SimLit Reading Recommendations

I have been needing to update my SimLit reading list for some time. I wish I had the time to actively read every story I add to my reading list, but unfortunately, offline life often intervenes. So many good stories out there. Even so, I would highly recommend the following stories. If you see a mistake in my listings below, please let me know. Happy Simming! ūüôā

Stories In Progress

Completed Works

Tumblr/Simblr Stories


These stories are incomplete (as in no longer updated), on hiatus, or discontinued. However, these stories are still good and worth the read.

My Reading Circles

The Works of the Art Commune Reading Circle: 

The Works of the Willingly Writing Reading Circle: 

If you are looking for a comprehensive reading list of current SimLit fiction, check out Mastressalita’s ¬†New WordPress¬†Stories and Legacies Index.

a Sims 3 Story

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