The Drakronon are descendants of Old World or Earth Lemurians and are a dragon-human hybrid. These “aliens” are descendants of the Lemurians of Earth, supposedly dragon-human hybrids with strange scales on their skin and hulking tattooed bodies, though they can take human form. The Drakronon took dragon DNA and spliced it with human DNA to preserve ancient Earth dragons. The Drakronons were known as fire-breathers and could bring both destruction and creation with this power.

The Drakronons gave technology to the ancient Amazon tribes and to the Timeauns and brought them first to Venusia (the Sol system planet, Venus). Thousands of years in the past, the planet was livable, until the Amazónes and Timaeuns began hunting the Drakronons. Determined to survive, the remaining Drakronons destroyed the planet, making it uninhabitable and disappeared somewhere into space. They are believed to nearly extinct as they only mate every few hundred years.

Descendants of the Drakronon, genetically altered by the Xenosi, are called Dragonkin, and are extremely rare.

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a Sims 3 Story

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