Family Bios: Goth

Sunset Valley Goths


Gunther Goth, Sr. is the son of Victor and Gretle Goth, the brother of Frida Goth, and the father of Mortimer and Gunther Goth Jr., the late Minerva Goth, and Morgana Wolff née Goth. He is the grandfather of Cassandra, Alexander, Montgomery, Chiara, Wolfgang, and Gloria Goth.

He is a Virgo, and his birthday is Simtember 17th. He is 80 years old. He is the college dean of Sunset University in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia. He has two cats, Hecuba and Meneslaus. He was a professor of business and economics at Massimchusetts Institute of Technology and later the Treasurer of the Board of Simvard University for many years in Olde Towne. He raised his children in Pleasantview where he invested in numerous properties including the university. His traits include Friendly, Frugal, Genius, Good Sense of Humor, and Bookworm. The highway in Pleasantview is named in his honor.

He is moderately interested in style, mostly a neat appearance. He also enjoys hiking, lifting weights, and swimming to stay in shape. He was on the swim team at Simvard University. He enjoys chicken drumsticks, hot cocoa, and hot cider.


Cornelia Goth née Crumplebottom is the daughter of Simon and Prudence Crumplebottom, the sister of Olivia Crumplebottom, and Robert Crumplebottom, and the mother of Mortimer and Gunther Goth Jr., Morgana Wolff née Goth, and the late Minerva Goth. She is the wife of Gunther Goth Sr. and has two cats, Meneslaus and Hecuba.

She is the founder of the Sim City Bridge Society, and she plays bridge with the Sunset Valley Bridge Club. She enjoys high tea. She also has an interest in phrenology. She is interested in theater. Her traits are neat, friendly, bookworm, supernatural fan, and proper. She is a Pisces and her birthday is Simbruary 27th. She is 77 years old.  She enjoys tennis, golf, and walking. She prefers black licorice, sushi, and mushrooms. She enjoys seaweed wraps. She enjoys parties and celebrations. She is always dressed to the nines. She is interested in her daughter-in-law’s movies.


Mortimer Goth is the husband of Bella Goth, the father of Cassandra and Alexander Goth, and the oldest son of Gunther Goth, Sr. and Cornelia Goth. He is a deeply troubled man, and while he has attempted multiple relationships with other women for appearances sake, he still loves his missing wife. He moved his family to Sunset Valley when Cassandra was in high school.

He is 55 years old. His birthday is Simpril 21st and he is a Taurus. His traits include Genius, Bookworm, Charismatic, Hopeless Romantic, and Workaholic. He is the director of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance in the capitol of Califorsimia. He was born in Sim City, D.S. He enjoys playing chess, reading, and bug collecting. He often brings flowers to his wife’s grave, who is presumed dead. He disapproves of his daughter’s fiance. He is incredibly neat and he desires an impeccable house. He was romantically interested in Nina Caliente during his wife’s absence.

He had an older sister, Minerva, who never married her partner, Elmer Watson, but had three children (Chiara, Gloria, and Wolfgang) by him. Minerva and Elmer both died. His younger brother, Gunther Goth, Jr. and sister-in-law, Amelia have one son, Monty. His younger sister, Morgana married Thornton Wolff and also lives in Sunset Valley.

Mortimer is a descendant from Simelia and Dietrich Goth, founders of the SimNation. He is also distantly related to his wife, as she is the great-great-grandneice of Simelia (whatever that makes them).

Cassandra Goth is the oldest daughter of Mortimer and Bella Goth and the older sister of Alexander. She is 23 and an Aries. Her birthday is Simbruary 5, 2393.

Cassandra is engaged to Don Lothario, but formerly she had a crush on Darren Dreamer. She is a concert violinist who attended Jullisimard School and plays for the Big Apple City Philharmonic. She also plays piano. Her traits include Virtuoso, Brooding, Irresistible, Artistic, and Hydrophobic. She enjoys reading, stargazing, rock music, alchemy, Gothic dress, and tea parties, and is interested in death, macabre, and paranormal. Science and history interest her, but she doesn’t know if she  wants another degree.

Cassandra  has a crystal ball that once belonged to her great-great-great grandmother. She enjoys tea with her grandmother, Cornelia once a year on her birthday. She is health conscious, and never misses a physical. She has perfect 20/20 vision since she had surgery to correct her eyes. She was a Heritage Girl. She was on the golf team in high school but the sport made her miserable as she only played to please her parents, even though she was very good.


Alexander Gabriel Goth is the son of Mortimer and Bella Goth. He is the younger brother of Cassandra. He is 19 and  just completed his freshman year at Sim State University in Pleasantview, Misimigan. He is studying accounting. By I&S, he is revealed to have transferred to La Fiesta Tech in Desierto Rojo, Mexsimco.

