There are 11 kinds of supernaturals in the SimVerse:

  • Werewolf
  • Witch
  • Vampire
  • Fairy
  • Genie
  • Ghosts
  • Mummies
  • Mermaids
  • PlantSims
  • Simborg
  • Dragonkind

Supernaturals are the direct result of splicing alien DNA of some kind with Sim DNA. Successful splicing results in a supernatural. Unsuccessful splicing typically results in EXCES, a disease that slowly eats away at the Sim’s body because the body rejects the alien DNA.

It is believed aliens are responsible for the supernaturals in the SimWorld due to experimentation – werewolves, fairies, vampires, witches, genies,ghosts,mummies, mermaids, and PlantSims. Zombies are considered a side effect of late stage EXCES. Bigfoot is also believed to have existed at some point on Simterra, but hasn’t been seen for a long time. Theories include he was taken back to Xenosa or he died. Some Sims also believe the Grim Reaper is an alien from the planet Xenosa, but this hasn’t been proved.

EXCES is a disease caused by the body’s rejection of alien DNA. Read more here.


They are descendants of the Drakronon, genetically altered by the Xenosi, and are extremely rare.


Fairies are believed to be descendants of the Timeauns. Like witches, they often face discrimination for their strange appearances and are feared for their powers and abilities.


Genies, also called sim’jinn, are believed to have been descendants of the Orbix and are rare. Unlike the other hybrids, the sim’jinn are not recognized by their own parent race. This is because the Orbix view the sim’jinn as impure spirits, shades of their great race, and at worst, a xenon… a demon in Sim form. Because the Orbix distrust the sim’jinn and treat them as second class citizens, the Simterran governments and many Sims themselves have adopted this view. Like other supernatural races, sim’jinn must register.

Sim’jinn primarily live on Simterra and off-world colonies. Many travel and live alone, and are often viewed as “Carnival tricks” or “gimmick entertainers.” They are a small nomadic people, only a few hundred in total numbers. Sim’jinn often work in the service industry, using their abilities to entertain, comfort, and counsel.  They have been left to figure out their culture, powers, and abilities on their own and their skills are often not as fine-tuned, trusted, accepted, or understood as a full-blooded Orbit. Sim’jinn cannot change their appearance like the Orbix and Xenosi can, and their skin tone ranges from a pale white-blue to a dark blue.


Ghosts are temporarily caught in time-space, and are the only supernaturals who are not altered by the Xenosi. They are previously living Sims who have been altered through genetic experimentation and necromancy by the Titanav, the vampiric alien race.


No one really knows what causes a mummy to come to life.


Mermaids are believed to be descendants or the result of experimentation between the Timeauns and Sims. There are very few mermaid colonies. Mermaids can transform their appearance, living on both land and sea, but they require water to survive. Mermaids must replenish their water regularly through swimming and drinking plenty of fluids. Mermaids also can stay below the water’s surface for an abnormal amount of time.


PlantSims came about in a strange way, through the genetic manipulation of plants, Sims, and Xenosi. PlantSims are among the rarest of supernaturals, and are often discriminated against for this reason. They were initially used as slave labor in the early civilizations on Simterra. PlantSims live in “garden collectives” or “communes.” Many have their own schools, houses of worship, places of socializing, businesses, and banking systems and do not engage in mainstream society. PlantSims rarely inter-marry.

PlantSim Sexual Practices and Reproduction

  • Since PlantSims have a shorter life span, PlantSim families are often large with more children than the average Sim family.
  • PlantSim couples often do not get married, but they stay together for life.
  • PlantSims can choose to produce a child without the help of a partner. This is because PlantSims are partially asexual.
  • PlantSims may also have traditional babies, in the sense that they mate with a partner, with the help of fertility treatments.
  • PlantSims may also mate with non PlantSims and the likelihood of inheriting PlantSim genes is around 33%.
  • Once a PlantSim reaches maturity, the individual picks a new last name as a sign of “coming of age.” On rare occasion, the PlantSim keeps his/her birth name or takes the former name of a parent.

See Medicine and Diseases for specific PlantSim diseases.


The Simborg are a term applying to Simbots, Plumbots, and Imaginary Friends. They are the only supernatural that are created by Sims. However, bringing a “bot” or “imaginary friend” to life requires Xenosi technology.


Vampires are “tolerated” and “accepted” to a point in Sim society. All vampires are required to register with a vampire house known as a sanctum. The house is overseen by an Elder, an older, mature experienced vampire.  Each house specializes in a specific service or skill to ensure its vampires receive employment, housing, medical care, and nourishment. Vamp-telepaths work with the military and police departments. Vamp bloodletters work in the medical and scientific research fields. Vamp-entertainers work for dance and theater companies, bars, clubs, dance houses, and massage parlors. Unregistered vamps are called natbakka (or night-bats) and many are employed in some form of criminal activity.

