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Gage Briody has always wanted a family more than anything. After the death of his foster mom, Gage decides to leave Sunset Valley and meet his shady relatives in Riverview. Gage is looking for love and the women of Riverview certainly have a lot to teach him about love, lust, jealousy, and family. Will Gage learn what family and love truly means or will he fail miserably and be run out of town?

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My Life with Criminals MLWC

Meet the Bagleys – not your normal family. There’s Ma Bagley, the matriarch of the Bagley family and a retired jewel thief. There’s Rhoda Bagley, following in her parents footsteps, new to the crime scene, but working her way up in the ranks. And then there’s me… Sam Sherman Bagley, Jr. You can just call me Sam. I just want a normal life and a nice family, but frankly that’s just not a possibility when you live with criminals and ex-criminals. All I can say is crime never pays, and it always hurts the people closest to you. That’s what my dad told me on his dying day. I’m determined to live by a higher code of honor. We’ll see how that turns out.

My Life with Criminals (MLWC) follows the lives of the Bagley family – Ma, Rhoda, and primarily, Sam. This was the first Sims family I ever played with when I started The Sims 3. This is also the very first (unpublished) story I wrote with The Sims 3. I have a fond regard for my early days. Sorry, I didn’t know how to fully use cheats to get rid of the thought bubbles or plumbob when I first played.

I connected my current project – The  Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright – to this story line. Ma (Missouri) Burroughs Bagley is the older sister of Dakota ‘Kody’ Burroughs, father of Gage Briody, one of Kass’s best friends. Gage and Sam share a striking resemblance (which was totally unintentional) but works so well for this story. This backstory overlaps much of the beginning of The  Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright, before Gage goes to visit his relatives. Enjoy!

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Everyone knows the story of Bella Goth… but do they really? Who is the mysterious lady in red behind the most infamous disappearance in the history of the SimNation, maybe even the entire planet, Simterra? What really happened leading up to those missing years? In a world where there is more to everything than meets the eye and beauty is more of a curse than a blessing, Bella is an extraordinary girl who wants to be ordinary looking to fit in a strange, wondrous world. It is time for Bella to tell her own story. 

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a Sims 3 Story

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