Historical Figures

Pre-Simterra/Earthen History also called Age of Aries 

  • Goth, Alexandra (Earth) was the Tudagrandia, Grand Queen, ruler in her own right in Simse, Europe after the death of her father, Rudolph. Alexandra married Arnold Benedict, and her children are Benedict and Bettina Goth.
  • Goth, Arnold née Benedict (Earth) was the husband of Alexandra Goth.  He was given the title Tudameister, or grand lord, upon marriage. He is the father of Benedict and Bettina Goth. He later betrayed his wife and country by selling them out to an Eastern European country.
  • Goth, Benedict (Earth) was the Herzim of Simse, son of Alexandra and Arnold Goth. He forfeited his rights to rule when he married a man, Kaspar Klaus.
  • Goth, Bettina (Earth) was the Herzima of Simse, daughter of Alexandra and Arnold Goth. After the collapse of Simse and conquering by an Eastern European country, she moved to England and married Gregor Dirk.
  • Goth, Frederica (Earth) was the Tudagrandia, the Grand Lady, in Simse, Europe. She is the wife of Rudolph Goth, and the mother of Alexandra, Vilhemina, Nolan, Ursula, and Simelia Goth.
  • Goth, Nolan (Earth) was the Herzim of Simse, son of Rudolph and Frederica Goth, and brother of Alexandra, Vihelmina, Ursula, and Simelia Goth. He forfeited his rights to rule when he ran away to America and lived with a woman named Dixie Dorthemier.
  • Goth, Rudolph (Earth) was the Derreitergrande, the Grand Duke and Leader of the Free World, in a city-state known as Simse in Europe. He is the husband of Frederica Goth, and the father of Alexandra, Vilhemina, Nolan, Ursula, and Simelia Goth.
  • Goth, Simelia was the youngest daughter of Rudolph and Frederica. She traveled to Simterra with her sisters, engaged to Admiral Leonardo Landgrabb. Upon arriving on Simterra, she led most of her peoples across the ocean to what is now the Sim Union and found Deutchsimland. She took the title Tudaherzima (direct translation: grand duchess), though was often also called Lady. She eventually married her trusted servant and advisor, Dietrich Haiden and had three children, Rainert, Louise, and Brigitta.
    • Goth, Dietrich née  Haiden, was the husband of Lady Simelia and had three children with her. He held the title Achtenmeister (direct translation: high lord; implied meaning: count), which passed to his oldest son upon his death.
  • Landgrabb, Leonardo “Admiral” traveled with the royal family from Simse on Earth to Simterra. He was engaged to be married to Lady Simelia Goth. However, she broke off the engagement when he was in favor of a military hostile takeover of the SimNatives in order to secure the land. He traveled across the sea to what would become Championne. He was the supreme ruler He was also briefly engaged to Anastasia Nectauex before marrying Josephine Landgrabb née Harnasse.
    • Josephine Landgrabb née Harnasse was the wife of Admiral Leonardo Landgrabb, and the mother of Giueseppe and Guilenne Landgrabb. She was known for her love of roses, and her husband would call her “my rose.” She had formerly been engaged to Alexei Beauregard, but he died in cryostasis during the travel to Simterra. She was pregnant when she arrived at Simterra, her baby having miraculously survived. She named the daughter, Rosalie, and she was the first baby born in the new world. Rosalie was adopted by her stepfather, Leonardo. She is modeled after Joséphine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. Fun fact: Harnasse means armors in German.

Age of Taurus (Rebuilding Era) 

  • Goth, Abelard traveled to Simterra with his wife, Vilhemina, and sister-in-laws, Ursula and Simelia Goth. He is the father of Eugene Goth and the grandfather of Terentius Goth. He held the title Meister (lord) during his lifetime.
  • Goth, Cyrus née Birch was the husband of Ursula Goth and traveled to Simterra with her family. He held the title Meister (lord) during his lifetime.
  • Goth, Eugene was born on Simterra and participated in the building of the nation-state, New Germania. He was the husband of Katarina Lord and the father of Ternetius Goth. He held the title Meister (lord) during his lifetime.
  • Goth, Gustav was born in New Deutchsimland, Simterra. His parents were Eugene and Katarina Goth. He died from eating a poisonous jellybean plant as a child.
  • Goth, Terentius was born in New Deutchsimland, Simterra. His parents were Eugene and Katarina. His brother, Gustav died as a child. Terentius married Hannah Sterling and is the father of Jocelyn, Katharine, and Krystal, and is the great-great grandfather of Diana Nejeem née Maximilian.
  • Goth, Ursula traveled to Simterra with her husband, Cyrus Birch-Goth and her sisters, Vilhemina and Simelia. She retained the title Tudamamzel (direct translation: duchess lady; implied meaning: grand lady).
  • Goth, Vilhemina traveled to Simterra with her husband, Abelard Oriole-Goth and her sisters, Ursula and Simelia Goth. She is the mother of Eugene Goth and the grandmother of Terentius Goth. She retained the title Tudamamzel (direct translation: duchess lady; implied meaning: noble or royal lady).

