Sim Nation [based on North America] *Sim Nationals are called Simmians. 

Alasimka [based on Alaska] 

Califorsimia [based on California]

Florsimda [based on Florida] 

Illinoisim [based on Illinois] 

Louisimana [based on Louisiana] The Simole sub-culture is a play on the Creole culture.

  • New Simoleans (based on New Orleans) 
  • Twinbrook [information link] (download link) (expansion pack, Ambitions)

New Mexsimco [based on New Mexico] 

Paradisí [based on Hawaii]


Simstar [based on Texas] 

Simvada [based on Nevada] 

Wasimington [based on Washington State] 

  • Rain City (based on Seattle) 


Mexsimco (based on Mexico, Central, and South America)

Mexsimicans speak Mexsimi.

Sim Union (based on Europe)

Championne (France) The people are called Championes and they speak Champion. 

Deutchsimland (Germany) The people are called Simvarians and they speak Deutchsim. 

Scotchland (Scotland) The people are called Scotches and they speak Simlish and Scotch. 

Simtalia (Italy) The people are called Simtalian and they speak Simtalian. 

Simtannica (Great Britain)  The people are called Simtannicans or Simtans for short. They speak Simlish. 

Hibernia (Ireland) Northern Hibernians are called Bernish and speak Bernilge. The Southern Hibernians are called Simirish and speak Simlish. 


Af’simica (based on Africa)

Simultan (based on Egypt) 

Asima (based on Asia)

Seoula (based on South Korea) The people are known as Seoulans and they speak Seoul. 

Simina (based on China) The people are known as Siminans and they speak Siminese and Simdarin. 

Simpan (based on Japan) The people are known as Simpanese and they speak Simpanese. 

*All mentioned worlds are ones I have play tested and/or have installed. As always exercise caution when downloading CC and third-party content. If a link is invalid or no longer working, please let me know via comments below. Thanks. 

Osimceana [based on Australia and Oceania] 

More coming soon! 

a Sims 3 Story

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