About The Author

Hi, my livin’a’simmin’life online persona is  Lizzie. I’m happily married and I’m a cat mama of four. I hold a Bachelors in Communications – Public Relations and Marketing, and a Masters of Science in Nonprofit Management. I utilize both degrees as  I work in communications and volunteer management for a nonprofit human service agency.

TS3 Traits: Bookworm. Clumsy. Friendly. Loves the Outdoors. Perfectionist. 

TS3 Favorites: Grilled cheese. Indie/Latin. Green.

Star Sign: Sagittarius. 

Read more about my TS4 Simself  on my second blog, Livin’a’Simmin’Life.

**I can be found on the Sims forums under the username – AdamsEve1231. Check my Sims Forum page.

**You can learn more about and download my TS4 Simself for your game here. All I ask is if you feature her in a story of yours that you’d link back to my stuff – Tumblr, WordPress, and/or forums.


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