Medicine and Disease

Types of Diseases

Illnesses and Conditions

  • Allergies
  • Burning fever
  • Common cold
  • Cyrstalis (cryogenic sickness)
  • EXCES 
  • Food poisoning
  • Llama flu
  • Llamapox
  • Mummificaticomcurstius
  • Parksimson’s Disease
  • Pestilence Plague
  • Pneusimonia
  • Simfluenza
  • S.I.V.
  • Temporal Paradoxicus
  • Triplethreatinitis
  • Zombisim


See also: PlantSim Diseases; Vampire Diseases 


Fast Facts

  • Recreational drug use is illegal in the SimNation, and most countries around Simterra.
  • Coffin Nail is a type of cigarette.
  • Llammas is a type of cigarette.

Types of Medical Drugs

  • Vamprocillin-D is a medical drug used to alleviate hematophagousemia symptoms.
  • Gerbits spectoris (also known as llama spit) is a medical drug used to treat diabetes and obesity. Due to the scarcity of its source, it is very expensive. Doo Peas Pharmaceuticals is working on a synthetic version.

Types of Illegal Drugs

  • One of the most common drugs Sims abuse  is Mixzomyatrobride, also known as MT, Mix, Mya, and MayDay, mostly called that due to the rapid drop in blood pressure. It’s primarily used as a pharmaceutical drug known to treat stress and stress-related disorders. When made illegally on the street, the pill can be lethal in high doses. (Mixzomyatrobride is mentioned in the Medicine article on the Sims Wikia under the Medical Researcher chance card.)
  • Crystallite is a Simworld drug also known as Crystals, C, Xtal, or C-Lite, and is similar to crystal methamphetamine. The drug initially gives the user a pleasant “high” and then causes decreased appetite, memory loss, aggressive behavior, and eventually psychosis and possibly permanent heart and brain damage.
  • Nepeta, also known as Peta, is a veterinary drug used to treat pain in animals, but humans can use it for a high, though it’s very dangerous.
  • Simpium is my SimWorld version of heroin, also known as peppies, P, or Simpops. The drug causes euphoria, nervousness, and drowsiness. Over time, it causes acute dependency, heart infection, collapsed veins, liver failure, and stomach abscesses.
  • Gerbits spectoris, also known as llama spit, is sometimes sold illegally on the black market. Recreationally, the herbaceous material can be chewed or added to an alcoholic drink for flavor (though this is illegal), and can also be rolled into cigarettes or inhaled via hookahs (also illegal).

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