My SimWorld

The year is 2416. The place is Simterra, a distant Earth-like world in a faraway galaxy. The stories are endless, and adventure awaits!

The Year: 2416 Common Era (C.E.)

The Place: Simterra, an Earth-like world in a faraway unnamed galaxy known to the Sims as the Daleth System (named for Rawls Daleth, a scientist/ethicist from Simse), orbiting Sul (the sun) and orbited by Luna (the moon).

The Sim People: descendants of explorers and pioneers who left Earth in 2015 over 400 years earlier, inspired by those who left before them, in search of a new world and a new life or descendants of the Simterran tribes, or alien-Sim hybrids.

The SimNatives: Yes, we found humanoid aliens, almost identical to Earthers, descendants of Earth and Venus in the Sol System.

The Other Aliens: Click HERE to learn more.

The History: Simterra was discovered by the Amazóne, descendants of Old World Earth and Venusia (Venus). The Nativians, or SimNatives, as they came to be called, settled the land for before the arrival of the Simmians. Then in 2015, another set of peoples from Earth, spearheaded by the Simmians, left for Simterra. You can read more HERE

The Culture: Learn more about the people, cuisine, how the educational system, arts, and media work, medicine and disease, politics, what people do for leisure and fun, the various (fictional) religious beliefs and faith practices, and the science and technology of the world.

The Supernaturals: Click HERE to learn more.


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