Fast Facts

  • SimWorld Location: Simterra
  • SimWorld People: Simterrans
  • SimWorld Race: diverse skin colors and cultures, but all are called Sims. Sims living in the Sim Nation are called Simmians.
  • SimWorld Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: English and other languages brought from Earth
  • SimWorld Official Animal: Llama
  • State of Economy: Thriving
  • Geography: Valleys, Beaches, Mountains, Hills, Desert, Grassy Plains, Swamps and Bayou
  • Living Locations: Primarily cities, suburbs, and towns
  • State Seal: Plumbob
  • Type of Government: Representative Democracy
  • Military: Voluntary
  • War: 2 prominent wars known as the First and Second Xeno Wars with an alien race known as Xenosi; currently a cold war between the Xenosi and Simterrans
  • Education: Compulsory K-12; generous government grants for higher education


  • Champs de Marsian Tower is based on the Efiiel Tower in Paris and is located in Champs Les Sims, Championne, Sim Union.


  • Simukiyo-e painting  is a Simworld version of ukiyo-e woodblock prints and painting, a style native to Japan. Read more here.

Business and Industry

Companies and Corporations

  • Abersimbie and Witch
  • Arasika Future Motors
  • Arch Motor Company
  • Athena Automotive
  • The Bella Beneficiary
  • Bluewater Real Estate
  • Bourree Motors
  • Brunton’s Boxcar Dining Company
  • Colt Manufacturing
  • Doo Peas Pharmaceutical Company
  • Falena Motor Company (Falena means ‘moth’ in Italian)
  • Ferrari Spyder Company
  • Flywheel Cycles Inc.
  • Good Neighbor Insurance
  • Horch Automobile Manufacturing
  • Landgrabb Land Holdings Company
  • Llama Shipping Corps
  • Mick’s Master Karaoke
  • Mr. Wonderful Company
  • PeachySoft Corporation (my Simworld equivalent of Microsoft)
  • Racket Engineering
  • Raven Research Syndicate (RRS)
  • Riveria Real Estate Firm
  • Rollin’ Manufacturing Group
  • Sears Auto Care
  • Sharma Day Spa
  • Simeji Chocolate Factory
  • Simphora Cosmetics
  • Specific Motor Company
  • StarNut Coffee Company
  • Sun Valley Financial Firm and Bank
  • Talbot Sunbeam Car Company
  • Tofunda Motor Corporation
  • Vorn Cars
  • Wornado Motor Company
  • X-treme Adventures Company
  • Watts Enterprises


  • Simoleon is the main coin used on the entire planet of Simterra. It comes in the form of dollars and coins and also refers to credit chips.
  • Simnero is the Mexsimican dollar based on a dinero.