Vampire entertainment houses require visitors to be over the age of 18, and they must pay the entrance fee and sign a waiver, absolving the employees from liability due to harm experienced during practices. If a patron cannot pay or isn’t deemed healthy enough for participation, they may be turned away.  A patron is called a benefactor and is expected to pay for and consume large amounts of alcohol and participate in ritualistic feedings. Vampires are tuaght to seek verbal permission from a benefactor before drinking blood, even after the paper is signed and money is paid. If a benefactor does not give secondary consent, the feeding does not occur. Most Sims need to take something for blood sugar and iron pills in order to regain their strength after a bloodletting, and rest is highly recommended.

Most vampires need to also take regular vitamins and minerals and stick to a strict diet to keep up their strength, and they may also take medication to counteract or suppress unwanted side effects of their blood nature.  Plasma fruit is available in most grocery stores, and plasma juice and packs are readily available at drugstores, as are sanguine suppressant patches. Vamprocillin-D is an incredibly expensive prescribed medication that slowly counteracts effects, subdues cravings, and reintroduces hemoglobin into the blood stream. This drug is the only one on the market known to help “cure” the effects of hematophagousemia, and is often sold  and obtained on the black market due to its rarity and price. Other illegal methods include “spells” by full-blooded witches (helping the vampire keep their sanity during a full moon) and a potent cure elixir, which is a cocktail of plasma packs, ruby red grapefruit juice, glow mushroom orbs, and crushed wolfsbane flower, and if administered incorrectly, can cause insanity or death.

Due to their blood nature, vampires need regular transfusions. This is often provided by the house the vampire belongs to, and can also be supplemented with “ritualistic feedings” through other vampires or willing Sims. However, illegal bloodlettings (obtaining another’s blood without consent) do happen and sometimes, blood killings. Those who are caught are brought to the council of elders (the leaders of the vampire houses) for punishment, typically jail time, fines and restitution, sometimes house transfer, community service, and in extreme cases, death.

Female vampires do not have a menstrual cycle. Hematophagousemia is the monthly equivalent, but male vampires also suffer from it. When a vampire is pregnant, hematophagousemia does not occur.

During a full moon, a vampire will suffer from hematophagousemia which is a mild form of psychosis. Vampires can become more agitated and anxious during this time, and are prone to violent mood swings, hallucinations, lucid dreaming, nightmares, and delusions. They may display paranoid or psychotic behavior.  Vampires are known to have a heightened sex drive during the full moon. Several treatments are known for hematophagousemia. Most vampires take the suppressant or medication. Read more here.


Werewolves are considered the oldest supernaturals as they were first discovered in Deutsimland shortly after the Simmians arrive on Simterra. Werewolves are the direct result of gene splicing between the Lykonians and Sims.

Werewolves live in packs led by an Alpha Wolf and his mate. Typically packs are rivals with one another for territory, food, and even sometimes mates. Werewolf packs typically register with the government, though some wayward packs choose not to in order to protect their clan or out of protest.

Weres mate for life, typically within their own pack, though they sometimes choose weres from other packs or even non-were Sims (and this is considered against sacred law).

Weres in Sim form are unable to get the necessary nutrients and vitamins through diet and sunlight alone and therefore, they typically have huge appetites and excess hair growth. They typically have tempers, will bite or scratch to defend themselves, and will often win in fights. They inherit their super strength and endurance from their alien ancestors, Lykonians. They typically live longer than their Sim counterparts.

Werewolves must hunt every full moon with their pack during their transformation. For a werewolf not to get a kill during the hunt is considered disgraceful. Weres typically do not attack Sims, though on rare occasion, a clan will choose to attack and kill Sims. This is considered taboo among the were packs, and is punishable by death within the were culture.

There are several reasons why weres might split from their pack: 1) pack reaches unsustainable size and younger wolves leave to form their own packs, 2) Alpha were might try and eliminate competition within his pack if there are more females than male, or 3) a were breaks a sacred rule or law of the pack. A werewolf who is packless is called Verbannte – exile. On rare occasion, an overly aggressive or super strong werewolf may choose to leave for the safety of the pack. These weres are typically more aggressive, stronger, and more dangerous when encountered than a normal were. They are considered eisam, the lone wolf. On the other hand, weres who are separated from their pack, forcibly or accidentally, will be weaker and more prone to typical Sim behavior.


Witches are among the most misunderstood of the supernaturals. Many Sims fear witches because of their strange powers and abilities. Witches, like other supernaturals, are required to register with the government, though many choose not to, out of fear for their safety. They often live alone. Many witches face discrimination and harassment.


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