CFT Final Chapter in Generation 1: Fade to Black

Bill had looked so handsome in grey tuxedo with his white scarf. The vow renewal had taken place in the Racket mansion backyard. Someone had sprinkled purple rose petals up the aisle. The shepherd had stood waiting beneath the beautiful wooded arch with white magnolias for the “happy couple.” Gala served as the matron of honor, her husband, DeAndre, and their baby girl, Quiana seated behind. Lolly was the extra bridesmaid and her boyfriend, Sinbad was even dressed served as the extra groomsman, and Dennis… had been the “best man.” It didn’t seem fair. Rachel knew it wasn’t fair. It was horrible. But she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t say anything. She could lose everything and so could he. So on that day four months, two weeks, and six days before, Rachel Nyssa Colt held her head high and smiled at their guests as she reached for Bill’s hand to take him to be her husband… “till death do us part.”

Lolly and Sinbad returned to school.

Her mother and Virginia had returned home.

Gala and DeAndre moved to New Simoleans to open a restaurant.

Dennis went to visit Shark in rehab.

It was just Bill and Rachel, Hope, and the baby on the way in the manor. Rachel had never felt more lonely in her life.

Click HERE to continue on Livin’A’Simmin’Life…plus in this post, I’d love your participation and feedback… please let me know who you would like to see more of in the future of CFT in a poll over on LASL. 


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