Education Fast Facts 

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Boarding Schools
  • Dribbledine Sports Academy in Twinbrook, Louisimana
  • Fort Starch Military School in Strangetown, New Mexsimco
  • Le Frommage School of the Arts in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia
  • School of Peace and Love in Starlight Shores, Califorsimia
  • Smuggsworth Prep School in Bridgeport, Pennsimvania

Colleges and Universities 

  • Edgewater Global Business College in Edgewater, Louisimana
  • Florensimia Academie of the Arts in Monte Vista, Simtalia, Sim Union
  • Jullisimiard Conservatory in Big Apple City, Simpire
  • Legacy Community College in Bay City, Califorsimia
  • Le Simdon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Lucky Palms, Simbrush.
  • Mare Cognitum University in Lunar Lakes, Luna
  • Massimchusetts Institute of Technology (MaSim Tech) in Olde Towne, Massimchusetts
  • Northwestern University in Simcago, Illinoisim
  • Saint Simmons Theological Seminary in Moonlight Bay, Alasimka
  • Simford Medical University and Hospital in China Beach, Califorsimia
  • Simnult Global Business College in Cascade Shores, Massimchusetts
  • Sim State University in Pleasantview, Misimigan
  • Sim State University in Sim City, District of Simlumbia
  • Simstar State University in Ausim, Simstar
  • Simvard University in Simbridge, Massimchusetts
  • Sunset University of Califorsimia in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia
  • Thomas School of the Arts in Oakland, Califorsimia


  • A Helsimi House is my Simworld version of a Greek house, similar to a fraternity and sorority, with an emphasis on traditional Helsimi values and a standard of academic excellence.

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