October Updates

a beautiful autumn day in Bay City (on Legacy Island)

Hey everyone, I’m still here. While I’ve been supremely active on my LASL blog, I have yet to post a chapter update for Kass’ story, The Lost Legacy. Never fear. Kass will return, and soon… as long as my schedule holds. 🙂 I don’t have a release date yet for an updated chapter, but it’s coming. I promise.

Why the long delay? 

First of all, my schedule between grad school and work is a little crazy.

Second, I wanted to update other connected stories that stood in between – i.e. finish Interludes & Solitude, finish From Riverview With Love, finish La Vita Bella, etc.

Recommendations before KFLL returns 

  • If you haven’t already, read up on Interludes & Solitude (I&S) as this story happens between KCLKF and KFLL. You can find the chapter listing here.
  • Also I&S technically carries over and finishes in Gage’s story, From Riverview With Love (FRWL). If you haven’t read FRWL, I would recommend at least reading the final Part 4 from chapters 1.34-1.41. You can find the chapter listing for FRWL here.
  • There will be some crossover from La Vita Bella (LVB) – so shameless plug for my other story. 🙂 Plus it explains much more of the Xenosi backstory. You can view the chapter list here.

What’s changed? 

I’ve changed several things in KCLKF and KFLL.

  • For starters, three chapters have major edits. In KCLKF, the back story of Lady Ravendancer in the chapter 1.27 What Goes Up and  details about Heather Danvers, Paranormal Witness, and Bella Goth in 2.16 Like a Good Neighbor and  2.18 Living in the Past .
  • A name B.J. La Rue was changed to S.C. Roth in the KFLL (and this is significant, though unless you’re caught up, you probably don’t know what I’m referencing.)
  • Minor things like the dates, calendar names, etc.

At the end of each chapter, I’ve added notes about what has changed if you’re interested or care.

Additional or New World Building Info 

I’ve edited the layout of my site a bit and added a good amount of world building detail. Check it out as it interests you. For the record, I do try to be tasteful and respectful in my portrayals of religions and cultures influenced by the real world. It is never my intention to caricature or offend anyone. Additionally, viewpoints held by my Sims or Sim cultures do not necessarily reflect my own and I do not endorse or promote lifestyle choices, rituals or traditions, or religious, political, or cultural beliefs. This is meant to be a fictitious and fun pursuit for me.

I plan to update these pages as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. 🙂

Happy Simming!

Lizzie 🙂



3 thoughts on “October Updates”

  1. Hey, Lizzie!

    I miss your stories so much! I feel ashamed it’s taking me so long to finally catch up on Interludes & Solitude. I’m one update away from finishing the 3rd generation of my legacy and I’m planning on taking a break from writing when I do, so hopefully, I’ll be able to do some binge reading! Hope you’re doing well.




    1. Hey Kate, I’m happy to hear from you. I’m really behind with reading lately because of my schedule so don’t feel bad. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about I&S. I’m actually discussing I&S this week and next over on the forums with my reading circle. 🙂 Hope you are doing well also. 🙂 Lizzie

      Liked by 1 person

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