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The People

PlantSims came about in a strange way, through the genetic manipulation of plants, Sims, and Xenosi, though some suspect PlantSims carry Atlântidan DNA. PlantSims are among the rarest of supernaturals, and are often face discrimination. PlantSims are officially called Viridi Plantae, or Viridi among themselves, named for the Latin term meaning “green plants,” essentially green algae.

The first PlantSim came aboard a downed alien vessel at the Great Southern Air Force Base. He merged with a flower before Sims destroyed him,  believing he was an alien.  PlantSims originated due to genetic experimentation and manipulation between plants, Sims, and Xenosi (and carry some traits of fairies, witches, and mermaids). Half PlantSims are called “saplings” and they often have normal hair they adorn with flowers.

Social Difficulties

PlantSims have traditionally been persecuted more than other supernaturals. PlantSims have been chopped down and villages burned. This is called phytecide. Many Sims are afraid because they have greenish skin (they look alien). Others are afraid because of the number of them and how quickly they reproduce. Many PlantSims undergo skin lightening treatments and try to hide their natural state in order to blend. PlantSims were formerly used as slave labor. They have been targets for abuse, bullying, discrimination, harassment, religious persecution, and violence.


a PlantSim posing for a jailhouse photo a.k.a. mug shot

To this day, there are still laws and practices in place restricting and unfairly discriminating against PlantSims. These laws/rules/practices/policies include the following:

  • Simnadia is the only SimNation state without reproduction, breeding, housing, and job restrictions.
  • To have children,  many PlantSims are forced to petition for an Ideal PlantSim (selected by the government) to come and father children either in vitro (donated seeds) or more often through forced impregnation. Natural births, in many states, are against the law and are punishable by death.
  • Many universities have a strict 2 PlantSim limit on enrollees per grade.
  • Many PlantSims have spouses chosen for them by the government.
  • Several cities accept PlantSims  in limited numbers- Pleasantview, Riverblossom Hills, Riverview, Edgewater, Twinbrook, Belladonna Cove, Midnight Hollow, Moonlight Falls,  Desiderata Valley, Strangetown, and Four Corners.


PlantSims have green skin. They require sunlight to photosynthesize and water to replenish their hydration needs. PlantSims do not grow traditional hair – their hair more like leaves, mosses, grasses, or sticks (dreads). PlantSims do not have allergies and their nasal passages are much thinner than Sims. PlantSims are typically weaker and have smaller muscular structure. For this reason, they are not adept at exercise or athleticism. They also enjoy spicier foods as their bodies can tolerate the heat and flavor better.

PlantSims are particularly susceptible to extreme temperatures. They can ‘wilt’ due to overheating and ‘freeze’ due to chilling. PlantSims that live in particularly dry climates may undergo treatments to remove the chlorphyl from their skin so they do not require as much hydration. PlantSims that live in darker areas with less sunlight may build special greenhouses or utilize heat lamps for their photosynthesis needs.

PlantSims consume nectar, honey, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and juice. They are vegetarians, and do not eat meat or dairy.  PlantSims can also consume something called ‘Plant Matter’ with flavors like a variety of spices, fruits, and vanilla bean. These are essential vitamins and minerals.

Since PlantSims have a shorter life span, PlantSim families are often large with more children than the average Sim family. Couples often do not get married, but they stay together for life. PlantSims can choose to produce a child without the help of a partner. This is because PlantSims are partially asexual. PlantSims may also have traditional babies, in the sense that they mate with a partner, with the help of fertility treatments. This is called pollination. PlantSims may also mate with non PlantSims and the likelihood of inheriting PlantSim genes is around 33%. This is called cross-pollinatization.

PlantSims suffer from a variety of medical ailments. See more.  PlantSims practice ‘sporism,’ a type of naturopathic or herbalist medicine.

PlantSims may leave little trails of flowers behind themselves when overly excited, nervous, or scared. They secrete a chemical in their saliva, known to normal Sims as the poison kiss, and this can cause temporary paralysis, nausea, itchy mouth, or rash. This only affects normal Sims. PlantSims can also secret a fluid in their saliva known as flower kisses that act as an aphrodisiac and mimic pheromones.

Societal Structure

Once a PlantSim reaches maturity, the individual picks a new last name as a sign of “coming of age.” On rare occasion, the PlantSim keeps his/her birth name or takes the former name of a parent.

Most PlantSims live in communes for community and protection. Most are welcome without hesitation by the Nativians, particularly si’brid communes. PlantSims also build greenhouses and live in “garden collectives” or “communes.”

PlantSim schools are often one-room schoolhouses taught by a single teacher for all grade levels. Much of their education is spent outside for health reasons. Many have their own schools, houses of worship, places of socializing, businesses, and banking systems and do not engage in mainstream society. Some PlantSims homeschool and pass skills and talents to their children.


Traditional plant attire consists of leaves and flowers.

Noteworthy Observations

A normal Sim can be transformed to a PlantSim if they receive repeated “spraying” treatments (essentially drug therapy). There is a high chance they may die in the process. If not, they will become afflicted with Botanitis Minorous.



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