His birthday is Simune 18, 2395. He is a Cancer. He attended private school all his life. He loves learning. He is a concert pianist, and enjoys chess. His traits include Virtuoso, Bookworm, Ambitious, Flirty, and Brave. He enjoys reading mysteries. He also enjoys writing on occasion.


Gunther Goth, Jr.  is the son of Gunther, Sr. and Cornelia. He is also the younger brother of Minerva and Mortimer and the older brother of Morgana Wolff. His wife is Amelia and he has a son, Monty. He lives in Bay City and is the eccentric CEO of Raven Research Syndicate, formerly Goth Family Foundation.  He and his wife have a loveless marriage, though they are pleasant to one another.

Gunther is 45 years old. His birthday is Simpril 2nd and he is an Aries. His traits include absent-minded, charismatic, grumpy, workaholic, and commitment issues. He has a hard time staying focused and has hopped around in jobs frequently. He was formerly a City Council Treasurer for Bay City, Califorsimia. He worked as a band manager just out of college before his parents put an end to his music career. He bought the 74.1 The SIM radio station in Sunset Valley after grad school, but has since then sold the station. He has a bachelors degree in journalism and a masters in business finance.


Amelia Goth née Merchant is the wife of Gunther Goth, Jr. and the mother of Montgomery “Monty” Goth. She formerly lived in Elba Village where she owned a store, Amelia’s Closet. She and her husband have a loveless marriage, though they are pleasant to one another.

Amelia is 41 years old. Her birthday is Simuly 13th and she is a Cancer. She is a painter and manages the Sunset Institute of Modern Art. She particularly loves town festivals and almost always makes an appearance. She is the heiress of “Slush Queen” Desserts.


Montgomery “Monty” Goth is the son of Gunther Goth, Jr. and Amelia Goth née Merchant. He lives in Sunset Valley, Califorsimia with his parents. He is 7 years old and in 2nd grade. He is a Capricorn and his birthday is Simuary 7th. Monty’s traits include grumpy, ambitious, and artistic. He is a B student. He often has angry outbursts or is moody for no apparent reason. His parents are considering counseling.


Bella Goth née Bachelor was born on  Simuly 28, 2372 to Simis Bachelor and Jocasta Bachelor née Salvaje.  Her full name is Maribella Madelyn Bachelor Goth. She is the older sister of Michael, Marshall, and Nella Bachelor.  She is also the great granddaughter of Mathilde Goth (also known as Lady Ravendancer).

Bella attended Pleasantview Learning Center in Pleasantview and studied theater arts at Sim State University in Neighborly City. She contracted with Surround Sound Studio in Neighborly City and Pleasantview Films in Pleasantview. Her break-out role was on the television soap opera, Specific Hospital. She also had various roles in The Hunchback of Monte Vista, Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Tyde, and Simlock Holmes.

Bell is the missing wife of Mortimer Goth, the mother of Cassandra and Alexander Goth. She disappeared on the 4th of July ten years ago. The family all has different theories of why and how she disappeared, but it is believed she ran off with another man. The police determined it was a cold case after never finding her. Bella was a former television and movie actress. On Simtober 29, 2415, Halloween Night,  she reappeared in Strangetown after a ten year absence. She was reunited with her family in Desierto Rojo, Mexsimco to avoid the press.

Bella also has connections with the Silverton-Antonelli Estate as she stayed there during a mysterious pregnancy. She was friends with Amy Riveria. Kass discovers her diary hidden beneath the floorboards in the mansion in KFLL.

Morgana Wolff née Goth is the youngest daughter of Gunther Sr. and Cornelia Goth. She is the younger sister of the late Minerva Goth, and Mortimer and Gunther Jr. She is the wife of Thornton Wolff. Morgana is named for her great-great grandmother.

Morgana deeply wants to have children. Her lifetime wish is to raise 5 children from babies to adult. Morgana is a pharmaceutical researcher at Doo Peas Pharmaceuticals, and she’s working to get her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical science so she can teach at the collegiate level. Her traits are Charismatic, Genius, Good, Workaholic, and Family Oriented. Morgana loves diamonds, and her husband often tries to buy her affection with the jewels.

Morgana is a Cancer and her birthday is Simuly 18th. She is 35 years old. She was once a competitive swimmer. She also is an accomplished equestrian. She enjoys attending couples retreats with her husband despite their rather poor relationship.

Thornton Wolff is the husband of Morgana Wolff. They had a whirlwind fairy tale wedding, but shortly after, they learned they were incompatible. Thornton dislikes children, and children are all his wife wants. He is 42 years old. He is a Capricorn and his birthday is Simuary 3rd.

His parents (an overbearing doctor and neurotic housewife) consistently argued and he doesn’t want to be that kind of dad to his kids. He is an ambitious perfectionist, dislikes children, and has commitment issues and occasionally is a daredevil. He is the CEO and founder of the Nebula Corporation, an multinational technology company headquartered in Lunar Lakes on Luna. He is friends with several young women, causing his wife some concern.


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