  • The legal drinking age in the SimNation is 18.
  • Public drunkenness is frowned upon, and could result in a police citation.
  • In the SimUnion, the legal drinking age (wine only) is 16.
  • In Asima, the legal drinking age is 21 (but this is rarely enforced).
  • Alcohol is sometimes called juice or bubbly.
Types of Alcoholic Beverages
  • Bernish premium poitín (Irish Poitín )
  • Bernish stout (Irish stout)
  • Bernish whiskey (Irish whiskey)
  • Short Island Iced Tea
  • Louisimana Original Whiskey (Louisiana whiskey)
  • Mango Madness (a mango-flavored rum drink)
  • Umeshu (Simpanese plum wine)
  • Rum and Colas
  • Sake (Simpanese rice wine)
  • Simnness (Irish Guinness)
  • Tequila
  • AN-Cup is similar to a K-Cup for hot beverages, and is named for an Excellent Anson Hot Beverage Maker.
  • Dr. AHHH! is a type of soda, like Dr. Pepper.
  • Koala Kola is a type of soda based on Pepsi Cola.
  • Lemon Zinger is a type of soda.
  • Mexsimican mocha is a spicy mocha.
  • Océano en un vaso is Ocean in a Glass is a type of alcoholic beverage.
  • Sheerly Chapel (a nonalcoholic beverage based on a Shirley Temple with 7Up or ginger ale and a fruity grenadine).
  • Simpton Tea is like Lipton tea.
  • Simtalian coffee is based on Italian brew coffee.
  • StarNut Coffee is a brand of coffee and a company chain.
Types of Food
  • Baked Alasimka (my Simworld version of Baked Alaska, a flaming ice cream cake dessert)
  • Boxty is a Simirish potato pancake.
  • Cannoli is a Simtalian dessert.
  • Championne crepes are based on French crepes.
  • Cinnamon Chippers, Corny Snaps, and Llama O’s are all types of cereal.
  • Margarita chicken is a dinner dish often served in Mexsimco.
  • Polenta is a Simtalian cornmeal.
  • Simirish soda bread is based on Irish soda bread.
  • Simochi is a Simpanese ice cream with a rice coating based on mochi.
  • Simvarian custard pie is based on Bavarian cream pie.
  • Soppressata is an Simtalian hard dry salami.
  • Tres leches is a type of Mexsimican cake.
  • Youtiao is a Simasian doughnut dessert.
  • Zeppole is a traditional Simtalian pastry.
  • Desert Diner is a restaurant in Lucky Palms, Simvada.
  • The Garden Gnome is a special lot created by lastrie on MTS and is the bar owned by Douglas Schaffer in Mayfield Springs, Pennsimvania.
  • El Gato Amarillo Cantina the Yellow Cat is a bar in Desierto Rojo, Mexsimco
  • Golden Arches is my Simworld version of McDonalds.
  • Hans Tavern and Cafe in Hidden Springs, Simnadia.
  • Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner is a chain restaurant all over the SimNation, with main hubs in Riverview, Sunset Valley, Barnacle Bay, and Bridgeport. It is also located in Simnadia, specifically Hidden Springs.
  • Kim Gould’s Steakhouse is in Mayfield Springs, Pennsimvania
  • Little Coriscan Bistro is a chain of restaurants, with main hubs in Sunset Valley, Barnacle Bay, Twinbrook, and Riverview, and also in Simnadia, Hidden Springs.
  • Pendragon Pizza in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia
  • Royal Burger is a fast food chain, my Simworld version of Burger King.
  • The Sandy Place is a restaurant owned by Romon Tanner in Lucky Palms, Simvada.
  • El Sombrero Festivo The Festive Hat is a restaurant attached to the Casa de la Esperanza in Desierto Rojo, Mexsimco
  • StarNut Coffee is my Simworld version of Starbucks.
  • Victoria’s Tea House is located in Riverview, Illinoisim.
  • The Watering Hole Bar is located in Riverview, Illinoisim.



  • Alan Stanley (film producer and director)
  • Bella Goth (actress)
  • Bing Bling (actor)
  • Bruce Simlis (actor)
  • Celestia Silverton (deceased actress)
  • Chad Luck (founder of FaceMash)
  • Charlie Moon (football quarterback for Edgewater Saints)
  • Cynthia Kim (professional jockey)
  • DeAndre Wolf (rock star and leader of the former Silver Wolf band)
  • Dr. Wizard (celebrity physician)
  • Francis of Asimsi (Jacoban monk)
  • Goth family (founding families)
  • Hank Ferdinand (world-famous painter)
  • Harry Arch (founder and designer of Arch Motor Company)
  • The Haute Family (reality television stars, related to founding families)
  • Isaac Asimov (real world author and biochemistry professor)
  • James Bond (real world character in cinema and book series, similar in my SimWorld)
  • Jessica Simpson (real world actor and singer, similar in my SimWorld)
  • Joe Simmagio (baseball player for the Big Apple City Turnovers based on Joe Dimaggio)
  • Landgrabb Family (founding families)
  • Mia Simm (professional soccer player)
  • Nathan Watts (inventor, engineer, physicist, and futurist; founder of Watts Enterprises; based on Nikola Tesla)
  • Nick Simshay (actor)
  • Noriaki Kinosimta (football player for Angel City Admirals)
  • Olivier Harbucks (billionaire real estate shark)
  • Robert Kim (actor and equestrian enthusiast)
  • Romon Tanner (chef)
  • Sophia Carlton (celebrity debutante, inheriting the Carlton Hotel fortune)
  • Valensimo (fashion designer)
  • Vincent “Vince” Moore (actor)


  • Courdroy in Sunglasses
  • Hello Mrs. Robinson
  • James Bond series
  • Mr. Wonderful’s World of Magic Movies
    • Cinderella and the Glittering Shoe
    • Mary Poppins of Cherry Tree Lane 
    • Rapunzel Fair and Her Golden Hair
  • Magnetic Attraction
  • Skywolf
  • Simdiana Jones Movies
  • Star Wars movies (up to Episode III)
  • Superman 
  • The Perfect Wives 
  • Up with the Wind 