Age of Libra (Neo-Renaissance Era) 

  • Angelo, Simchel was a famous artist and sculptor based on Michelangelo.
  • Casimnova, Gui was a famous author, artist, and poet.
  • Goth, Lady Elma was the wife of Meister Rainert Goth.
  • Goth, Sir Rainert was the son of Lady Simelia Goth and Dietrich Goth. He was the husband of Elma Goth née Kristensen.

Age of Scorpio (Neo-Enlightenment Era) 

  • Goth, Lady Bertha was the daughter of Sir Rainert and Lady Elma Goth.
  • Goth, Lady Morgana was the daughter of Lady Bertha Goth and Norman Wells. She was well known for having lovers, despite her marriage to Maximilian Maurier. She was known to disappear after her violent mood swings and is believed to have suffered from bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. She is the mother of Lady Mathilde, Lady Zelma, Lady Bertrice, and Sir Ambrose. Her son, Ambrose is believed to have been fathered by a Xenosi. She disappeared during the Blue Thirties and is presumed dead.
  • Wells, Norman was the husband of Lady Bertha Goth. While he took his wife’s name as is custom with royalty, he kept his birth name since he painted and wrote novels under the name Wells.

Age of Aquarius (First Technological Revolution) 

  • Goth, Sir Ambrose is the son of Lady Morgana Goth and Maximilian Maurier, though his paternal parent is questioned. It is often believed he was fathered by a Xenosi. He was a sickly child, but close to his older sister, Lady Mathilde, who dedicated much of her life trying to find a cure for his disease, now known as EXCES. He died hours before the famous attack on the castle by the Xenosi.
  • Goth, Lady Mathilde also known as Lady Ravendancer was a premier doctor and scientist. She is the daughter of Lady Morgana Goth and Maximilian Maurier. She is the wife of Cecil Mills, and the mother of two sons, Timeaus and Cosmo. She was also the lover of Zephyr Wilde and became pregnant with twins. One of their sons did not survive, and the other son, Aquilo was taken away to be raised by Zephyr.  She is the sister of Zelma, Betrice, and Ambrose Goth. She dedicated much of her life to finding a cure for her baby brother’s illness and is considered the first researcher of EXCES. She was believed to be a witch by the townspeople and was set to be executed when she mysteriously disappeared, and is presumed dead.
  • Goth, Lady Zelma was the last of the Goth royalty in Deutchsimland. She was replaced by King Heinrich the Eighth. She is the wife of Otto Goth née Nein and the mother of Victor and Samuel Goth.
  • Vordmondt, Heinrich the VIII replaced Lady Zelma after she abdicated the throne due to her sister’s unpopularity, trial, attempted execution, and disappearance. He was the eighth Heinrich, descending from a wealthy and powerful family from Simse, Europe. He declared himself “King” of Deutchsimland even though no one had actually used the title “king” since Earth. He was a violent dictator and had many wives, Catalina Andorra, Kerrionne Borobudur, Janine Pax, Annie Le Marc, Catherine Bishop, and Sophie Black. He had 4 children, Maria Andorra, Edwardia Vordmondt, Richmond Boroburdue, and Maurice Vordmondt. He was eventually assassinated at the start of the First Xeno War.

Age of Gemini (“Blue Thirties”) 

Age of Cancer (First Xeno War) 

  • Andorra, Lady Maria was the daughter of Catalina Andorra and Heinrich the VIII. She succeeded Heinrich after his assassination, and after the death of her half-sister, Edwardia, the favored choice for queen. She revoked the title “queen,” in favor of the traditional “Lady.” She is famously known for her executions of Xenosi and other aliens caught behind enemy lines. She was once engaged to Duke Phillips, but because of his Jacoban faith, the marriage was rejected. Maria married Fredric Wilheim instead. Her daughter, Elena succeeds her. She died of Simfluenza in her early forties.
  • Austin, Edward “Eddie” was a military chaplain and war hero who rammed an enemy ship, losing his life, but saving the lives of relief troops.

