100 Years (La Vita Bella)

Author NoteThis has been a long time coming – the backstory to the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) Bella Bachelor Goth. I’ve decided to give the story a better name as The Bella Goth Story was quite unimaginative. I released a chapter about her “appearance” in Oasis Landing in November of 2015, and if you’ve kept up with KFLL, you know she makes “journal” appearances in Kass’s story. I have been wanting to do an origin story for Bella, and also write about her connection to Kass’s family, particularly her great-grandmother’s Legacy Island Estate.

This chapter takes place when Bella is a tot, about 14 months. Simis and Jocasta Bachelor are living in Pleasantview, Misimigan. Simis is in seminary and Jocasta is in her sophomore year of university at Sim State University.  Just so you understand, Bella was born immediately after Jocasta graduated high school (right before Jocasta’s 18th birthday). 

Without further adieu, presenting the first in many La Vita Bella installments. 🙂 



This chapter has been moved to my other blog in an effort to clean up my blogs in general. CLICK HERE.


6 thoughts on “100 Years (La Vita Bella)”

  1. It’s great to see more of Bella’s backstory. I definitely didn’t expect her to have vampirism or some variant of it! This chapter was nicely creepy with Ms. Specter (Also yay, Olive Specter! She’s an interesting townie) and her ominous words. I can already think of many ways that “glorious beauty for one hundred years” can be really inconvenient and awful.

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    1. Thank you for reading, RipuAncestor. I enjoyed writing Bella as a “baby vamp.” The game doesn’t allow for this really so I had to use a mod, but it was fun. I’m looking forward to writing more stories with Bella, but Olive will be first making an appearance in DMD over on my Simblr. 🙂

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  2. This is really exciting ! So many would think of beauty as a blessing , not a curse. I like the changes in Bella ‘s skin tone . And Jocasta has always been a favorite of mine !


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