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1.40, Contest (KCLKF)

Monday, June 9, 2415, C.E. | Sunset Valley, Valverde

The afternoon slipped away. Kass spent most of the day trying to write her essay. A blank screen can be intimidating. Half of her time was spent starting and stopping half-good sentences. First, she tried to write in the dining room, but the maid came in to vacuum. Then, she tried to type on her laptop by the pool, but the sunshine was too hot and distracting. Finally, she tried to write in her Nonno’s library, but she found herself distracted by his many books. She even found an old book copy of Sherlock Holmes and the Scandal in Saaqartoq.  

A striking image of Bella Goth dominated the cover. As the actress who starred in the movie version, Bella seemed particularly perfect for the role. In the story, Adler manages to outsmart Holmes, even appearing as someone else before him, and he does not recognize her. She pulled a whole disappearing act, which of course, paralleled Bella’s real life on several occasions. Kass grazed the cover, her fingers lingering on Bella-as-Irene’s face. She still bore the signature red lips, though she sported bangs as the character, with wispy hairs dangling tauntingly from her otherwise perfect bun. Absently, Kass tucked her own hair over her ear, wondering if she could ever be as beautiful, or half as clever as the famous actress, her idol.

Her phone jingled, pulling her from idle thoughts. Nonna wondered if she wanted to meet them at the festival grounds for dinner. Kass glanced at her wristwatch, hardly believing the entire afternoon had passed, and it was well into the evening. Kass quickly pulled her hair back into a neater ponytail, freshened her makeup, and ditched her bathrobe for a cute khaki skirt and pear green spaghetti tank. Upon arriving at the park, she noticed Dr. Bachelor was out on the green kicking the soccer ball around with her youngest daughter, Nella. Kass smiled and waved at her family physician.

Glancing around for her grandparents, she noticed her kid sister. Andi made a beeline for Kass. She wore tall stiletto heels and an off-the-shoulder purple blouse and low-cut jean shorts. Kass frowned. It was different from her usual look. She even wore eyeliner. Is she wearing a padded bra? Kass gasped.

“Don’t tell…” Andi began, and trailed off sheepishly, a blush forming on her cheeks. “Mamma.”

“Uh, okay,” Kass replied, awkwardly scratching the side of her head. “You’re…um… tall.”

“Yeah, well, I wanted to look older,” Andi said, hiking her chin in the air. “You gotta promise me that you won’t tell Mamma.”

“Tell her what?” Kass shrugged.

“I’m here with… VJ,” Andi glanced around, and giggled, nodding in the direction of her boyfriend.

“You still haven’t told her?” Kass wrinkled her mouth.

“No,” Andi shook her head vigorously. “Have you?”

“Told her what?” Kass placed a hand on her hip.

“About… him?” Andi threw her head in the direction of a familiar male face.

Kass’ eyes widened, recognizing Davis. She angled her body away from him as she wasn’t sure she was ready to see him again after their awkward almost-kiss the other night.

“And I look like this,” she wailed, wishing she had worn something more conservative.

“Yeah,” Andi smirked. “And I look like this,” she snapped her visible bra strap on her shoulder and quirked her head.

“I thought you were trying to avoid… sex… appeal,” Kass said, stiltedly, her face turning nearly as red as her hair as she realized the words that just left her mouth, directed at her fifteen-year-old sister.

“The Good Book is…uh… liberal with the choices we make as Peterans,” Andi said, backing away slowly to avoid tripping. “It says we have freedom from the old laws.”

“Uh huh,” Kass bobbed her head. “You know Nonno and Nonna are around here?”

“Lllama crap!” Andi turned and ran in the direction of the public restrooms. “You could’ve started with that,” she yelled over her shoulder as she frantically tried to cover up her exposed skin.

Kass chuckled lightly. She located her grandparents. Both Nonno and Nonna wore roller skates and looked like they were having a ball. They waved energetically in her direction. Nonna grinned like a school girl as Nonno wrapped his arms around her, complimenting her skating skills. Kass smiled. Her grandparents were the cutest. Nonno tried to give his granddaughter some Simoleons, but Kass shook her head and said she had some of her own money. Despite the fact that she no longer worked shifts at the bookstore and her first paycheck from working in the legal aid office hadn’t arrived, Kass had managed to budget for her summer vacation.

“You’re like Carina,” Nonno shrugged as Nonna tugged on his arm to skate off onto the wooden rink.

“Carina’s here?” Kass asked.

