SimLit Reading Recommendations

I have been needing to update my SimLit reading list for some time. I wish I had the time to actively read every story I add to my reading list, but unfortunately, offline life often intervenes. So many good stories out there. Even so, I would highly recommend the following stories. I remove stories that have been inactive for a long while. If you see a mistake in my listings below, please let me know. Happy Simming! ūüôā

Stories In Progress

Completed Works

Tumblr/Simblr Stories


These stories are incomplete (as in no longer updated), on hiatus, or discontinued. However, these stories are still good and worth the read.

If you are looking for a comprehensive reading list of current SimLit fiction, check out Mastressalita’s ¬†New WordPress¬†Stories and Legacies Index.


a Sims 3 Story

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