Genies (sim’jinn)

Nalea Al Nazeen, a sim’jinn woman (FRWL)

Genies, also called sim’jinn, are believed to have been descendants of the Orbix and are rare.

Unlike the other hybrids, the sim’jinn are not recognized by their own parent race. This is because the Orbix view the sim’jinn as impure spirits, shades of their great race, and at worst, a xenon… a demon in Sim form. Because the Orbix distrust the sim’jinn and treat them as second class citizens, the Simterran governments and many Sims themselves have adopted this view. Like other supernatural races, sim’jinn must register.

Sim’jinn primarily live on Simterra and off-world colonies. Many travel and live alone, and are often viewed as “Carnival tricks” or “gimmick entertainers.” They are a small nomadic people, only a few hundred in total numbers. Sim’jinn often work in the service industry, using their abilities to entertain, comfort, and counsel.  They have been left to figure out their culture, powers, and abilities on their own and their skills are often not as fine-tuned, trusted, accepted, or understood as a full-blooded Orbit.

Sim’jinn cannot change their appearance like the Orbix and Xenosi can, and their skin tone ranges from a pale white-blue to a dark blue.


a Sims 3 Story

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