,” Nonno remarked.  “She said…” he waved his hand. ” …lei non ha fame.” 

Kass protested, “I am hungry…” but her remark fell on deaf ears as Nonna squealed with delight as Nonno spun her around.

Her face relaxed into a smile. It didn’t really matter. She didn’t want to offend her Nonno. Kass walked through the crowds, passing by a  table draped with a red-and-white checkered cloth, where her sister, Andi appeared to be engaged in the throes of a hot dog eating contest. She appeared to have ditched the high heels in favor of flip flops, pulled her shorts higher, and even put on her glasses instead of her usual contacts. As she jammed a hot dog into her mouth, her shirt still slipped off her shoulder. Kass shook her head. She wondered how well Andi would do when her competitors included the plump Beau Andrews, Mitchell Bachelor in a green track suit, and shockingly, his mother, Jocasta Bachelor, up to her elbows in hot dog buns. Kass smirked and clapped her hands as she was joined by their other sister.

“Disgusting!” Carina exclaimed, fiddling with the button on her high waisted flare jeans.

“I think it’s fun to watch,” Kass offered, though she wouldn’t have entered, even with the supposed prize of a gift certificate to Hogan’s.

She may have enjoyed the typical diner fare, and their penchant for deep-fried everything, but she didn’t think making herself sick with grilled pink sausage sounded appetizing.

“What is Andi wearing?” Carina glared at their sister.

“Um… didn’t you come together?” Kass inquired, uncomfortably.

“No, I was at the beach with Lisa, and Andi just took off,” Cari flicked a piece of white fuzz from her pale blue buttoned blouse. “Said she had somewhere to be. If I had known she was gonna look like… well.. that…” she shuddered. “…and stuff her face…I would’ve stopped her.”

“Our little sister is growing up,” Kass teased, squeezing her sister’s head under her arm.

Carina shoved Kass away with a frustrated grunt. “What happened to boho Andi? She’s just trying to impress that boy.”

“Aw…” Kass smiled. “And what if she is? Don’t you like someone?”

Carina stuck her chin in the air, shaking her head. “I have much more important things to do than be parading around town being someone I’m not.”

Pivoting abruptly, she stomped off, leaving Kass to wonder why her middle sister hadn’t grown out of the “boys have cooties” phase. Carina did have a point, though. I won’t ever change myself for a man. 

Author Notes: Oh Kass. How naive and insecure you are! I just love my “baby!” 😛  I did enjoy incorporating these never-seen-before-screenshots. In game, Andi accidentally aged up, and I didn’t want to use them in the original story. However, here, I had the chance to use the pictures and explain them away in a sort-of okay fashion. I also love writing the sisters’ interactions. It’s fun. Plus it was neat to see the Bachelor family out on the town, though little Nella isn’t shown. For those of you who don’t know about my version of the Bachelor family, Simis and Jocasta Bachelor are the parents of Bella and Michael and since I don’t follow the whole TS3 timeline before TS2 timeline thing, they are also the parents of Mitchell (TS3 Michael – I changed his name from the original go-around of my story) and Nella (TS3 Bella) Bachelor. 

Kass also daydreamed about Bella Goth at  the beginning of this chapter, and I figured I should probably mention the infamous lady in red. If you’ve read La Vita Bella, you’ll know she’s in her Irene Adler costume in this chapter.  Sherlock Holmes, Jr. was a series resurrcted in the 2200’s by Conan Doyle Arthur. Scandal in Saaqartoq is a play on Scandal in Bohemia. The story is rather fascinating if you’re interested. I thought it was a good idea to drop another hint of Kass’ obsession as it has been awhile.  Saaqartoq is a world by Nilxis Designs. Thanks for reading. 

1.10, Pt. 3: Park Play (KCLKF)

Tuesday, June 3, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Valverde 

After freshening up in the bathroom, Kass slipped out while Ayesha continued taking an abnormal amount of time to be ready. The sun had set and the stars were starting to poke their heads out from behind the evening fog. Most of the vendors had closed down for the night, except for a food truck and the ice cream booth. Kass’ stomach rumbled. Ten o’clock couldn’t come around fast enough. That smoothie wasn’t enough to tie her over until dinner.

Most of the festival patrons were either at the roller rink or watching the shows at the bandstand. Kass maneuvered through the crowd until she found a good vantage point to observe. A father picked his daughter up and plopped her on his shoulders. The little girl squealed with delight and nearly lost the balloon she was holding. Kass reached up and grabbed the string, rescuing the thing for the girl, who nodded in gratitude. Her dad smiled and said thanks. Kass smiled back, wistfully. She remembered the days when her dad was around to buy her balloons and lift her up on his shoulders. Back in the day when she thought he hung the moon and stars. Why am I remembering this now? 

