June 2017 Updates

Edit: I made a pretty big error with the timeline below, so I fixed it. 

Hi everyone, I’ve been gone from this blog for awhile save a few updates. I am trying to get organized to revamp Kass’s story. I keep saying soon and then “soon” doesn’t happen, so I don’t have a date yet. In the meantime, I’m active in lots of other places on the web.

Darkness May Dream – officially has its own Simblr now, as you probably already know. I will be answering Q&A today and tomorrow, and posting new chapters starting Saturday. Feel free to message me here, leave a comment below, or message me over at the Simblr if you have your own questions about DMD (and you can ask anonymously).

Today’s DMD QuestionWhy was Cora Mae so willing to go with Mal in the beginning? Why does Cora Mae stay?

Yesterday’s DMD QuestionHow did you come up with the premise of DMD? 

If you’re wondering what in the world this story is, poke around on the new Simblr. I have character, planet, people (the Kr’v), and FAQ pages to help you out and if you’ve never read it, you can start from the beginning.

from riverview with love cover

From Riverview, With Love – New chapter up today – 1.20 Pity Party. I have all the upcoming chapters for FRWL screenshotted and outlined for the most part. Expect many more chapters soon. I’m hoping to finish by early July.

FYI, several chapters at the end (and I’ll announce which ones) of FRWL will include Kass and Gage chapters. If you’re wondering about the timeline of events, I’ve added helpful notes below.


SimLit Celebration #9: Sim Smiles – In honor of Smile Power Day (June 15th), I am celebrating Sim Smiles over on my Simblr and the forums. On my Simblr, I share favorite Sim smiles from Kass stories & related spinoffs. On the forums, join in the discussion and share your favorite Sim smiles from your own stories or others’ (with pictures/links preferably). 🙂


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