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The journey begins with Jenara Yearling (January). Raised by her elderly great aunt, Nova Yearling, Jenara has been independent and self-sufficient since the tragic death of her parents when she was seven. Now with the passing of her great aunt, Jenara has inherited the family home in Oasis Springs, Simvada. Jenara wants to start a family because she has never really had one of her own. She hopes to find love, life, and happiness in her new hometown. Will she find the partner of her dreams and have a houseful of children, providing for future generations to survive and thrive? 


Meet Rachel Colt. The future matriarch of the Colt Family. She just moved back to Twinbrook after inheriting her grandmother’s small swamp home. Passionate about politics, Rachel hopes to move up the ladder and be Governor of  Louisimana, maybe even the Leader of the Free World. How far is she willing to go to make sure her dream comes true? What compromises will she be willing to make to achieve her goals?

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Malakai “Mal” Superbia takes his third wife from the “puny” planet of Simterra back to his homeworld. He is what Simterrans call the Grim Reaper, a member of an ancient polygamous vampiric race known as Kr’viots. Cora Mae Glory tells her tempestuous love affair, raising her family on this strange new world, and tolerating her husband’s other wives, their children, and the strange customs of this people. (This story is intended for a mature audience).

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a Sims 3 Story

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