Ayesha met her at the food truck, and purchased two funnelcakes. Hardly dinner, Kass protested, and then Ayesha reminded her that they would be dining with Davis and his teacher in less than a half hour, before she grabbed a shaker and added extra powdered sugar. The girls wandered back to the band stand, keeping an eye out for Davis. He was on the stage about to play a set.

“Look,” Ayesha nudged. “Come on,” she whispered, grabbing her friend’s arm and dragging her up to the front row.

Kass felt the heat rush to her cheeks as Davis looked down and winked at her. There was a man on drums, who looked old enough to pass as a teacher of Davis. The pianist looked familiar. Kass recognized her as the girl from the Java Jolt earlier, the one who had been playing with VJ. She seemed super intensely focused on the keys. Kass watched and listened with awe as the trio played a instrumental version of Fly Me to Luna.

She couldn’t help but sway a little in time to the unassuming beats, and Ayesha pulled out and waved a lighter to show her appreciation. When the group was done, they received decent applause and whistles from the smattering of people gathered. The man in the red hat and leather jacket announced they were the last show of the night and told everyone to enjoy their evening. Davis called out to Kass and said he’d meet her by the picnic benches at the fountains just as soon as they loaded the gear up in the car.

“Okay, by the fountains, got it,” Kass gave him a thumbs up and turned around and nearly melted into a puddle of happiness. She giggled and grabbed Ayesha’s arm as they walked away with the dispersing crowd. “It’s like we’re with the band.”

“You goofball,” Ayesha laughed. “I gotta go to the bathroom again.”

“Didn’t you just go?”

“Funnel cake…” Ayesha pointed to her stomach, and then to the stage behind them. “You like him, don’t you?”

Kass smiled, but didn’t answer, making a beeline for the fountains, but not before glancing over her shoulder one last time at the musician barista biology grad who caught her eye.


“So what did you think?”

Davis and his teacher, whom he introduced as Mister Beau Andrews, met Kass, as promised, at the picnic tables. Mr. Andrews was a dark-complexioned, rotund fellow who struck Kass as someone with a “Santa Claus” personality, offering jolly, deep-bellied bowl-full-of-jelly laughs. They had talked for a few minutes about music and Mr. Andrews’ passion for the symphony. Kass wondered if Andi knew him because she was in orchestra at the local public high school since our private school didn’t have one.

“You can be honest,” Davis drawled.

“Oh I loved it!” Kass exclaimed, pressing her hands together. “You have a group?”

“We’re called the Twilight Trio,” Mr. Andrews replied. “Jamie on keys, Davis on cello, and me on drums or occasionally this old geezer sings. You play?”

“She plays the piano and the guitar,” Davis answered.

Kass’ eyes widened in surprise.“Well I’m a novice with the guitar,” she said shyly. “But you remembered?”

“Well, yeah,” he smiled. “Because those are two of my favorite instruments.”

Is he just saying that? 

“But you play cello!”

“Cello is my third favorite.”

“Then why aren’t you up there on guitar or piano?”

“Because Jamie is incredible and way more talented at the keys…”

The way he mentioned the blonde pianist made Kass slightly jealous. She wondered where the woman called Jamie was and why she wasn’t joining the group.

“And I’m not that great on gui-tar either,” Davis continued. “I’d love to hear you play sometime.”

“Absolutely. You could come jam with us,” Mr. Andrews invited.

All the attention made Kass nervous. “I wonder where Ayesha is.”

“She seems like quite a character,” Davis remarked.


“Yeah, well, Ayesha and I go way back. All the way to kindergarten. She threw a mud pie in my face the first day we met.”

“Why’d she do that?” Mr. Andrews laughed.

“Oh, because I punched her in the face,” Kass said, amusingly.

“You punched her in the face?” Davis repeated in shock.

“Yeah, because she stole my library book,” Kass explained in deadpan.

“Well, yes, because the proper response to a stolen library book is a sock in the eye,” Davis said, trying to smother a laugh.

Kass jabbed him in the arm in a friendly, almost flirtatious manner. “It always is,” she said coyly.

Ayesha would’ve been proud of her.

“Speaking of hot dogs,” Mr. Andrews interjected. “My lovely wife, Tori just finished grilling them and the hamburgers. We should eat.”