Board Games
  • CandyLand
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
Video and Arcade Games
  • Fire in the Skies
  • Simadden National Fantasy Football League
  • Xtreme Racing


  • The Heritage Girls and Boys are the Simworld equivalent of Girls and Boy Scouts, for girls and boys ages 6-13. A Llama Ranger is a high ranking Heritage Girl or Boy from 14-18, the Simworld equivalent of an Eagle Scout. There are three ranks – Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


Recognized Holidays in SimNation

  • New Year’s Day
  • Snowflake Day
  • Love Day
  • St. Patsimick Day
  • Freezer Bunny Day
  • Patriotic Day
  • Leisure Day
  • Spooky Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve

Religious Holidays

  • Christmas
  • Mardi Gras
  • Passover (Jacoban and Peteran form of Easter)
  • St. Patsimick’s Day
  • St. Valensime’s Day

Other Holidays



  • A. G. Goth
  • Amelia Agace
  • B.B. Similne
  • Brittany Aaron
  • Carlotta and Emma Simbrontach
  • Chin-Han Ping
  • Dell Scott
  • Don Gian Lothario
  • Edmond Simstand
  • F. Sim Fitzgerald
  • Gabriel Simcia Marquez
  • Geoffery Mone Mutensim
  • Goldie Williams
  • Grant Rodiek
  • Herb Gardner
  • Jack Simbeck
  • Jacob and Wilsim Simm (the Brothers Simm)
  • Jerry Simgel and Joe Shusimster
  • L. Frank Simm
  • Lee Harper
  • Len Jean
  • Lori Sims
  • Matt Goss
  • Miguel de Simvantes
  • Omari Nebibi
  • Oscar Tame
  • Richard and Florence Atsim and Robert Lawsim
  • Rui Yi
  • Samuel Mark Simmons
  • Sim Hun
  • Simphocles
  • Simton Juster
  • Tracey Simvalier
  • Virginia Supine
  • William Simspeare
  • Wilson Rawlsim
  • Ynav Bossimba


  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Samuel Mark Simmons
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Samuel Mark Simmons
  • The Boy with the Nickel Alloy Ring by Tracy Simvalier
  • Cheating with Chads: How Cheating Helps You Get an Edge in the Workplace by Chad Luck
  • The Dragon’s Age by Rui Yi
  • Encylopedia Simtannica
  • Exit at Powell by Len Jean
  • The Goodwhichs of Oz by L. Frank Simm
  • Gumshoe Samurai by Brittany Aaron
  • The Howling Commandos by Virginia Supine
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins by Dell Scott
  • Jimmy Sprocket and the Cave of the Dragon by Chin-Han Ping
  • Jimmy Sprocket and the Chalice of Lichens by Amelie Agace
  • Jimmy Sprocket and the Chalice of Nectar by Amelie Agace
  • Jimmy Sprocket and the Escape from Funland by Amelie Agace
  • Jimmy Sprocket and the Mummy’s Curse by Omari Nebibi
  • Jimmy Sprocket and the Squishy Stone by Amelie Agace
  • King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Geoffrey Mone Mutinsim
  • Lady Ravendancer’s Book’O’Spells: A Biography by Lori Sims
  • Love in the Time of Simfluenza by Gabriel Simcia Marquez
  • Never Cry Wolf and Other Childhood Fables by Virginia Supine
  • Magnetic Attraction by Grant Rodiek
  • My Popper’s Pandas by Richard and Florence Atsim and Robert Lawsim
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atsim and Robert Lawsim
  • Ocean View Avenue by Jack Simbeck
  • Oedsimpus by Simphocles
  • Of Wolves and Women by Virginia Supine
  • The Phantom Tollbooth by Simton Juster
  • The Picture of Lorien Way by Oscar Tame
  • The Princess Bride by Goldie Williams
  • El Príncipe Azul (The Blue Prince) by The Brothers Simm
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee Harper
  • Rapunzel by the Brothers Simm
  • Simeo and Juliet by William Simspeare
  • Simcheherazade and One Thousand and One Nights by Ynav Bossimba
  • Simero de Bergerac by Edmond Simstand
  • Simlet by William Simspeare
  • Simlock Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle Arthur
  • Simmie the Pooh and the 100 Aker Wood by B.B. Similne
  • Sim Quixote by Miguel de Simvantes
  • Simtigone by Simphocles
  • Social Networking Volume 2: Cyber-stalking and You by Don Gian Lothario
  • Special Snowflake by Marisol Loera
  • Tales of the Girl with the Red Hood by Virginia Supine
  • Walks With Wolves by Virginia Supine
  • The Warlok of Palladia by Matt Goss
  • Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawlsim
  • Where’s Bella? by A.G. Goth
  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? by Virginia Supine
  • Wolves Among Them by Virginia Supine
  • Women of Trachsimi by Simphocles


