Medicine and Disease

Types of Diseases

Illnesses and Conditions

  • Allergies
  • Burningsim fever
  • Common cold
  • EXCES 
  • Food poisoning
  • Llama flu
  • Llamapox
  • Mummificaticomcurstius
  • Parksimson’s Disease
  • Pestilence Plague
  • Pneusimonia
  • Simfluenza
  • S.I.V.
  • Temporal Paradoxicus
  • Triplethreatinitis
  • Zombiescourge

PlantSim Diseases

*The following diseases are unique to PlantSims. 

  • Leafhopper (The PlantSim version of EXCES; caused when the body rejects the alien DNA; causes stunted growth or growth reversal and pale skin)
  • Leafminers (Causes hollowing of plant leaves and structure, bone loss, weakening of muscles; often accompanied with Leafhopper; Treated with Flavonols)
  • Mosaic Virus (Caused when a PlantSim is bitten by aphids; similar to lice; causes itching, yellowing of skin, distorted vision, stunted growth; bulging veins, and deformed leaves; treated with Herbicides)
  • Thrips (causes graying of skin and early aging, including silver hair; Treated with Flavonol glycosides)
  • Virawurm (Commonly known as Wireworms; a type of disease that manifests like a rash, popping up in random places just below the skin; causes yellowing of skin and stunts growth; Treated with Sesquiterpene lactones)

Vampire Diseases

  • Hematophagousemia, also called Hema-F anemia is a lifelong, inherited blood disease.  It is unique to vampires, half-vampires, and victims of illegal turnings.
    • Hema-F causes fewer than normal healthy red blood cells and less hemoglobin.
    • Symptoms include excessive appetite, unusual food cravings, violent mood swings, excessive sweating, fevers, deliriousness, abnormally pale skin, glowing eyes, heightened sex drive, susceptibility to infections, aggressiveness, high blood pressure, agitation, anxiety, increased heart rate, dry mouth, and in extreme cases, hallucinations, lucid dreaming, nightmares, delusions, a loss of sense of reality, paranoid, or other psychotic behavior.
    • In children, Hema-F can cause early puberty.
    • The cause is unknown, but is assumed a side effect of genetic experimentation.
    • The name is derived from hemato – blood – phagous – eating, feeding on, devouring, and anemia – a deficiency of hemoglobin.
    • Symptoms primarily manifest during a full moon. On rare occasion, Hema-F may manifest at other times (like under severe psychological or physical stress or artificially through spells or potions).
    • Hema-F is treated with
      • sanguine suppressants often administered in the form of a shot or a patch, which help suppress the craving of blood, and available over the counter
      • plasma packs injected directly into the blood stream to replenish blood loss or cravings
      • taking Vamprocillin-D*, an expensive prescribed medication used to counteract the effects, subdue cravings, and gradually reintroduce hemoglobin into the blood stream
      • by obtaining a rare, but illegal Potent Cure Elixir
      • requiring a spell from a full-blooded witch,
      • or in more extreme cases, blood transfusions, though this can cause a build-up of iron in the tissues and cause organ and tissue damage, and require iron chelation therapy.
      • Some claim sexual activity can help alleviate symptoms in mild cases.
  • Blood Fever is caused by an infected vampire bite. This disease can affect both vampires and Sims, though most full-blooded vampires are likely immune.
    • Blood fever symptoms include sudden high fever, nausea and vomiting, skin rash, severe headaches, pain behind eyes, severe joint and muscle pain, severe fatigue, mild bleeding (nose, gums, etc), and easy bruising.
    • There is no specific medical treatment, and patients are most often told to rest and sleep and get plenty of fluids.
      • There are several “black market” treatments.
      • A Potent Cure Elixir is thought to possibly help alleviate symptoms, but this is illegal.
      • If a Sim with blood fever is turned into a vampire, the effects are almost always reversed, but again, turnings are illegal.
      • An Invigorating Elixir is also thought to help the effects, and while not illegal, is difficult to obtain.
      • Naturopathic treatments may include the Sim ingesting red valerian root, mandrake root, wolfsbane flower, honey, and spotlight mushrooms.

*Vamprocillin-D is mentioned in the Potions article on the Sims Wikia as a cure for vampirism in The Sims 2. In my SimWorld, it is a medication for hematosis.


Fast Facts

  • Recreational drug use is illegal in the SimNation, and most countries around Simterra.
  • Coffin Nail is a type of cigarette.
  • Llammas is a type of cigarette.

Types of Medical Drugs

  • Vamprocillin-D is a medical drug used to alleviate hematophagousemia symptoms.
  • Gerbits spectoris (also known as llama spit) is a medical drug used to treat diabetes and obesity. Due to the scarcity of its source, it is very expensive. Doo Peas Pharmaceuticals is working on a synthetic version.

Types of Illegal Drugs

  • One of the most common drugs Sims abuse  is Mixzomyatrobride, also known as MT, Mix, Mya, and MayDay, mostly called that due to the rapid drop in blood pressure. It’s primarily used as a pharmaceutical drug known to treat stress and stress-related disorders. When made illegally on the street, the pill can be lethal in high doses. (Mixzomyatrobride is mentioned in the Medicine article on the Sims Wikia under the Medical Researcher chance card.)
  • Crystallite is a Simworld drug also known as Crystals, C, Xtal, or C-Lite, and is similar to crystal methamphetamine. The drug initially gives the user a pleasant “high” and then causes decreased appetite, memory loss, aggressive behavior, and eventually psychosis and possibly permanent heart and brain damage.
  • Nepeta, also known as Peta, is a veterinary drug used to treat pain in animals, but humans can use it for a high, though it’s very dangerous.
  • Simpium is my SimWorld version of heroin, also known as peppies, P, or Simpops. The drug causes euphoria, nervousness, and drowsiness. Over time, it causes acute dependency, heart infection, collapsed veins, liver failure, and stomach abscesses.
  • Gerbits spectoris, also known as llama spit, is sometimes sold illegally on the black market. Recreationally, the herbaceous material can be chewed or added to an alcoholic drink for flavor (though this is illegal), and can also be rolled into cigarettes or inhaled via hookahs (also illegal).

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