New LFL Chapter: Sisters, Silliness, and Spaghetti

My sister Lilee is silly. She works out in her room all dressed up in front of her big window in case he looks up when he comes over. She wears big earrings and makeup and stuff. I do not think he can see her face well through the window. She does something called crunches and jumping jacks where she bounces up and down and stretches at weird places directions. She plays here music way too loud. Lexie always complains if she is doing homework and Lilee is prancing and pounding on the floor upstairs.

Lilee says Jamie is dreamy. I think that means she likes him. I do not have dreams about him. Well, I did one time. He was saving a squirrel from a monkey rabbit that was foaming at the mouth, but I think it was from the root bear beer float it was drinking.  I’m not sure how you get a monkey and rabbit in one animal combined, but dreams are a weird thing. Lilee spends hours getting ready in her room before he comes over. And if we have to go to school first and stuff, she hogs the bathroom because she says she has to look pretty for Jamie. He’s a real grownup man, she says. I think she’s weird. Is that what you mean by GIRLS?

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