They settled into the picnic bench. Ayesha joined moments later with a fresh coat of mascara. She grinned and said hello while tryign to slip Kass a tube of lipgloss under the table. Kass shook her head.

“We’ll be eating anyway,” she said, through gritted teeth.

“What was that?” Davis leaned in close. “Are you girls talking about me?”

“No… I… um… no…” Kass protested, flailing her arms nervously, whacking her wrist off the edge of the table.

“Oh now…” Davis reached over for her hand and gently began massaging between the joints, muscles, and bone. “We can’t have you hurting yourself…” he teased softly. “How will you hold and eat your hot dog?”

“You could always feed her,” Ayesha smirked, boldly.

Kass shot her the look of death as Davis returned her hand.

“Better?” he asked.

“Yeah, thanks…” she dropped her eyes shyly, avoiding eye contact with the practically giddy Ayesha.

Mr. Andrews insisted everyone call him Beau before introducing the two girls to his wife. Victoria ‘Tori’ Andrews had lovely earthy brown skin. high cheekbones, and a Simlandic-style braided bun. She shared that she was a former journalist-turned-private-investigator. Small world! She contracted with Jennifer’s legal aid office. Kass mentioned she would be interning there, which Davis congratulated her on after she explained she received the offer earlier that day.

Tori had worked for the Sim City Picture News. Of course, Kass had a million questions, mostly because she loved writing and mysteries and she had some cooked-up idea that the life of an investigative journalist was glamorous. Tori laughed and said the truth was far from it, and now that they had a kiddo, she was home way more often. The Andrews’ didn’t stay long as Tori was soon babying their fussy three-year-old, Jordan, and Beau was chasing down a four-month old black Labrador puppy.

After thanking the Andrews for the meal, Kass took a second helping, this time a grilled hamburger topped with fresh Valverdan avocados, cheddar cheese, and red onions. Beau stayed behind to finish his wife’s peanut butter cookies. The group chatted about music and different bands they all preferred. Ayesha continued to watch her with a curious eye, hinting at needing to head home, almost as if she was a “third wheel.” Of course, Kass wasn’t ready to be alone with Davis. She reached out, parched from her whirlwind talking, and grabbed a drink, mentioning how it was late and she should check in with her sisters.

“That’s Jordan’s juice box,” Davis remarked.


“Oh,” Kass flushed, stopping mid-bite.

“Don’t worry about it,” Beau shrugged, nursing his apple oolong tea from the Jolt’s festival cart. “He already went home. And I don’t think he had more than a sip.”

“Yeah, so he can’t punch you over his stolen juice box,” Davis teased.

“Oh stop it!” Kass slugged him in the arm again.

Ayesha stifled a laugh from across the table.

“This is good juice,” Kass said, sticking the straw in her mouth to avoid talking. “What’s the flavor?”

“Apple pomegranate,” Davis read the side of the box.

“I heard pomegranates are the food of love,” Ayesha swooned.

“And…” Kass nearly spit out her mouthful of juice and forced herself to swallow. “I hear plasma fruit is in season…” she said the first thing that came to mind.

Ayesha quirked a brow. Davis looked confused.

“I’ve…always… wanted to be adventurous… and try it…” Kass tried desperately to recover.

“Isn’t it kinda sour?” Beau interjected, packing the paper plates back into the picnic basket and picking up their trash.

“I thought autumn was the time for plasma fruit,” Davis said.

“I might be wrong,” Kass shrugged. “Maybe you should suggest it as a tea flavor for the Jolt.”

“I don’t know if Gram would go for that,” he chuckled, shoving his hands in his jean pockets.  “But if you really want to be adventurous, I hear there’s a pizza shop in Bay City that sells pineapple and plasma fruit pizzas. We could go sometime… you and me…”

Her face turned bright red. “Only if they ham it up… cuz I like… ham on my pizza too,” she made a fist and swung her arm across her chest.

Oh gawd! Can I dig any deeper hole for myself? Grim is going to have to come and put me in an early grave. I might just die from embarrassment. 


“Well, you two kids have each others’ numbers so you can um… meet up for this culinary delight?” Ayesha coughed, and interrupted.


Davis and Kass answered in sync.

Beau smiled. “It was nice to meet you, Kass… Ayesha…” he stood up. “I should get back to the van and get home to the missus and the kid. Hope to see you ladies again. You’re welcome at any of our shows.”

“Nice to meet you,” Ayesha said.