  • The Adventures of Superman by Jerry Simgel and Joe Shusimter
  • Altruistic Squad International by Herb Gardner
  • Captain Obvious by C. Duh


  • At-Home Artist (art)
  • The Avarix (Money, Politics, and Technology)
  • Beyond Belief (Paranormal, Science Fiction)
  • Games Sims Play (gaming)
  • Highbrow Review (Politics and Culture)
  • Livin’ Large (celebrity life)
  • MaxSimum (exercise and outdoors)
  • Modern Media Magazine (film and literature)
  • Mode: Live (everyday life)
  • Outdoorsy (Nature)
  • The Piano Digest (music)
  • Rat Race (money and work)
  • SimScientific (science)
  • Sporty Sims (sports)
  • Simsmopolitan (women’s interests)
  • Superstar Report (entertainment, fashion, and sports)
  • The Ultimate D-I-Y (hobbies)
  • Victor’s Digest (Food, sports, travel, literature)
  • What’s Cooking (cuisine)
  • WhooNoo (celebrity life and style)
  • Workin’ It Out (fitness)
  • Young Sims Life (animals, toys, school, kids stuff)


  • S’moogle is short for Sim Google.
Social Media Sites
  • FaceMash (Facebook)
  • Simblr (Tumblr)
  • Simflix (Netflix)
  • Sim-ype (Skype)
  • Twinbrook Tell-All (gossip site)

Marriage and Sex

  • Age of consent is 17 in most states within the SimNation.
  • Legal marrying age is 18.
  • The Kama Simtra is the Simworld version of Kama Sutra. The mod is available from NRAAS Industries.
  • In the Nativian culture, a marriage is unnecessary for a couple, though some still desire a wedding ceremony. Many choose to do a commitment ceremony instead, but this isn’t considered legally binding in the Sim Nation and Sim Union. Other countries and cultures are more lax.
  • In the Nativian culture, men and women exchange prayer stones instead of wedding and engagement rings.


  • Dialing 0-0-0 is the equivalent of dialing 9-1-1.



  • Casimopea (jazz fusion band)
  • Fighting Dragons with Scissors (emo rock band)
  • Playing in the Cold (alternative rock band)
  • Punk Rock Princess (punk rock band)
  • Silver Wolf (old-school rock band)
  • Simpletons (alternative rock band)
  • The Twilight Trio (jazz trio)

Artists / Composers

  • Santos Garcia (concert pianist)
  • Simmeric Mincen (classical composer based on Frederic Chopin)
  • Simkovsky (classical composer based on Tchaikovsky)


  • Pasim Doble (a dance based on the Paso Doble)
  • Patenentine Tango (a dance based on the Argentine Tango)
  • Sadie Hawsims Dance (a type of dance party based on the Sadie Hawkins dance)

Orchestras and Symphonies

  • Bay City Symphony in Bay City, Califorsimia directed by Zach Galaxies
  • Big Apple City Philharmonic in Big Apple City, Simpire

Radio Stations

  • 74.6 The SIM is the radio station in Califorsimia.


  • Cheeky Monkey by The Eleven Little Monkeys
  • El Jarabe Tapatio the Mexsimican Hat Dance
  • Just the Way You Look Tonight by Frank Simnatra


Sports Teams

  • Angel City Admirals (professional football team for Angel City, Califorsimia)
  • Bay City Asters (professional baseball team in Bay City, Califorsimia)
  • Bay City Miner Niners (professional football team in Bay City, Califorsimia)
  • Big Apple Turnovers (professional baseball team in Big Apple City, Simpire)
  • Bridgeport Buccaneers (professional baseball team in Bridgeport, Pennsimvania)
  • Edgewater Saints (professional football team in Edgewater, Louisimana)
  • Legacy Llamas (college sports teams for Legacy College in Bay City, Califorsimia)
  • Mayfield Springs Steelhawks (professional football team in Bridgeport, Pennsimvania)
  • Oakland Raiders (professional football team in Oakland, Califorsimia)
  • Riverview Thunderbolts (minor league baseball team in Riverview, Illinoisim)
  • Simslaus Crocodiles (high school football team in Twinbrook, Louisimana)
  • Sunset Valley Sliders (minor league baseball team in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia)


