Simterra’s moon is called Luna Prime and its major settlement is called Lunar Lakes. There is a secondary moon known as Luna Minor, home to military settlements – Moon Base Charlie and Moon Base Delta. 

Civilians are currently urged to refrain from travel to and from the moon due to an alien war in nearby space. Hostilities have not yet extended to Luna, but Simterran political and military authorities are exercising extreme caution.

Luna is currently under political and military control of the World Defense Force and the Simterran World Council. Two revolutions and civil wars for independence have been fought on Luna’s soil.

Moon Base Charlie
Lunula/Luna (Moon Colony)
  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: Simvarian, Simshuan, Simadrin, Simpanese, Simcois, Orbtorika
  • Race: (varies) Sims officially born on Luna are called Lunites


a Sims 3 Story

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