“Yeah, very nice to meet you,” Kass echoed.

After the man left, Davis stood up. “I need to get the boxes back to the coffee shop. I’m glad we met up. So I’ll see you Thursday?”

“Thursday, right!” Kass rushed to reply.

“I’ll be sure she’s there,” Ayesha said, loudly.

“You don’t even know what I’m talking about,” Kass narrowed her eyes.

“I’m going to stick our bags in the car,” Ayesha said, deliberately dragging out her words as she tilted her head in Davis’ direction.

I get the picture. Turning to Davis, Kass said, “Thanks for inviting us tonight. This was fun.”

“Yes, I’m glad you joined us. It was nice to meet your friend… even nicer to see you.”

Kass didn’t know what to say, but her heart swelled with emotions she wasn’t sure she had ever felt before.

“Thank you,” she said shyly, looking at the ground.

“So see you Thursday?” Davis finally spoke up after a moment of silence as he seemed to be contemplating her face.

“Thursday,” she replied, hoarsely.

“Unless you want coffee tomorrow and I see you at the Jolt…”

“Right… coffee…”

“Yes, don’t tell me you’ve given it up.”

“Why would I do that?”

Davis grinned, surprising Kass with a side arm hug. “Good. I’d hate for you to stop coming into the Jolt.”

“I could come in for tea,” she chuckled, weakly, using all her willpower to keep from tilting her head into his arm, even though she wanted to badly.

“Or hot cocoa,” he said, pulling out of the hug, his eyes twinkling. “I hear women like chocolate.”

“Oh they do, do they?” she teased.

“Good night, Kass.”

“Good…uh… night…” she swallowed hard, watching the man walk away, her heart bouncing up to her throat. Wow! Just wow! 

Author Notes: I added a lot in this chapter – the band sequence, funnel cakes, the father-daughter balloon moment, some of Ayesha’s snark, Victoria, who is now nicknamed, Tori, and her job description, and many of Davis’ lines. The Fly Me to Luna song a.k.a. Fly Me to the Moon is here if you’d like to listen (of course, The Twilight Trio band members are much younger than the talented musicians pictured here).

And plasma fruit pizza is a thing. I didn’t make it up. Created by the modder necrodog on Modthe Sims for TS4. You can download here.

Writing these chapters reminds me of how cute Davis and Kass’ relationship was in the beginning. Opps… is that a spoiler!? Sorries. :/ I love their adorable awkwardness. Thanks for reading. 

1.10, Pt. 2: Park Play (KCLKF)

Tuesday, June 3, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Valverde 

“Remember that changing we’re supposed to be doing?”

Ayesha giggled. “Oh stop! Kass, he’s adorable,” she darted a furtive glance over her shoulder. “And… mmm… his behind is…”

“Don’t!” Kass lifted a hand, making a disgusted face. “Even finish that sentence.”

“Come on,” Ayesha offered a mock pout. “Don’t be a liar. You’ve thought about that…” she sashayed her hips playfully. “You’ve gotta admit. He’s pretty smitten with you.”

“Smitten?” I laughed unnaturally. “What an old fashioned word. Who talks like that?”

“Come on, we’ll go play soccer,” Ayesha said. “And I promise to let the Davis subject drop.”


“For reals… though that booty…”

“Haha! Victory!” Kass yelled, excitedly pumping her fist in the air.

She managed to kick past Ayesha’s guard, and the ball sailed into the net. The girls had been playing and practicing for over an hour.

“I’m exhausted!” Ayesha said, laying on the ground, waving her arms on the lawn like she was making a snow angel.

“Come on! Admit your defeat!” Kass smirked, offering a hand to her friend. As Ayesha returned to her feet, Kass added, “You’re right. This was good for me!”

“Oh geez, Kass, rub it in!” Ayesha rolled her eyes and huffed.

“You’re the one who wanted to come out and get squashed!” Kass taunted as Ayesha jabbed her in the abdomen.

“You probably cheated.”

“I did not!”

“I’m just teasing you know,” Ayesha replied tiredly. “Seriously, Kass, lighten up.” She fluffed her hair.  “This is why you need a man in your life… someone other than Gage…” she narrowed her eyes. “…because no offense, but he’s just holding you back.”


Kass couldn’t believe Ayesha would even remotely hint at talking badly about Gage. They had all been friends since grade school. Almost bordering on Three Musketeers kind-of friendship.

“Is not!” Kass retorted.

“Oh yeah, well, when’s the last time you went on a date?”

“I date.”

