Fast Facts

  • SimWorld Location: Simterra
  • SimWorld People: Simterrans
  • SimWorld Race: diverse skin colors and cultures, but all are called Sims. Sims living in the Sim Nation are called Simmians.
  • SimWorld Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: English and other languages brought from Earth
  • SimWorld Official Animal: Llama
  • State of Economy: Thriving
  • Geography: Valleys, Beaches, Mountains, Hills, Desert, Grassy Plains, Swamps and Bayou
  • Living Locations: Primarily cities, suburbs, and towns
  • State Seal: Plumbob
  • Type of Government: Representative Democracy
  • Military: Voluntary
  • War: 2 prominent wars known as the First and Second Xeno Wars with an alien race known as Xenosi; currently a cold war between the Xenosi and Simterrans
  • Education: Compulsory K-12; generous government grants for higher education


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  • Dialing 0-0-0 is the equivalent of dialing 9-1-1.
  • The Simquita banana lady is a play on the Chiquita banana lady.

a Sims 3 Story

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