Military and War

Nativian Wars & its Aftermath

Between 2119 and 2169, newly arrived Simmians (called the mowaho by the Natives) fought a war with the Nativians for the control of Simistral Ocean (to the west) and Simiribbean islands (to the east). These Nativians were called Kiwas.

  • Unlike their Simiribbean relatives, the Kiwas retained their advanced technology and enslaved minorities who settled on the island (Simmians).
  • This is the opposite of what occurred in the Simiribbean Ocean islands. Simiribbean Nativians were called Simuyans. The Simuyans were utilized as a slave labor in the early days of Simterran colonization.
  • The Simmians finally won the war after they were able to rebuild their technology (lost during their travels in space) and were able to travel in large numbers across the ocean.
  • Many Nativians were also forced into indentured servitude post the war as a form of restitution. This continued until 2217 when indentured servitude was outlawed.

War with Xenosi

Fast Fact: Military positions are filled by enlisted volunteers.

The Sims are currently in a cold war with the Xenosi (pronounced Zen-oh-see], an alien race from the planet Xenosa [pronounced Zen-oh-suh]. At times, aliens have intervened in Sims’ affairs – kidnapping, pollinating, experimenting on, etc.

  • When the Sims first arrived in Simterran space in 2100, their ship was shot down by the Xenosi and crash landed on Twikkii Island. For the first hundred years, the aliens left Simterra alone on the planet, although there were multiple skirmishes for those who ventured out into space and past the moon.
  • In late 2278, Edison Austin, the military chaplain, aboard a scout ship saved the lives of the nine other crewmen by ramming an enemy vessel after they were surprise attacked by the Xenosi. Austin’s scout ship had taken on relief troops, although it was against protocol, for Moon Base Charlie. During the surprise attack, all high-ranking command officers were killed. Edison Austin was killed in action and is considered a hero.
  • In 2339, the Xenosi came to Simterra for unknown reasons. Speculation includes resource plundering, slavery, or terrorism. The Sims were relatively defenseless against the powerful Xenosi. The First Xeno War lasted almost six years. It is believed the Xenosi got bored because they gave up arms or they were recalled back to their home planet due to war with other aliens in the star system.
  • In 2366, Alfred Triton, a government-contracted scientist, re-created medium-sized space transport ships.
  • In 2373, the military developed single pilot space planes.
  • In 2375, the Xenosi openly attacked military training exercises in deep space.
  • In 2378, the Xenosi bombed Moon Base Charlie. The Leader of the Free World who oversaw space operations and military bases/ territories still would not grant permission to go to war after the disastrous results of the First Xeno War.
  • In 2380, the military developed the first large space ships for space military combat.
  • In November 2386, the Xenosians attacked the Great Southern Air Force Base in Louisimana. This was when Sims began to suspect the aliens were responsible for supernaturals due to experimentation.
  • Upon learning about the possible genetic experiments, the Sims declared war with the Xenosi in December 2386. This was the start of the Second Xeno War.
  • In 2387, the Xenosi attacked the northern Sim Union, impacting the Simlandic States, Simtannica, Simbernia, northern Championne, and the northern coastal edge of Deutchsimland. Windeburg was an internal Detuchsim city that was not physically touched by the war, but many believed they should get involved. Many rebels and sympathizers helped the surrounding cities and neighboring countries, even though the governing body of Windenburg never officially offered military or emergency aid.
  • In spring 2387, “red rebels” attempted to cripple the Windenburg military and police force, but their plans backfired and their bombing killed most of the rebels.
  • The war with the Xenosi ended in April 2391 when a young general named Davis Jefferies led an invasion of the Xenosi home planet. He discovered plans about Xenosi’s home defense systems in a crashed alien craft following the Xenosian attack in Louisimana. Although none of the airships returned, Davis’ attack is generally considered successful as they were able to cripple the Xenosi military factories leading to the current cold war.
  • In October 2392, the Sims first encountered the Orbix, who offered to help bolster their defenses.

Civil War with Luna

Luna is under the protection of the World Defense Force (WDF) of Simterra. Luna is considered a moon colony.

  • In 2350, Lunar Lakes, the only civilian colony on Luna, began talks with Simterra to be an independent world, free of Simterran government.
  • In 2353, after being denied independence, a rebel leader by the name of Tessa Monaghan bombed the World Senate in Setra, Simtulan, Simterra. As a result, Simterra cut off food supplies to Luna.
  • Between 2354-2356, Food Riots began on Luna and in sympathetic cities on Simterra. Lunar Lakes rebels, also called Lakeites, took control of the military outposts on the moon. Many civilians, rebels, and Simterran loyalists against independence were killed.
  • As a result, the government started a program called Youth Corps for the “Lost Children,” orphans of those on both sides. The Youth Corps were designed to be a military training program for boys and girls ages 13-19. Many of these children were promised and bribed with food, shelter, and protection and some were even asked to turn on their rebel parents and relatives.
  • On December 24, 2356, Lunar Lake surrendered to Simterra. As a result of the peace treaty, Simterra sent troops to Luna to retake control of the moon and appointed a representative governor for Luna.
  • In 2373, Lunar Lake rebels once again tried to declare independence by setting the governor’s residence on fire.
  • From Simuly 2373 to Simuary 2374, the Red Rebels (fighting for independence) fought a civil war against the Simterran World Council (defending unification).

 Other Wars

  • The Holy Skirmishes occurred between 2115-2117 in the SimUnion between the Jacoban and Peteran churches, battling for religious and moral control over the population. These skirmishes were primarily fought in Deutchsimland, Championne, Simspania, Simtalia, Simshua, and Simtannica. The skirmishes ended with the Battle of Two Faiths in Deutchsimland, followed by a signed peace treaty, though the Jacoban church lost some of its early influence and dominance and the Peteran church gained popularity.
  • Simspanian Civil War in Simspania, Sim Union during 2336-2339.
  • The Plumbob Wars occurred in the Simirribbean and the Coast of Af’simica during the 2380s and 2390s. The war was the result of the unethical mining and treatment of those who worked in the green diamond trade. It was a series of “looting wars.”



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