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Peteran (In-Depth)

A Peteran or Petranite is a follower of the Peteran faith. Both the Peteran and Jacoban faith existed on Earth in a primitive state. Lady Simelia Goth was a devout follower of the Peteran faith and brought faith leaders to Simterra. The First Peteran Church was established in Deutchsimland. The Holy Skirmishes in 2215-2117 helped cement the early influence and popularity of the Peteran church, destabilizing the authoritarian dominance of the Jacoban church.

*This information is inspired/influenced heavily by the Jacoban faith in The Sims Medieval game.


Peterans worship the Almighty Father, whom they affectionately call Padre, and their faith is based on love and acceptance. They believe in living simply, loving the followers, and place a high emphasis on evangelism, prayer, community, peace, and relationship with God. Peterans have ministers known as shepherds.

Unlike Jacobans, the Peterans believe Padre wants a relationship with them, and that he is kind, benevolent, caring, accessible, and ultimately wants his followers to find satisfaction and serenity. When something or someone threatens their peace and community, they feel this is a test from the Father. Some of the most devout followers practice prayers, counseling, and cleansing rituals as a result.

  • Peterans preach salvation based on love and kindness.
  • Humor is an important aspect of the faith as Peterans believe their God wants them to be joyful.
  • Peterans also tend to be family-centric, believing all are welcome to come and ask questions of the faith and learn about Padre.
  • Many devout Peterans are cerebral and contemplative, seeking knowledge and understanding through direct appeals to Padre and through extensive studying of the sacred texts. These practices are sometimes mocked or misunderstood by Jacobans who do not directly appeal the Creator or Watcher, following instructions and guidance from priests and clergy.
  • Those who practice the Peteran faith often lead more humble, less ostentatious lifestyles as Jacobans. They believe their prosperity and peace are a direct result of obedience to and relationship with Padre, and they are obligated to give back to society and their communities. Peterans often build community gathering places, libraries, universities and schools, prayer chapels and gardens, hospitals, and community aid buildings.
  • The most devout Peterans, especially Pacifites, believe in simple, modest dress and lifestyle and renounce worldly attire and habits, and do not serve in military or public office.
  • Peterans believe in voluntary tithing, generally 10% of their income to the church and church-related ministries, missions, or Peteran charities.

Peterans hold Peter as a saint and the founder of the ancient Church, and try to hold fast to the practices of the early saints. They also hold the Good Book to be their sacred text or scriptures. The Devoutarians (Orthodox) also call their sacred text the Good Book.

Both the Creator and Padre are one in the same God, different aspects and interpretations of God. In both the Jacoban and Peteran faiths, they believe the first two created people in the world were Simdon and Eve (like Adam and Eve in the Simlish language).



An Angelican is a type of Peteran, though closely related to the Jacobans. Angelicanism is closest to Anglican and Episcopalian. They broke away from the Jacoban church because they didn’t like the mandated state religion and wanted a separation of church and state in the Sim Union.


An Edictarian is a type of Peteran, resembling Lutheranism.


The Pacificites are a sect of Peteran, based loosely on Mennonites, Amish, and Quakers. They believe in leading a peaceful modest lifestyle, separate from worldly attire, practices, and pleasures, and specifically do not serve in the military or public office. They also have their own judicial systems and disciplinary practices, some of which is recognized by federal, state, and local governing bodies.

Peteran Underground

In the early days of the Peteran church, the shepherds employed and gathered members of the religious leaders to serve in the Underground as a way to provide protection to villages, towns, and cities. The Underground was established to defend against the superior Yacothian paladins/Jacob’s Sword, which received far-more advanced training. At the time, the Underground was considered counter-cultural and held clandestine meetings to determine the most effective ways to protect the people. Today, the Underground still exists in a highly modified form, mostly in countries where Peteran is not the predominant religion, or one that is legally allowed, and these members operate less as soldiers of the people and more as clandestine meeting groups for people of the Peteran faith. There is a clan of the Peteran Underground on the Kr’v home planet.


Peteran ministers are called shepherds as they are believed to be teachers and guides of morality and faith. This term is borrowed/modified from the Firefly universe created by Joss Whedon.

  • Shepherds are allowed to be married and have families unlike Jacoban priests.
  • Shepherds seek to be compassionate and promote peace and prosperity to their flock.
  • Shepherds focus on evangelism, converting others to the faith, and often involve their entire families in this process, believing no one is too young to share the love of Padre.
  • Monastic shepherds may take a vow of celibacy and charity, devoting their life to missional work and study of the Good Book.
  • Shepherds often write sermons and prayers and sometimes make copies of religious texts (translating to other languages). Many shepherds read, speak, and write multiple languages. The pursuit of knowledge and understanding is highly encouraged.
  • There can be female shepherds unlike the Jacoban church.
  • Shepherds are allowed to hold other professions, often as writers, teachers, charitable and/or public servants.
  • Shepherds may bestow a blessing of the Padre or the Padre’s smile (a specific blessing of joy) on a follower, and they often speak of the Watcher’s Favor.
Saints and Important Leaders

Depending on the orthodoxy of the faith, some Peterans practice and revere saints, specifically Angelicans. One of the most prominent and important saints is St. Peter, the founder of the Church.

Peter Wacche is the first shepherd to set foot on Simterra, and was the personal minister of Lady Simelia Goth. He is also an important figure in the Peteran church as he helped establish the first church building and congregation, the Underground, and many modern day practices and rituals, including acts of charity. Peter was said to wield the legendary sword of the Underground, known as the Angel’s Talon, which was shattered during the Battle of Two Faiths, the pieces carried across all the continents and eventually lost to history.

Churches, Chapels, and Abbeys
  • Peterans hold services in churches and chapels.
  • An abbey is a place for monastic shepherds to live, work, and study when they are not traveling as missionaries.
  • Abbeys are open to orphans, the elderly, sick, widows, and runaways as shepherds strive to be open to everyone who is seeking and in need of shelter.
  • Many abbeys also have extensive libraries open to the public for knowledge consumption, though most literature needs to stay on site.

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