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I had trouble resizing this object. My apologies. The matching dates on the Gregorian calendar are approximate and are based on the International Fixed Calendar.

Fast Facts

  • The Simterran year is 365 days.
  • The SimStandard Calendar has 13 months (lunas) of 28 days.
  • Every year there is a special day called Simultima (Year’s End) that falls on Earth Standard December 31st. It does not have a specific attached day of the week so the new year may always begin on a Sunday, and is considered a “weekend” day and a work/school holiday.
  • The calendar is based on the International Fixed Calendar, with one exception – the month Simerce is based on Mercedonius from the ancient Roman calendar, and replaces the IFC month of Sol.
  • Every four years, there is a leap year or Simumai (LeapYear), the frog day. This extra day is added to the end of the Simcember and it does not belong to any particular month or day so as to ensure days always fall on the same day of the week. It is considered a “weekend” day and a work/school holiday.

Educational Calendar

  • Students attend school  35 weeks out of the 52-week year.
  • Students enjoy 2- 1 week breaks (fall and winter), 1 2-week break (spring) and 2 vacations (4 week winter vacation and 8 week summer vacation).
  • School semesters last for seven weeks in length.

Astrological Signs

Since Simterra has 13 months in its year, this changes things in regard to the astrological signs. There are 52 weeks in the year so divided by 13 signs, this means each ‘sign’ is prominent for one month. I also needed to add a 13th sign – Ophiuchus.  This sign was proposed by Walter Berg as the 13th sign of the zodiac. The dates below are purely fictional and are loosely based on the “correct” time of year (which would be different in another solar system anyway). I don’t really follow astrology, but I find it fun for helping me create character personalities.

  • Aries [Simarch 15 –  Simpril 14]
  • Taurus  [Simpril 15 – Simmay 14]
  • Gemini [Simmay 15 – Simune 14]
  • Cancer  [Simune 15 – Simuly 14]
  • Leo [Simuly 15 – Simgust 14]
  • Virgo [Simgust 15 – Simtember 14]
  • Libra [Simtember 15 – Simtober 14]
  • Scorpio [Simtober 15 – Simvember 14]
  • Ophiuchus [Simvember 15 – Simcember 14]
  • Sagittarius [Simcember 15 – Simuary 14]
  • Capricorn [Simuary 15 – Simbruary 14]
  • Aquarius [Simbruary 15 – Simerce 14]
  • Pisces [Simerce 15 – Simarch 14]


  • Spring  Simarch 1 – Simune 7
  • Summer Simune 8 – Simtember 14
  • Fall Simcember 15 – Simcember 20
  • Winter Simcember 21 – Simerce 28

[See also Planet & Nature: Weather]. 

Simterran Holidays

These holidays are considered work and school holidays if they fall on a week day.

  • Simancilla (New Year’s Day) (Simuary 1st)
  • Spooky Day (Simtober 28th)
  • Christmas (Simcember 25th)
  • Simultima (New Year’s Eve) (Simcember 27th)

Religious Holidays

  • Christmastide (Christmas Day – Simuary 7th – similar to the 12 days of Christmas)
  • Festival of Lights (the Jacoban and Peteran version of Epiphany – Simuary 8th)
  • Carnivale Season (Monera, Simuary 9th)
  • Simardi Gras (Monera, Simarch 16th- always falls 48 days before Passover)
  • Simfast (Tridera, Simarch 17th) (the Jacoban and Peteran version of Lent – always falls 47 days before Passover)
  • Passover (the Jacoban and Peteran version of Easter) (Sonera, Simmay 8th)

Local Holidays

  • More coming soon! 

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