Jocasta Bachelor, up to her elbows in hot dog buns. Kass smirked and clapped her hands as she was joined by their other sister.

“Disgusting!” Carina exclaimed, fiddling with the button on her high waisted flare jeans.

“I think it’s fun to watch,” Kass offered, though she wouldn’t have entered, even with the supposed prize of a gift certificate to Hogan’s.

She may have enjoyed the typical diner fare, and their penchant for deep-fried everything, but she didn’t think making herself sick with grilled pink sausage sounded appetizing.

“What is Andi wearing?” Carina glared at their sister.

“Um… didn’t you come together?” Kass inquired, uncomfortably.

“No, I was at the beach with Lisa, and Andi just took off,” Cari flicked a piece of white fuzz from her pale blue buttoned blouse. “Said she had somewhere to be. If I had known she was gonna look like… well.. that…” she shuddered. “…and stuff her face…I would’ve stopped her.”

“Our little sister is growing up,” Kass teased, squeezing her sister’s head under her arm.

Carina shoved Kass away with a frustrated grunt. “What happened to boho Andi? She’s just trying to impress that boy.”

“Aw…” Kass smiled. “And what if she is? Don’t you like someone?”

Carina stuck her chin in the air, shaking her head. “I have much more important things to do than be parading around town being someone I’m not.”

Pivoting abruptly, she stomped off, leaving Kass to wonder why her middle sister hadn’t grown out of the “boys have cooties” phase. Carina did have a point, though. I won’t ever change myself for a man. 

Author Notes: Oh Kass. How naive and insecure you are! I just love my “baby!” 😛  I did enjoy incorporating these never-seen-before-screenshots. In game, Andi accidentally aged up, and I didn’t want to use them in the original story. However, here, I had the chance to use the pictures and explain them away in a sort-of okay fashion. I also love writing the sisters’ interactions. It’s fun. Plus it was neat to see the Bachelor family out on the town, though little Nella isn’t shown. For those of you who don’t know about my version of the Bachelor family, Simis and Jocasta Bachelor are the parents of Bella and Michael and since I don’t follow the whole TS3 timeline before TS2 timeline thing, they are also the parents of Mitchell (TS3 Michael – I changed his name from the original go-around of my story) and Nella (TS3 Bella) Bachelor. 

Kass also daydreamed about Bella Goth at  the beginning of this chapter, and I figured I should probably mention the infamous lady in red. If you’ve read La Vita Bella, you’ll know she’s in her Irene Adler costume in this chapter.  Sherlock Holmes, Jr. was a series resurrcted in the 2200’s by Conan Doyle Arthur. Scandal in Saaqartoq is a play on Scandal in Bohemia. The story is rather fascinating if you’re interested. I thought it was a good idea to drop another hint of Kass’ obsession as it has been awhile.  Saaqartoq is a world by Nilxis Designs. Thanks for reading.