The Sims function in a representative democracy as a whole. However, each individual state almost functions as autonomous city-states or nation-state with voluntary officials.

The highest government official in a city is the mayor. The highest government official in a nation-state is the Head of State or Governor.

Each city-state sends a representative to their state capitol (House of Representatives) and Sim City (Sim Congress) to represent the interests of their individual city in the SimNation Council. The head of the SimNation Council is the President.

The Sims have also unified against the Xenosi and other invading aliens under the governance of the Simterran World Council or SWC. This council functions much like the United Nations but with much more political and military power. The SWC oversees the World Defense Force (WDF), and is currently headquartered in Setra, Simulta, on the continent of Af’simica. The head of the SWC is called the Leader of the Free World.

Sim Nation

  • Taxes and bills are compulsory, or the repo-man will come and take things at random from Sims’ homes.
  • Sims can take an active part in their government by signing petitions, attending protests, hosting fundraisers, and running for office.
  • Sims may watch the Sim Council or Congress on Sim-Span.
  • The SimNation government thrives on a strong economy and is able to provide nearly free healthcare to all Sims and large education grants/scholarships to all Sims.
  • The SimNation Intelligence Agency (SNIA) is the highest level intelligence organization in the Sim Nation.


Simlaska pays Sim Nation taxes but is protected by the Simnadian military and the Sim Nation Coast Guard. Territorial disputes occur frequently over outer isles, like Hylewood (a Simnadian protectorate with financial support and religious influence, particularly Devoutarian, from the country of Simshua, but the state is officially part of the Sim Nation). Due to this, there is a heavy influx of supernaturals and aliens living in Simlaska, as well as Jacoban and Peteran missionaries.

Simnadia and Mexsimco

Residents in Simnadia and Mexsimco are under the military and political protection of the SimNation. However, they are not entitled to the same rights…


  • pay higher taxes
  • only have one representative for their entire land in Sim City (instead of for each individual state or province)
  • do not receive first priority for medical care or educational grants
  • have a “state” religion – Jacobanism, though Mexsimican citizens are free to pursue other faiths
  • have less police presence, and therefore, higher crime rates
  • have cheaper higher education options
  • speak Mexsimican, Simspani, and Simlish


  • have a queen de jure (or de facto figurehead), Catarina Christiana Vanderburg of Simkatchewan, Simitoba, Nova Simotia, and honored descendant and title bearer from the Old Lost Lands
  • the queen usurp Sim Nation laws and grant asylum or pardon.
  • have an official representative on Luna in the Lunar Lakes Colony, Sofia Vanderburg
  • have relatively low crime rates due to the Simnadian Cyclers, national police officers on bicycles
  • speak Simcois in addtion to Simlish (due to royal descent from Championne)


is governed by the SimUnion Council, similar to European Union. Each country sends 2 representatives to serve on the Council. The Council Headquarters are in Championne and Simtannica. Representatives serve 2 year terms with a max term limit of 3 terms. The Presidente of the Council’s role is rotated between the countries every 6 years so that each country has an opportunity to represent. The Presidente is an elected position whereas representatives are voted in by current Council members. Each country also has a Head of State or Governor.


Deutchsimland has a Konsilor in place of a President, the Head of State and Law. Lady Amelia Victoria Reinhardt of Simcambri and Herzima of Deutchsimland, and sole surviving heir of the Vordmondt family is the de facto grand duchess. She is a royal figurehead, but she works closely with Deutchsim Council.

Simtalia has a constitutional monarchy and is not apart of the SimUnion. The current ruling king is Consort Capp and his wife, Contessa Capp née Capp (he married his second cousin).


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