“Yeah, but when? Who?”

“Manuel Fernando. Junior prom.”

“Over a year ago,” Ayesha’s jaw dropped and she clicked her tongue. “Seriously, girl, you’ve got to get out more.”

“I don’t need to get out more,” Kass huffed, dropping to the ground to stretch.

“Isn’t Manuel the guy who wanted to be a psychologist?” Ayesha dropped down to do push-ups alongside.

“Yeah, he sent me a few postcards from Sim City,” Kass admitted, stretching to touch her toes.

“He did?” Ayesha squealed and pinched Kass’ arm. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Ouch!” Kass frowned. “Oh let me think! Because you’d do that!”

“So he’s in Sim City?” Ayesha asked curiously, standing up to stretch as well.

“Yeah, studying psychology and he’s interning in Takahara this summer,” Kass continued, rising to her feet as she cracked her neck.


“Your dream vacation!” Ayesha threw out her hand dramatically. “You should go with him.”

“Yeah, with like what Simos?” Kass laughed. “I could pick up a shift or two at Divisadero Books, and join him in like ten years! Or wait… with my payment-less internship with Jennifer.”

“Gage’s mom?” Ayesha’s eyes widened. “You’re interning at the law offices? Since when?”

“Since she offered me a job today,” Kass said with an edge to her tone.

“Trying to get in good with Gage?”

“I resent that.”

“Seriously, girl, do you even want to work in law?”

Kass stuck her chin in the air. “Why not? I could be good at it. I could be great at it!”

“Whatever,” Ayesha shrugged. “If you need a job so bad, I could probably get my dad to hire you at the gym.”

“So I can watch sweaty man butts with you in the locker room?” Kass turned up her nose. “No thank you.”

“Hey!” Ayesha poked Kass in the shoulder. “Now I resent that. Hey maybe you can go work with the dreamboat, Davis. I bet Granny Jade would hire you in a heartbeat.”

Kass sighed. “I thought you didn’t want me to spend any more time with Gage. He works there too, you know.”

“Gawd! Kass… I never said that. I just think you should branch out and live a little, you know. Date a little. Date someone like Davis. Or if you’re not into that delicious bowl of yum… date someone else. Date anyone. Plum, write a postcard back to Manuel.”

Kass grimaced. “It’s not like I liked the guy. He was so arrogant. He psychoanalyzed the color of my dress and said the dark blue reflected my mysterious nature and made me a likable person, but he warned me that it also reflected my desire to control and overpower people around me.”

Ayesha howled hysterically.

“Yeah you do that,” Kass snipped, reaching into her gym bag for a water bottle.

“Why…. didn’t… you…ever… tell…me…this?” Ayesha fell to the ground dramatically, gasping between fits of giggles. “It’s…high-larious…hilarious…”

“Stop it! You’re going to make me laugh,” Kass said, trying desperately to frown.

Unable to maintain her facade, she collapsed on the grass and joined Ayesha in laughter until tears rolled down their cheeks.

“Okay,  now that we’re all laughed out and we smell like sweat and we look like llama crap, let’s go meet Davis,” Kass said, sarcastically.

“I’m right behind you,” Ayesha smirked, walking sideways as she tried to catch her balance after standing up too quickly. “After I stop at the bathroom. I think I peed my pants.”


Author Notes: A little more expansion on Ayesha and Kass. Ayesha is a free spirit and says what she thinks, which is good for Kass, most of the time. While the two are very different, they share a unique friendship. I actually based Ayesha’s personality slightly on a really good friend of mine who reminds me to enjoy life on the wild side every once in awhile. As I mentioned in the first version of this chapter, Manuel Fernando is actually a Sim in TS2, studying psychology. For story purposes, he attended high school with Kass and graduated a year ahead of her, with Ayesha’s class. Thanks for reading. 

1.10, Pt. 1: Park Play (KCLKF)

Tuesday, June 3, 2415 C.E. | Sunset Valley, Valverde 

“Get us smoothies while I go change.”

As planned, Kass picked up her best gal pal on the corner of Maywood Lane and Skyborough Boulevard. Ayesha always brought a change of clothes when hanging out with Kass. She didn’t want her parents to catch her wearing something inappropriate, and of course, that was Ayesha’s middle name. Showing leg was out of the question, so soccer shorts and knee high socks in public were considered taboo. Kass was grateful she didn’t belong to a culture or a religion that was so restrictive.

Excuse me?” she looked at her friend over the edge of her sunglasses. “Miss Bossy! Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.”

