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Connect with me on Tumblr: Find exclusive images and content, latest updates and posts, and other fun goodies. You can also download my TS4 Simself there.

Also follow my other Simblr: darknessmaydream-simblr for my Simblr-exclusive story, Darkness May Dream story.


I’m on the forums as Adamseve1231.

Other WordPress Sites:

  • Livin’a’Simmin’Life – my main SimLit blog with most of my other Sims stories, including my Simself story of the same name
  • Stories from the Darker Side – new home of my series, Forgotten Identity, Night Blooming Jasmine, Generation One? (and Darkness May Dream)

3 thoughts on “Social Media”

    1. Hey Simcraft81… yeah I just tried to load the forums and it just brings me back to the signin page. I’m guessing the site is down for now, but it’ll probably be fixed later. I’ll check back in a few hours.


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