Age of Capricorn (First Cold War) 

  • Andorra, Lady Elena was  the daughter Lady Maria Andorra and Fredric Wilheim, and was the leader of Deutchsimland during the middle of the First Cold War. Stricken with EXCES, Elena was unable to have children. She never married, even though she was in love with her childhood friend, the married Earl Roberts, whose wife, Mallory suffered from breast cancer. When Mallory made an unexpected recovery, Earl chose to stay with his wife. After the death of several friends and her former lover, Elena fell into a deep depression. Because of this, she grew reclusive and refused to see her doctors. She died of septicemia. She is succeeded by her second cousin, Amelia Reinhardt.
  • Alto, Ebenezer is the founder of Bridgeport, Pennsimvania. He is the husband of Elizabella Alto née Marley and the father of Apollo and Ambrose Alto.
  • Goth, Frida was a famous artist and the mother of Lolita Goth and was known for her Mexsimican lover, Diego Hombre. She was formerly engaged to Charles “Chester” Landgrabb, but broke things off when he showed too much interest in her daughter. She currently resides in Moonlight Falls as a ghost.
  • Simstein, Elbert was a famous scientist and inventor from Deutchsimland who moved to the SimNation to finish university.

Age of Sagittarius (Second Xeno War) (2386-2391) 

  • Capp, Consort ascended the throne in Simtalia after his grandmother Queen Therese Capp dies during the War. His grandfather, Eiton had died during a raid in the First Xeno War. His unmarried uncle, Prince Troy, the next in line to the throne, died in captivity during the First Cold War. His mother, Princessa Maya,  had also died at the beginning of the Second Xeno War. His father, royal by marriage only, was suffering from lung cancer and died shortly after Consort’s ascension to the throne. His wife, Contessa is a descendant of the Cesear and Lombardi families of Simtalia on her father’s side, and the Marcella family of Simtalia and Kalfanni family of Simultan. Consort’s oldest daughter, Princessa Goneril is first in line to ascend the throne. After the death of his second daughter, Princessa Regan and her husband, Caliban, the king and his wife are raising their grandchildren, Juliette, Hermia, and Tybalt.
  • Jefferies, Davis is a SimNation Air Force pilot and general who led the invasion on the Xenosi homeworld. While he was successful in driving the alien force back, he never returned and is presumed dead. He is considered a war hero.
  • Reinhardt, Amelia Victoria was born in 2372 to George Reinhardt and Victoria Reinhardt née Saxon. She is the granddaughter of Eloise Saxon née Vordmondt, and the great niece of King Heinrich the VIII. She grew up and was educated in the SimNation. Following the deaths of her parents in a fire when she was 16, Amelia lied about her age and joined the military to fight in the Second Xeno War. She trained in the Air Force and became a talented pilot, present at the attack on the Great Southern Air Base. When her second cousin, Elena Andorra, only surviving heir of King Heinrich the VIII, died, she was recalled to Deutchsimland where she returned as royalty and was given the title “Tudagrandia  Deutchsim” and Lady of Simcambria. She inherited all of the Vormond estates, primarily in Simcambria, though she resides in the Deutchsimland capitol of Dronningslund. Although she is the heir apparent and descendant from royalty, Amelia functions as Lady de jure or de facto tudagrandia, working in close conjunction with the Deutchsim Kouncilor.

Age of Pisces (2392-Present) 

  • Goth, Lolita is the daughter of famous artist, Frida Goth. She was a well-known model in Simpan before her suicide, a toaster in the bathtub. She is believed to have been mistress to many famous men, including  Simshuan president Vladimir Novikov.
  • Novikov, Vladimir is the current prime minister of Simshua. His girlfriend before his presidency, Belle Lee, a SimNational, died due to bloodfever. His first wife, Valeria Ivanovitch left him after an affair. His second wife, Charlene Chatterley is from Simtannica. He is known for his charisma and his technological trade relations with the Far East, particularly Simpan. Because of these trades, he has been able to bring his country into the modern era.



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