Venusian Pantheism

an altar for Noikoina

The Cult of Veni is also called Venusian pantheism.

  • Those who practice believe in the Div’Ven.
  • Their religion is called Order of the Div’Ine.
  • The Div’Ven is a house of gods and goddesses.
  • Since their culture is matriarchal, their primary goddess is Veni (or Venus).
  • The god, Morsim represents death (or the Grim Reaper).
  • The god, Urchusimlay represents the Sacred Llama.
  • Religious scholars have used the term “Div’Inenation” to describe the collective religious beliefs in academia.
  • The Div’Ven houses Nokoina, the caretaker of the earth for the Nativian
  • The Cult of Veni is the parent religion of Anima. Anima is more structured and strict, and proceeds to “modernize” and “reform” traditional cultic and pagan practices.
  • There is a festival for Veni in Simtober (October) where the people take to the streets and a carriage carrying a statue of Veni parades through the street and people toss flowers, kiss strangers, dance, play music, and bring heart-shaped tributes to the Temple of Afroditi in the Sao Paten capital. This festival is said to have influenced Valensim’s Day.

a Sims 3 Story

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