Legacy Island Sims

Bea Honeywell

Bea Honeywell is the eccentric caretaker of the Silverton Estate in Bay City, Califorsimia. She affectionately gives names to the furniture and pieces of the house. She is a former attorney and junior partner at Butterworth, Honeywell, and Associates Law Firm.

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Heather Danvers

Heather Danvers is the unhappy ghost haunting the Silverton Estate. Much of her past is unknown but she was a small-name actress in Bay City, Califorsimia before her death. Her death was under mysterious circumstances.


Jeannette Rhinehart is Kass’s neighbor, living down the street from the Silverton Estate. She helps Bea out with yard work sometimes. She has a degree in horticulture and works for Good Neighbor Insurance. Her father, Winnie raised her on Castaway Island. She has a cat named Hecuba.

Jon Miller

Jon Miller is a traffic cop in Bay City. He was present on the day of the bizarre accident and shooting at the Wolfbane Tavern. He is engaged.


Jozelyn White is the ex-wife of Brendon Shore. She is a lesbian who left him for a wealthy female partner, Katarina. Jozelyn is a spiteful, vindictive woman who enjoys taunting her former husband.

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