Listed below are the nations of Simterra. This list is a WIP. Simterra has 5 continents – Simerica/SimNation (the Americas), Simopa/Sim Union (Europe), Asima (Asia), Af’simica (Africa), and Osimceana (Australia). There is also a large section of islands off the east coast of Southern Simerica and the west coast of Af’simica known as the Simiribbean Isles (Caribbean).

Sim Nation [based on North America] 

  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: English, Mexsimican, Simcois, and others
  • Race: Simmian/Sim Nationals , Simnadian, Mexsimican

Simlaska [based on Alaska – formerly Alasimka] 

Califorsimia [based on California]

Illinoisim [based on Illinois] 

Louisimana [based on Louisiana] The Simole sub-culture is a play on the Creole culture.

New Mexsimco [based on New Mexico] 

Paradisí [based on Hawaii]


Simoridia [based on Florida; formerly Florsimda] 

Simstar [based on Texas] 

Simute [based on Utah; formerly Beesim]

Simvada [based on Nevada] 

Simizona [based on Arizona]

Wasimington [based on Washington State] 

Protectorates of the Sim Nation

Mexsimco (based on Mexico, Central, and South America) 
  • Official Language: Mexsimi
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Mexsimican


São Paten (based on Venezuela/Brazil) 
  • Official Language: Empordàn
  • Other Languages: Mexsimican, Simlish
  • Race: Patenese
Simnadia (based on Canada) 
  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: Simcois
  • Race: Simnadian


Sim Union (based on Europe)

Championne (France) 
  • Official Language: Simcois
  • Other Languages: Simlish, Simvarian
  • Race: Championite


Deutchsimland (Germany) 
  • Official Language: Simvarian
  • Other Languages: Simlish, Simcois, Deutch
  • Race: Simvarian, Deutchsim
Empordà (Portugal)
  • Official Language: Empordàn
  • Other Languages: Simlish, Simspani
  • Race: Poràdàn
Helsimi (Greece) 
  • Official Language: Helsimi
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Helsimic
Scotchland (Scotland)
  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: Scotch
  • Race: Scotches
Simshua (Russia)
  • Official Language: Simshuan 
  • Other Languages: Simkranya
  • Race: Simshuan 
Simspania (Spain) 
  • Official Language: Simspani
  • Other Languages: Simlish, Empordàn
  • Race: Simspanian
Simtalia (Italy)
  • Official Language: Simtalian
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Simtalian


Simtannica (Great Britain) 
  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: Bernish
  • Race: Simtannican or Simtans
Hibernia (Ireland)
  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: Bernilge
  • Race: Simirish (Southern), Bernish (Northern)


Simiribbean Isles

  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: Simcois, Simpor
  • Race: Simiribbean


Af’simica (based on Africa)

Simultan (based on Egypt) 
  • Official Language: Simrab
  • Other Languages: Simlish, Simcois
  • Race: Simultan


Asima (based on Asia)

Seoula (based on South Korea)
  • Official Language: Simoul
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Simoulan
Simbai (based on India) 
  • Official Language: Simjabi
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Simdian
Simina (based on China)
  • Official Language: Siminese, Simdarin
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Siminan


Simpan (based on Japan)

  • Official Language: Simpanese
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Simpanese

*All mentioned worlds are ones I have play tested and/or have installed. As always exercise caution when downloading CC and third-party content. If a link is invalid or no longer working, please let me know via comments below. Thanks. 

Osimceana [based on Australia and Oceania] 

More coming soon! 


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