The People

The Kr’v**an ancient and powerful alien race, the parent race of the vampire-Sim hybrids found on Simterra. The Kr’v were once at war with the other aliens of the star systems, thousands of years ago, prior to the presence of the Sims. The Kr’v went to war with the Xenosi because they learned of the Xenosi’ experiment with immortality, and how their own race had been used. (The Kr’v are the reason for the vampire-Sims). They lost and were banished to their home planet, cursed to remain except on rare occasions.

a pure-blood Kr’viot baby

Interestingly, because the Kr’v do not discriminate in taking brides and making babies, pure blood Kr’viots are unusual.

the Kr’v king, the Reaper, Malakai ‘Mal’ Superbia from DMD

The Kr’v live for thousands of years, and male Kr’v may leave once every hundred years or once he comes of age, typically to claim brides or dead souls. A Kr’vniot is considered a man (or a woman) at the age of 250. Rule of a city-state is passed to the youngest and most virile son, generally of the first wife, but exceptions can be made.

To the Sims, the king of the Kr’v is called the Torvar or the Reaper – the messenger of death.” He appears once every 100 years, although his minions (other reapers) also do their work all the time. Not every soul that dies on Simterra or other planets ends up on Kr’v. Some remain on Simterra. Some are in ghost form. Others pass onto the next life. Few “unfortunate” souls actually end up on Kr’v.


The Kr’v language is called Kyp’n, and is influenced by Germanic languages and Serbian. Krv is the Serbian word for ‘blood.’


a pure-blooded Davo, Percevval ‘Per’ Superbia from DMD

The first race is called the Davo. These Kr’v are red or orange-skinned with pointy ears and over-extended incisor teeth. They are smaller-boned and have a thinner musculature. They have little to no hair, though some can have incredibly thick hair with mutated genes and/or growth hormones.

a pure-blooded Ch’knet, Misel Foxglove

The other race is called Ch’knet. These Kr’v are pale in skin, ranging from a greyish-white to a greyish-brown . They have rounded ears, and long, thin hair. They also bear a birthmark on their necks in the shape of a V. These Kr’v have bigger bone structure and huge musculature.

Both races have glowing eyes, though the Ch’knet glow less so. Both have fangs, super speed, super strength, and many possess varying levels of telepathy and teleportation. Some are capable of inception (the planting of thoughts in another’s mind).

Marriage, Relationships, & Family

When a Kr’v takes a new bride (of any race), they must complete the bond in order for their marriage to be sealed. This can take place before or after an official ceremony, though often before, especially when the bride is abducted.

The Kr’viots are devoted to continuing their lineage so they may achieve immortality. They believe the more wives and children they have, the stronger their legacy and the greater than chances at living forever.  A Kr’viot is considered mature by the age of 25 (Kr’v) which would be 250 on Simterra.

  • The head of the family is called otau podar (lord-father). A wife would be called keha, unless she is considered “favored,” and then she would be called hebecta ubanep (bride-lover). A mistress in the otau’s harem would be called rbyoahna (kept-woman).
  • Podar is the formal name for father, but the informal affectionate term would be pajka. The same is true for Modar, the formal name for mother, and Majka, the informal name. Majka is the Serbian word for mother.
  • The children keep the name of their mother as the wives and mistresses of the harem keep their original names prior to the bond. A woman’s place in society and her husband’s home is typically determined by the number of children she has. The more children, the higher social standing, unless a lord picks a favored wife/lover.
  • The lord-father decides which children will carry on his name, often depending upon the status with the mother. Often the youngest son carries on the family name as he is expected to live longer. Sometimes a lord-father might choose to give a daughter the “house name,” especially if the mother is deceased. This is a way of bestowing honor on a daughter.
  • The xapem (harem) is often overseen by the mother of a city ruler or his first wife.


  • The Kr’v drink heavily at parties, but are not permitted to do so otherwise. Sims and other alien slaves/inhabitants of Kr’v can drink more regularly.

  • It is common to publicly humiliate the mother of the bride on a child’s wedding day.
  • Men walk down the aisle to their brides at the wedding.
  • The bachelorette/bachelor party equivalent on Kr’v is held after the wedding ceremony, but before the honeymoon.
  • A private “binding” ceremony may be chosen instead of a lavish wedding party.
  • Only the wealthiest of women are allowed freedom of range to leave the estates of their husbands and fathers once they are of marrying age.
  • The Kr’v possess technology similar to the Xenosi that allow them to create hybrids at will.
  • There are multiple reapers, but only one Torvar. Family members of the Torvar who are also reapers may leave more readily and have the freedom to “reap” souls on planet, and possibly other worlds. Non-related reapers have less freedom.
  • It is common to paint one’s face at celebrations, weddings, and even funerals.



The Kr’v home planet is also called Kr’v (a.k.a. the lovely horror world created by Quailhogs called Wraith found here). The atmosphere is reddish, and the sky itself glows orange. There is a lake of blood called Sanguine in the center of the main city of Wraith. Other cities include Ar’kadia (Arcadia). Kr’v can only be seen with the naked eye or a telescope from Simterra on the night of a new moon (no moon) or on All Hallows Eve due to the placement of the planets at that time of year.

Time passes differently on Kr’v.  For every year on Simterra, 10 years passes on Kr’v.  (In the story, Darkness May Dream, the main character, CoraMae Glory references time in many different ways, but this is due to the strangeness of the world of Kr’v, thus it is believable that she would lose track of traditional time measurements and possibly speak inaccurately).

History with the Xenosi

The Kr’v believe they are cursed after losing a war, but the Xenosi really just orbit the planet with heavy patrols, meaning sometimes individuals can leave Kr’v undetected. Also the high level leaders have a form of teleportation, and incredibly gifted Kr’v, typically the Grim Reaper himself, can summon others through teleportation. Unlike their Xenosi counterparts, the Kr’v are not xenophobic, but the Kr’v do believe they are superior to other races. However, the Kr’v hate the Xenosi and if a Kr’viot is abducted or impregnated by a Xenosi and returned, the Kr’viot is banished, beaten, or killed. Associating with a Xenosi is punishable by death.


a Sims 3 Story

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