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The Amazónes  or Nativians are descendants of Old World or Earth Amazons who traveled from their destroyed home on Venus to Simterra and settled approximately 1000 years before the arrival of the Sims. SimNatives or Nativians are descendants of the Amazónes.  

The Amazons were a fierce matriarchal tribe known for their mighty battle skills and their matriarchal society. They were given technology by the Lemurians before the other race left Earth. The Amazónes were nearly wiped out by the Greeks, but managed to escape Earth and travel to Venusia. The Amazónes lived peacefully with the Drakronons until they decided to hunt the Drakronons to extinction. When Venusia was destroyed, they Amazónes  escaped again and traveled and  made their third home on Simterra and have lived since. The Nativian descendants maintain a matriarchal social structure and renounced their technology in favor of never disturbing the planet or warring with one another again. This led to the conquering of Simterra by the Simmians because the Nativians refused to fight back. 


The Drakronon are descendants of Old World or Earth Lemurians and are a dragon-human hybrid.

These “aliens” are descendants of the Lemurians of Earth, supposedly dragon-human hybrids with strange scales on their skin and hulking tattooed bodies, though they can take human form. The Drakronon took dragon DNA and spliced it with human DNA to preserve ancient Earth dragons. The Drakronons were known as fire-breathers and could bring both destruction and creation with this power.

The Drakronons gave technology to the ancient Amazon tribes and to the Timeauns and brought them first to Venusia (the Sol system planet, Venus). Thousands of years in the past, the planet was livable, until the Amazónes and Timaeuns began hunting the Drakronons. Determined to survive, the remaining Drakronons destroyed the planet, making it uninhabitable and disappeared somewhere into space. They are believed to nearly extinct as they only mate every few hundred years.

Descendants of the Drakronon, genetically altered by the Xenosi, are called Dragonkin, and are extremely rare.

an example of a Kr’viot – Malakai Superbia from Darkness May Dream


The Kr’v (formerly Titanav) are a hostile vampiric alien race in Simterran space, cursed by the Xenosi, and the parent-race of Sim hybrids. They live on the planet, Kr’v, and call themselves the Kr’v, unless referring to an individual – Kr’viot.  The Kr’v are ruled by the Grim Reaper, who is allowed to leave the planet frequently, though typically once every 100 years to reap souls, claim a bride, wreak havoc on the star system etc. Individuals who have died may be relocated to Kr’v but may never leave again. The top priority for the Kr’v is to continue their lineage and achieve immortality. Polygamy is practiced and encouraged, even among the poorest of Kr’v, though many impoverished can only afford one wife and very few children. This explains their need to take many wives and have sometimes dozens upon dozens of children.

More on the Kr’v HERE.

an Orbix youth trained for military


The Orbix, blue-skinned humanoid species, living on a nearby planet of Orbis, are at war with the Xenosi but not with Simterrans. They are not at war with Simterrans, although their current battles with the Xenosi are near Simterra’s moon space (Luna).

By nature, the Orbix are shy toward outsiders, but they are not xenophobic.  If anything, they are curious. Their homeworld Orb is a frigid cold ice planet. Because of this, they have to travel outside their planet to find resources twice a year. They train their young in military and battle tactics due to the losing war with the Xenosi and to survive as their world is deathly cold. They are an interesting paradox – a militaristic patriarchal and service-oriented society. They live for 150-200 years. The Orbix can change skin color and appearance, similar to the Xenosi, and can appear traditional Sim-like. The Orbix are the parent race of the sim’jinn. Legend has it the sim’jinn were created by the Xenosi when splicing Orbix and Sim DNA. The Orbix do not formally recognize or accept the sim’jinn.


The Timaeuns are descendants of Old World or Earth Atlantians. They traveled from Venus to Simterra with the Amazónes  but many continued onto an unknown place. Some stayed on Simterra. Some SimNatives share a common ancestry with Timeauns.

The Timaeuns originated on ancient Earth, and were known by their country, Atlantia (or Atlantis). The technologically advanced Timaeuns left Earth after their land was destroyed in a flood. They lived on Venusia with the Drakronons and Amazónes until pairing up with the latter to annihilate the former. The Timaeuns were unsuccessful and driven from Venusia. While they traveled through space side by side, little is known what happened to them after parting ways with the Amazónes. 


The Xenosi, a hostile green-skinned humanoid species, living on the nearby planet of Xenosa, have advanced technology, and are responsible for most of the supernaturals on Simterra.

Xenosi live on the nearby planet of Xenosa (pronounced Zee-noh-saw), and are called Xenosi(pronounced zee-noh-see]. Aliens, personally call individual Sims, “xeno,” meaning ‘the alien people.’ Their name is a misinterpretation of this term. They call themselves “xekzos,” (pronounced zeek-sows) meaning ‘the green people.’ 

Their capital city is called Green City by Sims or Xenix by the Xenosi. The society seems to operate in a hive-mind mentality – similar to bees – with a queen Xenosi, colony drones (each individual alien has a specific role and function), and pollination technicians (who abduct and experiment). Xenosi operate in a matriarchal society. Children are taken away from their parents and raised in colonies. They live for thousands of years.

The Xenosi have a technology that allow their males to carry children. They have, in the past, attempted to do this with Sims also, impregnating the males. Nestor Caliente and Glarn Curious are examples of impregnated males.

However, some Xenosi prefer to mate with Sims directly in a typical male-to-female fashion. Over time, this has caused physical and social problems in Sims society.

Socially, aliens or part-alien Sims aren’t accepted and are often ridiculed, bullied, harrassed, or simply ignored. Very few Xenosi actually choose to integrate with the Simkind because of this. On the planet Xenosa, part-Sim children aren’t accepted either. Children are taken away and raised in the collective hives or are simply abandoned on Simterra. No adult Sims have ever returned from Xenosa, but in what little communication back to Simterra exists, it is speculated that Sim spouses/lovers aren’t accepted well either and Sims can be tortured, imprisoned, or executed. The Xenosi can also take on the appearance and form of a normal Sim.

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