A rare physical condition called Extra-Cellular Exclusion Syndrome (or EXCES) affects 1 in 1000 Sim-alien hybrid births, and 1 in 100 Sims are carriers for EXCES.

  1. What is EXCES?
    • The body rejects the alien DNA (the extra cells introduced to the bloodstream) and begins excluding healthy cellular reproduction, and rewriting existing cells.
  2. What causes EXCES? 
    • It is caused by alien and Sim DNA mixing as a result of partial alien parentage (one alien parent, one Sim parent) or failed alien-to-Sim experimentation.
  3. When does EXCES manifest? 
    • Symptoms of EXCES doesn’t typically manifest until adulthood (between 18-25), but there are cases of an adult experiencing first symptoms later in life (between 40-55). Children almost always receive a fatal diagnosis (dying in a year or less) if they are under the age of 5. However, only 2% of diagnoses are for children. It is unclear as to why the disease takes so long to take effect.
  4. Who is at risk for EXCES? 
    • Genetics do play a part in who gets the disease, primarily from an affected or carrier parent. If both parents have the disease, the risk for offspring having EXCES is around 25%.  If both parents are carriers, the risk for offspring having EXCES is around 5%. If a single parent has the disease, the risk of offspring having the disease is around 10%, and for a single parent carrier, the risk of offspring having the disease is less than 1%.
  5. What are the symptoms? 
    • weakening muscles and skeletal structure (often leading to easy breaks), involuntary muscle spasms, extreme fatigue, extreme sudden onset of pain, rapid, shallow breathing, difficulty with movement (often needing the use of external aids such as walkers/wheelchairs), easy bruising, unexplained bleeding, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, discoloration of skin pigment and eye color, hair loss, inability to regulate internal temperature, memory loss, coma, and eventual death
  6. What is the treatment? 
    • Dr. Honey Mustard, of the Mustard Family Clinic,  developed a treatment called Cellular Replacement Therapy, also called CRT. The procedure uses a chemical called **8B0000 (often called 8B-O) to purge the system of the alien DNA and replace/repair the damaged DNA. CRT is an expensive procedure, involving multiple transfusions and sometimes surgeries. The success rate is around 43%. Other treatment options include blood transfusions, bone marrow transplants, drugs to assist in clot formation or to break up clotting depending on an individual’s condition, and/or chemotherapy to destroy abnormal cells. In many cases, treatment merely prolongs the life and slows the rate of cellular death. These treatments include corticosteroid drugs, physical and occupational therapy, assisted ventilation, and sleep therapy.
    • Some doctors and practioners have tried natural or homeopathic treatments such as Rosalie Avila of Desierto Rojo, Dr. Jocasta Bachelor of Sunset Valley and Bay City, and Nurse Lina Lancaster in Lucky Palms. Sometimes they use Capsaicin as a way to assist with opening the nasal passages to aid in breathing and sleep.
  7. Is there a cure?
    • There is no known cure. 95% of patients diagnosed with EXCES die within 1-5 years. Dr. Mustard lost her medical license and her clinic closed when they failed a government inspection. Details regarding the mysterious procedures have been kept secret, but the rumor is she was using an experimental hypnotherapy to cure EXCES and failed.
  8. What is the general opinion of EXCES? 
    • The government has explicitly denied the existence of EXCES, claiming the disease is a hoax and no alien-Sim hybrids have been officially recorded.
    • The medical community is a little more open-minded but treatment and the disease itself are regarded as unworthy of dedicated research time. Many doctors and medical professionals who do believe in finding a cure or treating the disease are ostracized from their peers.
    • The Goth Family has traditionally donated money and time to researching the disease until recently. Bella Goth was instrumental in raising awareness of this little understood disease.
    • The general public is fairly indifferent to the disease, many choosing to ignore it or dismiss it as myth or medical community conspiracy. Those who suffer from the illness are ignored at best, and many are abused or are targets of hate crimes.
  9. What is SZV?
    • SZV is the Sim-Zombie Virus. This is late stage EXCES.
    • Some refer to it just as ZOMBIE because it of its’ symptoms. Z-Zoomimetic symptoms (acting like an animal), O- Organ failure, M – mental disturbance, B – breakdown of cellular structure, I – internal hemorhaging, and E – excessive sweating.
    • Other symptoms include orangish skin, sunken eyes, dark circle spots, bouts of rabid hunger, memory loss, dementia, insanity, destructive tendencies, violent outbursts, and total cognitive wipe.
    • The disease is believed to be fatal, although patients can live for several months to a year.
  10. Fun Author’s Notes:
    • Dr. Honey Mustard is a play on Dr. Charles Horace Mayo of the Mayo Clinic.
    • 8B0000 is the hex triplet of the color dark red, the color of our blood.
    • The Haven is located somewhere in Simlaska and is a home for victims of EXCES, at all stages of the disease.
    • Casa de la Esperanza in Desierto Rojo, Mexsimco is a home for supernaturals and victims of EXCES.

a Sims 3 Story

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