What is Simterra?

My theory is that the Sims live on an alternate version of Earth. A young monarch named Simelia, desperate to prove her worth to her father, left Earth bound for the far reaches of outer space with a group of nobles and servants, including Admiral Landgrabb. Her space shuttle crashed in the Simiribbean and met the SimNatives. She named the planet Simterra, gathered a workforce of the SimNatives, her own servants, and nobles and built the SimNation. Gradually, Sims branched out and started nations on the other continents – Sim Union  [European Union], Simerica [Americas], Af’simica [Africa], the Simiribbean Islands [Carribbean islands] and Simasia [Asia].

When the Amazóne, Atlântidans, and Ṭirākaṉ left Earth in the mid 15th century, only the most elite were placed in cryogenic sleep. The Ṭirākaṉ were able to stay awake because of their long length of life and care for those in sleep. Everyone else boarded the ship knowing it was a generational ship, and many of the original passengers died before reaching Simterra.

Why Simterra?

…because it makes it easier if it is an open planet

…because it makes more sense than a really large country on Earth

… I don’t have to worry about accidentally contradicting actual world history

…because traveling to the far reaches of space is cool

…because it’s set in the future

…because the aliens make more sense




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