“Oh puh-lease!” Ayesha rolled her eyes, snatching her bag from the back seat. “We are both parched after singing along to the radio at the top of our lungs.”

“True dat!” Kass grinned.

“And dinner’s on me,” Ayesha offered. “I made buku bucks in tips at the gym locker rooms this week… forty Simoleons.”

“Only forty,” Kass teased.

“I got to see some booty too,” Ayesha stuck her tongue out, then fanned herself, practically panting. “I fought tooth and nail to get assigned the locker room attendant job. Those men better keep their locker room door closed if they don’t want me ogling them from my desk. It’s prime real estate.

“Gross!” Kass tossed her sunglasses on the dashboard. “They aren’t meat you know.”

“Oh Kass, honey, they’re thick and juicy steaks…” Ayesha nearly drooled, bouncing off in the direction of the park bathrooms.

The summer fair had arrived in town. On week nights, it was open until ten and on weekends, midnight. City businesses and local artisans set up tables in Central Park to sell their goods. The local animal shelter had pens to entice passerbyers to pick up a pet for their kids. A group of clowns made balloon animals and offered face painting. Competitions ranged from a good old-fashioned kick-out for charity to chalk art to a hot dog eating contest. Kass saw Pablo, Gage’s foster dad, hanging out at the firefighters table. He waved.

“Come try my four-alarm chili,” he invited, carrying a five gallon red pot with oven mitts.

“Maybe later,” she smiled.

Kass passed by a city council table passing out fliers, buttons, and stickers for Vita Alto’s re-election campaign. It’s not until September. Kass sighed. She would be gone by then. Politicians. At least the police department sponsored a town favorite again this year – the roller skating rink. She would have to remember her skates next time. She recalled one happy birthday. She was seven. Her dad bought her a brand new pair of roller skates, white with pink laces, and she celebrated at the rink in Bay City with some of her closest friends. And her dad had baked a chocolate cake with pink frosting. I still need to call him back. 

A mini farmer’s market was located in the central quad with area farmers selling fresh produce, flowers, and seeds. Kass debated picking up potted marigolds for the front porch. For the last few summers, she had taken it upon herself to maintain the yard. Somehow her mamma always managed to kill the lawn. A little color might make up for the brown grass.

The Visitor’s Center had spokespeople, dressed in Paradīsian leis and grass skirts, handing out maps of the Valley for first-time visitors, coupons for surfing lessons and scuba gear, and invitations to watch the fireworks show on Friday nights.

“Come with a sweetie,” one of the girls, with a wreath of plumeria encircling her head, said. “It can be quite romantic.”


Kass smiled. She loved her town. Various vendors set up booths in with all kinds of food – Sim National hot dogs, hamburgers, funnel cake, fries, and smoothies. Kass approached and surveyed the menu, trying to determine which one sounded the most appealing.

“I recommend the mango blueberry,” a voice suggested, as a figure brushed past her.

“Davis,” Kass exclaimed, a wide grin breaking across her face.

“Well, hi there, Kassiopeia with a ‘k,'” he said, in the to-die-for Southern accent.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were working tonight,” she furrowed her brow, recalling what Gage said earlier.

“Oh?” his eyes widened. “You keeping tabs on my schedule?” he grinned cheekily.

“Um… uh… no…” she flushed, reaching for her wallet. “A watermelon blast…” she ordered, handing the drink cart worker some Simoleons. “And?” she glanced back at Davis. “A mango blueberry.”

“Good choice,” Davis approved.

“You suggested it,” she shrugged, trying to appear casual.

“I’m over at the Java Jolt’s booth,” Davis tilted his head in the direction of the spot. “So technically I am working… but now I’m on break.”

“Oh,” she said, uncertain of what to say. “Getting many customers?”

“Naw… actually…” he shook his head. “Everyone seems to be craving smoothies and snow cones over the Java. At this rate, I’ll close down early, though it may not be a bad thing…” he maintained his bold and flirty eye contact.

Kass felt the heat in her cheeks. “Closing down early?” she repeated.

“Hades…” he shrugged with a sheepish grin. “I’d wear a coconut bra and a grass skirt like those guys…” he pointed toward the Visitor Center table. “…if I thought I’d sell more java.”

Kass laughed. “Now that I have to see.”


She picked up her smoothies, carrying one at her side. They walked away from the vendors a short distance.

“What are you doing here tonight?” he asked.

“Uh… well, I was going to play soccer with my friend, but she seems to have abandoned me,” she explained, glancing around.