  • Evil Soap (a soap opera)
  • Fishing Fracas (a fishing show)
  • Haute Knights (reality show based on the Haute family)
  • MOO the Cow (a children’s program)
  • Similarities (game show)
  • Simple Minds (science fiction soap opera)
  • Sim-Span (my Simworld version of C-Span)

Theatre and Musicals

  • Simway (located in Big Apple City, similar to Broadway)

Plays and Musicals

  • The Hills Are Alive (a musical about the Von Simtrip family – based on The Sound of Music)
  • Simlet (a play on Hamlet)


Types of Cars
  • 4-everything Van (manufactured by Specific Motor Company)
  • Anachronous Automobile (manufactured by Bourree Motors)
  • Arasika Amalthea  (manufactured by Arasika Future Motors)
  • Arasika Bison  (manufactured by Arasika Future Motors)
  • Arasika Elroy (manufactured by Arasika Future Motors)
  • Arasika Fenris  (manufactured by Arasika Future Motors)
  • Arasika Ratatask Racer (manufactured by Arasika Future Motors)
  • Arch Aries (my Simworld version of a Ford Taurus)
  • Arch Blur (my Simworld version of a Ford Focus)
  • Arch Carnival (my Simworld version of a Ford Fiesta)
  • Arch Classic Convertible
  • Arch Forefront (my Simworld version of a Ford Hatchback)
  • Arch Venus 9 (a.k.a. Summertime Souped-Up Ride; my Simworld version of a Mercury 8)
  • Beast (motorcycle similar to Harley Davidson; manufactured by Flywheel)
  • Big Lemon (manufactured by Rollin’ Group)
  • Bwan Speedster YL (manufactured by Ferrari Spyder Company)
  • Electrol 3X (manufactured by Specific Motor Company)
  • Empire Eidolon (manufactured by Falena Motors)
  • Ernatto Beratti M81 Covert Edition Hammerhead (manufactured by Specific Motor Company; my Simworld version of a Corvette Stingray)
  • Extravagator (manufactured by Ferrari Spyder Company)
  • Ferrari 458 Spider (manufactured by Ferrari Spyder Company)
  • Fitzgerald (manufactured by Ferrari Spyder Company)
  • Heartbreak Hot Rod (manufactured by Specific Motor Company)
  • Jamboree (motorcycle; manufactured by Bourree Motors)
  • The Kenspa (manufactured by Falena Motors; a type of Vespa scooter)
  • La Matea (manufactured by Athena Automotive)
  • LuminaCar 3000 (manufactured by Watts Motors)
  • Margaret Vaguester (manufactured by Horch Automobile Manufacturing)
  • Montalcino Fandango SE (manufactured by Watts Motors)
  • Renault Twizy (manufactured by Watts Motors)
  • Requiescence (manufactured by Horch Automobile Manufacturing)
  • Retro Ride (manufactured by Specific Motor Company)
  • Rock Town 3000 (manufactured by Racket Engineering)
  • Scoot Mobile (manufactured by Bourree Bikes)
  • Sloppy Jalopy (manufactured by Talbot Sunbeam Company)
  • Sylvan Motor Carriage (manufactured by Specific Motor Company)
  • Tofunda Maximus (manufactured by Tofunda Motor Corporation; my Simworld version of Toyota Prius)
  • Tofunda Wagon (manufactured by Tofunda Motor Corporation)
  • VFN Kompensator (manufactured by Horch Automobile Manufacturing)
  • The Velocity (manufactured by Specific Motor Company)
  • Vistoso Speed Machine (manufactured by Bourree Motors)
  • Vorn P328 (manufactured by Arch Motor Company)
  • Vorn Relocation Rover (manufactured by Arch Motor Company)
  • Vorn Stallion (manufactured by Arch Motor Company)
  • Wornado Triage  (manufactured by Wornado Motor Company)
  • Yomoshoto Evasion (manufactured by Tofunda Motor Corporation)
  • Yomoshoto Cruiser Horizon(manufactured by Tofunda Motor Company; my Simworld version of Nissan Skyline)
  • Yomoshoto Woo Woo 4500 (manufactured by Tofunda Motor Company)


Vacation Destinations

  • Championne (France)
  • Palm Canyon (my Simworld version of the Grand Canyon – Lucky Palms and Castle Canyon)
  • Inner Banks (my Simworld version of the Carolinas Outer Banks)
  • Roaring Heights, Florsimida

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