an Orbix youth trained for military

The People

The Orbix, blue-skinned humanoid species, living on a nearby planet of Orbis, are at war with the Xenosi but not with Simterrans. They are not at war with Simterrans, although their current battles with the Xenosi are near Simterra’s moon space (Luna).

By nature, the Orbix are shy toward outsiders, but they are not xenophobic.  If anything, they are curious. Their homeworld Orb is a frigid cold ice planet. Because of this, they have to travel outside their planet to find resources twice a year. They train their young in military and battle tactics due to the losing war with the Xenosi and to survive as their world is deathly cold. They are an interesting paradox – a militaristic patriarchal and service-oriented society. To the Xenosi/Xekzo, they are considered Xekzo zealots.

a sim’jinn woman (FRWL)

They live for 150-200 years. The Orbix can change skin color and appearance, similar to the Xenosi, and can appear traditional Sim-like. The Orbix are the parent race of the sim’jinn. Legend has it the sim’jinn were created by the Xenosi when splicing Orbix and Sim DNA. The Orbix do not formally recognize or accept the sim’jinn.

an Orbix man (with a Sim vampire-witch hybrid woman)

The Orbix, as confirmed by Emit Relevart, are biologically related to the Xenosi, but chose a different way of life.

Marriage between a Xekzo/Orbix and a Sim is strictly forbidden, though physical union is allowed, and sometimes even forced (especially between Xekzo and Sims as abduction and procreation is part of their way of life). A child of said union is considered an experiment and slave labor for the Xekzo, an abomination to the Orbix, who detest forced unions with Sims and work hard to distance themselves physically, and a weapon for the Sim military and government. The Sims, in particular, want to study half-breeds, in hopes of better understanding a way to defeat the Xenosi and cure a variety of illnesses, including EXCES.


a Sims 3 Story

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