Gage Briody speaking to a Nativian si’brid  woman


The Amazóne  are descendants of Old World or Earth Amazons who traveled from Earth to Simterra with Ṭirākaṉ (dragon/human hybrids) and the AtlântidansSimNatives or Nativians are descendants of the Amazóne


The Atlântidans (formerly Timeauns) are descendants of Old World Atlanteans of Atlantis. They traveled from  to Simterra with the Ṭirākaṉ and the Amazóne  but many continued onto an unknown place. Some stayed on Simterra. 

a pure blood Kr’v in my alternate DMD universe (Percevval Superbia)


The Kr’v (formerly Titanav) are a hostile vampiric alien race in Simterran space, cursed by the Xenosi, and the parent-race of Sim hybrids. They live on the planet, Kr’v, and call themselves the Kr’v, unless referring to an individual – Kr’viot.  The Kr’v are ruled by the Grim Reaper. Read more.

an Orbix youth trained for military


The Orbix, blue-skinned humanoid species, living on a nearby planet of Orbis, are at war with the Xenosi but not with Simterrans. They are not at war with Simterrans, although their current battles with the Xenosi are near Simterra’s moon space (Luna). Read more.


The Ṭirākaṉ are descendants of Sol Venus and are a dragon-human hybrid. Read more.


the Xekzo queen


The Xenosi, a hostile green-skinned humanoid species, living on the nearby planet of Xenosa, have advanced technology, and are responsible for most of the supernaturals on Simterra. Read more


a Sims 3 Story

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