Detailed History of Simterra by Era

Simterra was discovered by the Amazóne, descendants of Old World Earth and Venusia (Venus). The Nativians, or SimNatives, as they came to be called, settled the land for a thousand years before the arrival of the Simmians. 


Pre-History (before Simterra)

The actual “Sims” lived in the principality of Simse or a city-state island in the Baltic Sea north of Germany. Their primary language is Simlish. Their primary language was Simlish.

In 2015, Simse was ruled by the Derreitergrande, (direct translation – grand duke; implied meaning – archduke) also known as the Leader of the Free World,  Rudolph Goth, and his wife, the Tudagrandia (grand-lady), Frederica. They had five children. Their oldest daughter, Alexandra, was the Herzima (first lady). They had four other children, Vilhemina, Nolan, Ursula, and Simelia.

Young Lady Simelia left Earth with her fiance, Admiral Leonardo Landgrabb, her sisters, Vilhemina and Ursula, and their families, to seek out a new planet and a new life. She took with her a large group of financiers, politicians, aristocracy, and servants.  Unfortunately, they encountered many troubles along the way and were forced to put their entire ship in cryostasis.

Aquarian Age (Rebuilding Era) 2100-2160

Eighty-five years later, Lady Simelia’s ship crash landed on the planet Simterra on Twikkii Island, after being shot down by the Xenosi. Many of the crew died from cyrstalis (cryogenic sickness) and many more died in the crash. After several years of recouperating and intergrated life with the SimNatives, Lady Simelia led her people and traveled north across the Simiribbean Ocean. They founded New Deutchsimland (in the Old Sim Nation; geographically today this is in  Sim Union). Admiral Landgrabb brought many SimNatives with the party to work as forced laborers and build the kingdom.

Due to irreconcilable differences, Lady Simelia Goth did not marry Admiral Landgrabb. Simelia married a commoner, a loyal servant, Dietrich, which was a controversial decision at the time. They had three children, Rainert, Louise, and Brigitta. Due to her marriage choice, upon her death, the reign of New Deutchsimland was passed to a non-blood relative.

Simelia founded the Konsile  of Neine (Council of Nine) to oversee various divisions of the government (Military, Education, Commerce, Conservation and Preservation, History, Research, Economics, Safety, and Administration).

  • The Nativian War occurred in both the Simistral Ocean and Simiribbean Ocean for control of the regions. In the West, the Sim Natives, known as Kiwas, won the war. In the Central East, the Simmians won the war.
  • The Holy Skirmishes between the Jacoban and Peteran occurred between 2115-2117 culminating in the Battle of Two Faiths, ultimately establishing a higher popularity for the Peteran church.

Leo Age (Neo-Renaissance Era) 2161-2190

Raxella Khristensen was an Achtengrandia in New Deutchsimland. Due to the controversy of Lady Simelia marrying a commoner, Raxella was the first choice for replacement.  She was the widow of Dafiht Khristensen, inheriting all of his lands in Simcambria. She also was the granddaughter of Nikoklaus Simterpieter, an adviser to Simelia Goth, Devoutarian priest and founder of a variety of nonprofits (a children’s hospital, orphanage, food bank, animal sanctuary, and research facility for bone disorders). Her grandfather disappeared around the time of her reign, never to be seen again.

Raxella chose to marry Simelia’s son, Rainert, as a sign of goodwill and faith, once the longstanding Konsiler (Councilor) (of Administration) died. They had one daughter, Bertha Miriam Goth.

  • Slavery was outlawed by Raxella in 2165.

Cancerian Age (Neo-Enlightenment Era) 2190-2210

The second wave of settlers arrived from Earth in 2200.

Geminian Age (First Technological Revolution) 2211-2299

…includes the First Technological Revolution and an era referred to as the Booming Twenties.

  • In 2217, indentured servitude was outlawed.
  • In 2272, the Llama Land Preservation Act was signed.
  • In 2278, the Xenosi surprise attacked a scout ship.

Taurean Age  (“Blue Thirties” Era) 2300-2338

…includes a period of time where economic growth was seriously stunted and the planet faced huge financial setbacks. This is a play on the “Great Depression.” The third wave of settlers from Earth arrived on Simterra in 2300.

  • Califorsimia is one of the few states in the SimNation that did not suffer financial setback as a result of the Silver Rush. Thousands of immigrants poured into the Nation, particularly on the West Coast, as a result of the hope of a new life thanks to the silver mining operations.
  • In 2336-2339 the Simspanian Civil War occurred in Simspania between the Jacobans and Peterans. The war ended with the start of the Xeno War as they couldn’t afford two wars.

Arien Age (First Xeno War) 2339-2345

The first Xeno War occurred. This is the shortest “Age” or “Era” in Simterran history.

  • In 2339, the World Defense Forces (WDF) was created.

Scorpio Age  (First Cold War) 2346-2379

  • In 2350, Lunar Lakes began talks to be an independent world.
  • In 2353, the World Senate was bombed as a result of Luna’s denied independence and Simterra cut off food supplies to Luna.
  • In 2354-2356 Food Riots began on Luna and in sympathetic Simterran cities.
  • In 2356, the Youth Corps was instated by the World Defense Forces on Luna.
  • In 2366, medium-sized space transport ships were launched.
  • In 2373, the military developed single pilot space planes.
  • In Simuly 2373, Lunar Lake rebels committed to independence set the governor’s residence on fire, sparking the eight-month Lunar Revolution between the Red Rebels, who fought for independence, and the Simterran World Council (SWC), who fought for unification. The civil war lasted seven months. The SWC was victorious and maintained unification.
  • In 2375, the Xenosi attacked military exercises.
  • In 2377, the most popular Spooky Day costume was the llamacorn, which is a cross between a llama and a unicorn. Its popularity was short-lived.
  • In 2378, the Xenosi bombed Moon Base Charlie.

Piscean Age (The First Wave of the Technological Revolution and the Second Xeno War) 2380-2391

  • In 2380, the military developed large space ships for space military combat.
  • The Second Xeno War lasted from 2382-2386.
  • In 2386, the Xenosi attacked the Great Southern Air Force Base.
  • The Plumbob Wars (or green diamond wars) began in 2389 and continued until 2399, though remnants continue to this day.
  • In 2387, the Xenosi attacked the northern Sim Union, devastating much of the farmland along the coast of Deutchsimland, and cities in the Simlandic States, Simbernia, Championne, and Simtannica. The city of Windenburg never officially fell, but many rebels and sympathizers helped the surrounding cities and neighboring countries, even though the governing body of Windenburg never officially offered military or emergency aid.
  • In spring 2387, “red rebels” attempted to cripple the Windenburg military and police force, but their plans backfired and their bombing killed most of the rebels.
  • In 2391, Davis Jefferies led an invasion party on the Xenosi’s home planet. Although none returned, the mission is considered successful as the war was stalled.

Sagittarian Age (Second Cold War/Second Wave of the Technological Revolution) 2392-Present

  • In 2392, the Sims encountered the Orbix.
  • ‘Let Their Be Plumbobs’ was a short-lived green diamond campaign, followed by a major black-tie event held by The Plumbob Corporation in the 2390s in La Ville Lumière, Championne. The event was attacked by terrorists. As a result, 33 people were injured, 17 people died, and The Plumbob Corporation closed its doors after paying billions of Simoleons in lawsuits after the public discovered that the party attack was coordinated by PC’s own head of security. Now the phrase ‘Let there be Plumbobs’ is used colloquially in a manner similar to “when it rains, it pours.”

Future Ages

  • Virgo Age
  • Capricorn Age
  • Libran Age



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