The Original Chapters for KCLKF

Here are the original chapters for KCLKF, before the edits. thekrazycrazylifeofkass part 1The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright, Part 1  (KCLKF) Kassiopeia is a fairly happy young adult with a loving Mamma, two adorable sisters, and doting grandparents. A recent high school grad in Sunset Valley, she is looking forward to spend her summer relaxing before she goes off to University. Certain things threaten to disrupt her peaceful life like her cheating father returning with a deadly secret and a proposal or two of sorts, and her best friend changing his university plans to get to know his distant “shady” relatives. And then her little sister is suddenly dating, and her Mamma finds a man too, plus a cute guy at the coffee shop starts showing an interest in her. How will Kass navigate through the thorough mess of love and life? What adventures awaits her on the horizon?

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