“Oh I just thought you liked two different kinds of drinks,” he teased.

“No,” Kass shook her head, lifting one of her cups. “This one is for my best friend, Ayesha. I promise, she’s real.”

“A girl friend,” he seemed almost relieved. “I’m meeting a friend later too. In about a half-hour. We’re going to do a little jam session in the park over at the bandstand.”

“Oh! That’s cool,” Kass said. “What do you play?”

“Oh I’m sorry. I thought I told you the other day. Cello.”

“Wow! That’s awesome!”

“Well I’m not that great, yet… this guy’s… well, he’s my teacher. He kinda talked me into playing in the park tonight.”

Somehow Kass was inwardly gleeful that Davis clarified. The “friend” he was meeting was male. Somehow that thought was comforting. She was about to ask him more about his music when Ayesha approached.


“Who’s this?” Ayesha walked up with a big grin on her face.

Kass gave her friend a strange look. The girl was still dressed in her street clothes, a red lacy tank, distressed jeans, and heeled boots. Hardly the right outfit to play soccer.

“Oh! Ayesha Ansari, this is uh… Davis… um… Davis… um…” Kass tried to introduce, suddenly felt flustered.

Lamar,” he said smoothly.

“Well, that just rolls off the tongue,” Ayesha stuck out her hand confidently. “Hi. Nice to meet you.”

“I thought you were going to change,” Kass narrowed her eyes, annoyed to share the conversation space with Ayesha for some unknown reason. “You were gone an awfully long time to not have changed.”

“Well, the toilets were overflowing in one bathroom,” Ayesha wrinkled her nose. “They were doing maintenance in the other and then I saw Zelda Mae, and she said to say she missed you at her party the other night. And so hey, how do you two know each other?”

“Uh, coffee shop,” Kass said.

“The Jolt?” Ayesha surmised.

“The one and only…” Davis confirmed. “Speaking of which…” he turned his attention to Kass. “I didn’t see you there today.”

Ayesha gave Kass the “oh really?” look, to which Kass ignored, feeling flustered.

“Oh I was there!” she said emphatically, recalling her horribly awkward conversation with Gage. “But I was… uh… upstairs on the balcony this afternoon. Where were you?”

“I came by around two to pick up stock for the festival booth. Must’ve missed you,” Davis shrugged.

“That’s too bad,” Ayesha said, grinning knowingly.


Kass tilted her head, shooting a “cut-it-out” look at Ayesha.

“We’ll… uh…” she returned her attention to Davis. “Let you get back to your booth. And maybe I’ll stop by later to hear you play.”

“Play?” Ayesha repeated.

“Yes, ladies, please come listen later. Bandstand by the fountains. I’m playing a little jazz bass with my teacher. He talked me into it.”

“Kass just loves jazz,” Ayesha gushed.

Kass elbowed her friend hard.

“Ow,” Ayesha yelped.

“Well, see ya,” Kass waved to Davis, handing Ayesha her smoothie cup.

See ya? Like she was talking to a buddy instead of a hot guy.

“Uh… wait,” Davis followed.


Kass could’ve kicked herself. Yeah?  Like I was answering my mom or something. What’s wrong with me tonight? 

“We’re well… my teacher, Mr. Andrews and I are going to eat a late dinner after we’re done. We’re uh… picnicking,” Davis ran a hand through his hair in an oddly nervous manner.

Kass tried to smother the smile forming at her mouth corners. He was charming, with that Southern twang.

“Since I didn’t see you today, would you and uh…” he blanked.

“Ayesha,” Ayesha inserted with a full grin.

“Ayesha…” Davis repeated to himself. “Would you and Ayesha like to join us? Say around ten? Is that too late?”

My internal girly girl squealed with delight. Mamma would be home late tonight or possibly not at all. It would be fine to stay out late.

“Nope, that’s perfect!” Ayesha answered while Kass searched for an answer.

“Yeah… yes… we’ll be there,” Kass managed, offering a shy smile.

“Picnic benches by the fountain. Don’t be late,” Davis said, backing away before turning to run off.

Ayesha linked arms with Kass, wrinkling her nose. “Don’t be late? Aw… isn’t he cute?”

Author Notes: So more about the town of Sunset Valley.  And a bit of expanded Ayesha. If I haven’t already mentioned, her father owns the 28-Hour Wellness Gym in the Valley. A childhood memory with Howard. An appearance by Pablo. And expanded Davis moments… because… just because… 😛